PhoneGap Build extension for Dreamweaver CS5.5

Adobe regrets to inform the Dreamweaver Community that the PhoneGap Build extension for Dreamweaver CS5.5 (released last week) is no longer available for download. For a number of reasons, we have had to pull the extension from public availability.

The functionality of the extension, which integrates PhoneGap Build with Dreamweaver, will be available in the upcoming version of Dreamweaver CS6.

Adobe would like to extend apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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  • I installed but haven’t used yet the new PhoneGap Build extension in Dreamweaver CS5.5. Does this mean the extension is not usable at all or will create problems for me in Dreamweaver CS5.5?

    Please clarify your post for those like me who have installed the new extension.

    • If you have installed the extension already, then yes, it will still work, and it should work just fine. Because the extension is no longer available, however, Adobe will not be able to support it should you encounter any problems. Remember too that the extension permanently *removes* the original packaging functionality that shipped with CS5.5.

      • To restore the original PhoneGap integration features in Dreamweaver CS5.5:

        1. In Extension Manager CS5.5, remove the PhoneGap Build extension.

        2. Disable any other extensions you have installed for Dreamweaver CS5.5. (Uncheck the box next to each in Extension Manager CS5.5.)

        3. Delete the “Menus” folder that is inside of your user Configuration folder. See this article for help locating your user Configuration folder:

        4. Re-enable any extensions you disabled in Step 2.

        When you next open Dreamweaver, you will be able to go to Site > Mobile Applications to access the local PhoneGap integration features.

  • Will the one we already downloaded still work?

  • So very disappointed… purchased 5.5 specifically to add this functionality… and it didn’t work. Then I thought the PhoneGap Build would be the answer… and now this… and … I have to buy yet another upgrade to get this to work? Shame on you. I’ve worked with Adobe software for 24 years and I have never been this frustrated.

  • Sam Griffith says:

    I can’t believe this. Instead of fixing it and pushing a fix, you remove it? And then say it’ll be in CS6. That I’ve got to pay more for! This smells of seeing how many people downloaded it and then deciding that you could use it to get money out of them for something promised for CS5.5. Even the CS5.5 mobile stuff never got upgraded to support 1.0. That alone stinks of crap support. Now this on top of that? Fact is you should have said there’s a bug, told people that and then fixed it and put the fix out. What you are doing now stinks and smells of money grubbing.

    Also, I’ve already got it installed and have been pushing builds. It destroys the old stuff for doing mobile locally and so now what am I to do? I’ve got it on my laptop and came this morning to put it on my desktop and now I’m in no mans land in a sense. And if your removing this, what about fixing what it removed? I guess your solution is a reinstall of DW?

    This is not treating customers well at all. Part of that stench you have floating around you and that leads to us thinking of this as money grubbing is that you don’t even specify what the technical reasons are. That alone is a clue when dealing with bugs in products.

    A very frustrated customer who feels slighted and lied to about support for your products…

    Sam Griffith Jr.

  • Sam (and Penny)- FWIW, we were also not planning on this rapid change, the DW team is now looking at pushing an update within the next month to address PhoneGap 1.0 compatibility and fixing some remaining issues with the Android SDK auto-install. We’ve no intention of ignoring the issues this extension was meant to (partially) address, but have been challenged to rethink how we deliver those fixes to you, that’s all.

    You can continue using the extension as stands if you already downloaded it, but we just are not able to continue supporting it or making it available for DW CS5.5 going forward. I sincerely apologize for any frustration this may have caused anyone, of course.

  • I saved for months to purchase the Adobe Suite. I purchased only for mobile app compilation that was added in Dreamweaver 5.5. Great advertising gimmick by Adobe. It has never worked for me. I wasted so much money,time and effort. I thought Adobe was a straight shooting company. Boy, was I mistaken. Fixes for 5.5 need to be provided. The mobile piece is non-functioning. It is like using alpha software. It hasn’t worked from day one. When are you going to fix the issues with 5.5 and support the users of your product? This has been a disgusting experience filled with disappointment. I’ve seen little software companies do much better by their users.

