Late-breaking issue: Put/Get not working for some Dreamweaver CS5.5 users

We’ve been hearing rumblings from some users about the upload (put) and/or download (get) process failing during FTP file transfer in Dreamweaver CS5.5. If you are having trouble uploading your files to or downloading your files from you server, consult this tech note for a number of possible solutions. You’ll want to make sure you step through the recommended solutions in order as you troubleshoot your upload/download problem.

Adobe has further identified particular failures amongst those using GoDaddy as their web host. The failure is usually indicated by the message “File activity incomplete” in the Background File Activity window, and the FTP Log in Dreamweaver showing an error similar to the following: “An FTP error occurred – cannot put ‘/index.html’. Access Denied.”

The issue seems to be affecting only those files you might be trying to put to/get from the root folder of your FTP server. For example, you may be able to put files to the /wwwroot/css/ subfolder, but not to /wwwroot/. The problem also occurs despite the fact that you can perform the same action (e.g. uploading a file) using another FTP client, such as FileZilla or an older version of Dreamweaver.

If you are a GoDaddy user and experiencing this issue, see Solution 3: Move or delete any symbolic links in the above referenced tech note.

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  • I work on a local network and also get the “An error occurred – cannot put Access is denied” message. This does not only occur in the rood directory but also affects sub-directories. It only affects html and xml files as images and associated files always transfer without a problem. In Dreamweaver – Site Setup – Servers – I have chosen ‘Connect using: Local/Network.
    I can copy/paste the same files using windows explorer without any problems. I only have problems using Dreamweaver since CS5.5!!!

    • Hi Gunther,

      The location you have chosen for the Server Folder, being chosen as a Local/Network connection, is it on a network storage location?
      If so, are you putting the name of the server into Dreamweaver (e.g. \\myServerName\siteRoot) or are you using the IP address (e.g. \\\siteRoot)?
      If the server’s IP doesn’t change, then that’s generally a more reliable way of accessing a local network folder.

      Is this a home network, or office environment?

      When you initially connect to the folder in Windows Explorer, do you have to authenticate with the server at all?

      Is your Local Site Folder specified in Dreamweaver in a different location?
      To be clear, it _should_ be different, and it should be a folder on your local machine.

      If you’re still having issues, I highly recommend bringing this to the Dreamweaver community:
      We can more effectively discuss the issue there rather than in a commenting system.

  • I can’t put files since upgrade to CS5.5 from CS4. Everything worked fine before upgrade.

    in manage site the test connection works fine.

    I made a small change to index.html and can’t put file. What do i do?

  • I found a solution. In the “Files” panel toggle from “Local” to “Remote” and then connect through the “connect icons” (the little blue plugs). Once connected, switch to “Local”. You should be able to upload files disconnect and reconnect through “Get/Put” with no problem.

    This glitches out on one of my sites from time to time. This is how I “reset” the function. Also, I do not save my passwords in Dreamweaver (or anywhere on my computer) due to the iFrame virus. I am always prompted to enter the password. This may or may not make a difference for you.

    • Yes, thank you Mary Z!! The solution: toggle and connect! (see above) In my case I recently upgraded from CS5 straight to CS6. For me it only effects sites where I must connect via an IP address. For all sites using for example still work fine. Yes, one of them is a customer server. The other is Unix, but requires an IP to connect. I hope this helps.

  • I am using GoDaddy but had the same problem with HostMonster. In using the behavior SWAP IMAGES the program works in the local site but fails after uploading to the remote server. Downloading the program from the remote server showed all the code to be jumbled up in a single paragraph.

    It seems that there is a flaw in the action of putting (uploading) the site.

  • I use Dreamweaver 5.5 and try to use the behavior IMAGE SWAPPING. It works fine in the local site but when I upload it to the remote server (both GoDaddy and HostMonster) swapping does not work. I tried downloading the code from the remote server and the code came up jumbled up in a single paragraph.

    It seems that the action of uploading inserts some error so the program is defective.

    Any thoughts?

  • I had a similar problem with a different symbolic link than discussed in Solution 3. This was a symbolic link called statshistory in my Godaddy root directory. How the link got there I can’t say, but I didn’t put it there and I’m assuming it was a normal part of the Linux server set-up. Using Godaddy’s online Web management tool turned out to be the most useful. It showed the link, which of course wasn’t in my local directory, and when I moused over it I got a message saying the file didn’t exist: a pointer to nowhere. I deleted the link within the online tool, and my Dreamweaver FTP problems went away. It’s also helpful to look at the DW FTP log file – if you know what to look for:

    Upon connection, the log shows this error message:

    CWD /statshistory
    < 550 Can't change directory to /statshistory: No such file or directory

    But you won't see this in the normal FTP connection notification window, you have to open the log file. DW is attempting to interrogate statshistory as a directory and then spits up. Should DW block all transfers to and from the directory merely because of this error? Hmm. It may be good practice, but diagnosing the problem isn't easy.

  • My problem is with my image files. I use the school’s server to host my site for my web programming course. I have all my files in my local folder, and I have tried putting the entire site as well as putting individual files into the remote server at a time. However, I get this error:

    Path was: picture.png
    picture.png – error occurred – An FTP error occurred – cannot put picture.png. An error occurred. Please contact your administrator.

    File activity incomplete. 1 file(s) or folder(s) were not completed.

    Files with errors: 1

    I even tried this on our school PC’s and I still get this same error. So I know it isn’t just my computer. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

    Thank you.

  • Hi There.
    I have CS5 ..a nd a client wants his website developed on
    I too had the MM_SwapImage not working on I got the fix.
    Instead of having my 3 Javascript files in a Script Folder … thus asking godaddy to go into subfolders for javascript …. I made the 3 javascripts same level files as the html pages . My SwapImage command on the Hot Issues … Holiday Safety Tab now work… …. enjoy …. (I have tweaking to do .. but Swap now works) Happy Holidays to all …. marla

  • I can’t put files in a folder or more than one at a time since upgrading to CS6 Dreamweaver.

    My setup is as follows.
    Local folder is network mapped directory and folder (L:\wwwroot\website\staging\)
    Site folder is network mapped directory and folder (L:\wwwroot\website\production\)

    From L:\wwwroot\website\staging\ I can load one file at a time, selecting multiple files gives me a file transfer complete and no files were moved.

    From L:\wwwroot\website\staging\sub-folder I can’t load anything

  • At one time I was able to delete the webformmailer.php file off the server, then “put” my files, then move it back (because I use it). That hack no longer works. I tried everything in the liked article and nothing worked except using a separate FTP client, which defeats the purpose. Can’t this issue be worked out? This has happened to me with 2 Godaddy sites in the past week.

  • Hi,
    We are in process of switching from FrontPage 2003 to Dreamweaver CS6. I am having trouble setting it up to work in a team environment. My plan was:

    1. Use a shared Network drive for “Local files”, so everyone on a team work with the same files.
    2. Give Editors “write” only permission and myself “Admin” and use “Design Notes” for the Editors to let me know when a file is ready to be published.
    Well… it does not work as I hoped. I think there is an issue with LCK files. When an Editor is done with a file, he/she “Checks In” the file and after that I cannot publish it. I open the file from a local drive and when I publish nothing happens…
    Any one else has an experience working in a team environment? Please help.



  • Not sure my answer helps but I was prevented to upload my files via “put” through XAMPP that was active on my computer. IF I stop it, I can upload with no problem.

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