Dreamweaver 11.5.1 Updater

This posting is a few weeks overdue, but we thought we should inform blog readers directly about the Dreamweaver 11.5.1 updater, released on June 9th. The updater fixes a number of bugs in Dreamweaver CS5.5, including:

  • Android SDK EZ installation failure
  • Various Macintosh crashes
  • Nested CSS files failing to be read by Live View
  • Windows version of the Native Application Settings dialog box missing Startup Screen option
  • Custom JS function code hinting not working

Please be sure to download the Dreamweaver 11.5.1 updater so that you don’t experience any of these problems. To get the updater, open Dreamweaver and choose Help > Updates.

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  • Hello,

    I am big fan of Dreamweaver most of my sites I have developed are done using dreamweaver.

  • Chris Jackson says:

    I have tried to download this update but when I view “About Dreamweaver”, it still shows Version 11.5 (not 11.5.1). Also, I still can’t get the Android SDK issue to work. Any idea why DW is not updating for me?

    • Chris, the Version listed on the About Dreamweaver screen does not get updated after installing 11.5.1, but the Build does.
      You should see Version 11.5 Build 5344 if you have successfully installed the 11.5.1 update.

      The “Easy Install” is not currently working. You’ll want to install the SDK manually. See Solution 2 here for some basic instructions:

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