  • I think you guys are doing a great job at pushing the mobile web forward, I downloaded the plugin and saved me a lot of time in developing so thanks a lot ! Looking forward to CS6.. Cant wait !!!

    • how did you find the plugin and download for CS6 Dreamweaver where I can see what it look like in Dreamweaver “Live”?

  • If we payed for the upgrade to CS5.5 for the Master Collection which isn’t cheap and you (Meaning Adobe as a Company) advertise and ploy us to purchase the upgrade making claims that it features Phone Gap integration, then pull support for it. After all the money spent this smells like the all to familiar bait and switch tactics that used car salesmen use to get you to come down to their lot. Is this unfair business practices, or unfair business ethics. Someone should forward this comment to someone in a high enough pay-grade to pay attention to whats happening. If Adobe is not willing to replace and fix the features many have payed hundreds of dollars for then maybe us as consumers need to take action against being violated. I am a current full-time student working on my Bachelor’s in Mobile Development and this really has me sick to my stomach. I have served on Consumer Advocacy Councils that fight for the consumer getting “sticked” in the end. Maybe some of us will contact our State Attorney Generals office and report this “false advertising” and misleading customers by packaging and advertising their product with certain features that aren’t there or have been taken away. I am not trying to rant but more or less make Adobe take responsibility for their actions. Any real business knows your customers and consumers help provide you with your paycheck.

  • Don’t extend your apologies, make it right…As a subscriber to multiple licenses my company expects Adobe to keep our product current. Does this mean that when CS 6.0 comes out you will retro those of us with subscriptions to 5.5? Will we now have 6.0h with Cordova or is that another upgrade cost? Next question, how about all those lost earning on the customers part…or is that a legal question?

    Sincerely interested in an answer,

    Doug Fox Manager,
    Internet Business Enterprises LLC

  • I bought Dreamweaver CS5.5 (I already had 5.0) simply because it was advertised as supporting phone gap. This is now withdrawn and I have wasted my money. Surely Adobe’s advertising has been misleading and they are in breach of contract with purchasers.

  • Mike Wadas says:

    I upgraded to DW 5.5 because I wanted to start developing apps. I paid for the upgrade and I still can not use the upgrade that I paid for. There needs to be better support for this feature, and if you (Adobe) took this feature out of 5.5 then I want my money back, or an upgrade to 6. I am extremely frustrated, and I spent weeks trying to figure out something that never worked in the first place.

  • I second Mike’s frustration. I bought DreamWeaver CS5.5 specifically because of all the cool mobile app features. Literally weeks after the new version of Xcode (the app store version) came out all features gradually stopped working. All those wonderful tutorials from are no longer applicable – and the answer is: “GIve us more money for CS6?”

    Guys, I understand that this is a fast-paced field and all, but not informing us that these PhoneGap (or Cordova or whatever) features were “temporary nuggets, to be withdrawn before the year is out” is just a plain amateur hour. Heck, an incremental release to CS 5.5 is a rip-off as it is.

    So now I’ve bought the CS6 upgrade. Is that going to last me until December? And for those who don’t read your blog: would you mind sending users a message perhaps to say “your old software will stop working” rather than having us embark on a frustrating Google search?

  • Another very disgusted customer here. I got a new .computer in late March with CS5.5 and JUST MISSED the grace period for ugrading to CS6. In late April I attended a workshop on jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. Came home all psyched to try it out on a project and when I finally dig in to try to use it this is the state I find myself in???!!! You can’t be serious.

    If you (Adobe) are going to pull garbage like this you should extend the grace period for upgrade of fix this.

  • I upgraded to DW 5.5 because it was advertised as supporting phone gap. And I still can not use it, I think you should provide a better support for this in the feature.

  • Dangermouse says:

    Did anyone retain the dreamweaver-phonegap application so that it can be shared now that Adobe have “withdrawn it” following it’s release ? I would like to try it out – if it works it’s got to be worth experimenting with before trying out the replacement … When it comes!

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