Trouble importing your Dreamweaver site?

Some users have reported trouble importing their Dreamweaver site settings. One important thing to remember is that differing file structures on Macintosh and Windows machines can often cause this problem.

When you export a Dreamweaver site to an .ste file, that .ste file stores not only the FTP settings for your site, but also local file settings. The native file structure on Windows is completely different from that on Mac OS. The Import and Export features in Dreamweaver enable you to move site definitions from one computer to another (for example from XP to Windows 7), but not from one operating system to another. 
The solution: Since .ste files are XML documents, you can open them and edit the attributes in the <localinfo> tag to match the new folder structure on your Mac or Windows machine.

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  • thanks and very usefull article. and may the solution help other

  • I do not have trouble importing my Dreamweaver site…

  • This whole thing sucks already. Load software, import my sites, go to work. Nah, no import site button just endless references to problems doing things with the program.

    I am already hours into this program and will recommend trashing it. I wouldn’t use it if you gave it to me.

    If I can’t just import the many sites I build and then get clear answers about how to use the program, why would I want it.

    Open program, hit import site, go to work. Concept you don’t understand.

  • I always used dreamweaver 2 and fireworks now I installed it on my new laptop with windows 7 and it does not work Please help me! Do I need other drivers?
    I am a 80 years old lady and I am a user not a technical person.

    with kind regards
    Mrs Burgman van Beusekom

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