FTP enhancements in Dreamweaver CS6

This blog article discusses the improvements to FTP file transfer in Dreamweaver CS6.

Dreamweaver uses multi-channel transfer to simultaneously transfer selected files using multiple channels. Dreamweaver also allows you to simultaneously use the Get and Put operations to transfer files.

If there is sufficient bandwidth available, FTP multi-channel asynchronous transfer considerably speeds up the transfer process.

Multi-channel transfer

You can now select more than one file for FTP transfer.  By default, three files are lined up for Get and Put operations.  The files that are currently being transferred are indicated by a green download arrow icon. The files pending download are indicated by an orange download arrow icon.

Multi-channel transfer in Dreamweaver CS6

Multi-channel transfer in Dreamweaver CS6

When you move your mouse over the file being transferred, the percentage of content transferred is displayed. A red error icon indicates files that were not transferred.

Asynchronous transfer

You can now simultaneously perform the Get and Put operations on different sets of files. For the status of large files being transferred, check their status in the Details section of the Background File Activity dialog box.

FTP log details

FTP log details

Adobe recommends that you do not click the Cancel button in the Finishing Get/Put Operation dialog when the operation is in progress.  During the Finishing operation, information about files transferred is captured in the dwsync.xml file.  Unlike in previous versions of Dreamweaver where the XML file was updated after every file transfer, Dreamweaver now updates the file at the end of the transfer process.

When you perform the Get/Put operation later, Dreamweaver uses the information in the dwsync.xml file to transfer only those files that are new/changed. It ignores files with no updates. This considerably speeds up the transfer process.

Note: The progress bar now indicates the number of files being transferred and not the size of the files as in previous versions of Dreamweaver. For information on the extent of the file transferred, move your mouse over the file being transferred. The information is displayed in the tooltip.

Background File Activity dialog displaying the transfer status

Background File Activity dialog displaying the transfer status

You can now perform the following operations when the asynchronous transfer is in progress:

  • Refresh the remote file list
  • Extend/collapse remote file directories
  • Open or download a file
  • Preview the file in a browser. When the transfer is in progress, Dreamweaver uses the local copy of the file for preview in a browser.

These operations have a higher priority than the transfer process. The higher priority allows you to quickly perform these operations when the transfer is in progress without having to wait for the transfer process to complete.

Separate icons for remote server and testing server

In the collapsed mode of the Files panel, it is difficult to identify whether Dreamweaver is connected to the remote or testing server. Separate icons for remote and testing servers now help identify the type of connection.  The icon for connection to the testing server is  and that for remote server is  .

Note: The above enhancements to FTP transfer work only for FTP and FTPS (Implicit and Explicit).


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  • Thanks for finally paying some much needed love to FTP on DW.

  • Fancy. I was hoping there would be a speed enhancement like this.

  • Unfortunately, FTP in Dreamweaver CS6 is broken and completely unusable for a large group of users. Bug reports have been filed, but so far there has been no word from Adobe about when these serious problems will be fixed. See here:


    • Since installing Dreamweaver 6 I have not been able to successfully transfer a single file by ftp. The computer makes the connection with our website, and shows a window with a file transfer, but the new files do not appear on the remote server. What is happening?

  • Waited a longtime for the asynchronous and FTPS, very happy to see them and finally some improvements to FTP.
    But the interface still leaves a lot to be desired.
    Using tool tips to view download progress, really?
    And the background file activity window could have a lot more info available, how about a x of y files being downloaded?
    How basic is that? Say you are downloading 100 files, we can’t even tell in the activity window how far along that download we are.

  • p.s. on my previous comment I noticed the x of y files downloaded is visible when using get, but not when using synchronize. So the feature is there, would be great to also have it when synchronizing (looks like it was an oversight that it’s missing since it’s visible on normal ftp downloads)

  • One more note: synchronize seems to be not using asynchronous connections and is doing everything over one connection, downloading files in a single queue.

  • The tooltips to see percentage complete is not working for me. It says 100% the whole time a file is uploading. It is also poor user experience to me. It should show percentage in the Background File Activity. I noticed it does they when doing a synchronization but not when Getting or Putting single or multiple files.

  • Well this would be great if FTP wasn’t broken in CS6. CS4 can connect to a site, CS6 can’t using the exact same settings. Some sites yes, others no.


  • I received the patch this morning through the Adobe Updater, but my FTP still remains broken and unable to process multiple files.

  • FTP IS BROKEN – Too many times it shows something about file background activity and I CANNOT SAVE FILES, I cannot stop that activity (whatever it is). Sometimes, it is happening more than 20 minutes later. I have a simple setup and this is annoying problem. I have 7-10 Mbps dedicated bandwidth, so that’s not the problem.

    Adobe – please fix it ASAP.

  • CS6 ftp is completely broken for me.All my files upload at zero bytes.

    CS5.5 works fine. Major screw up.

  • I get permissions problems with the new CS6 using the same settings that work in CS5.5 on the same host. I can establish an initial FTP connection with CS6 in the site settings area using the “Test” button, but I cannot actually see or get to what is out on the remote side when I try to connect from the “Files” window. A permissions error pop-up is displayed. My guess is that for some reason CS6 is trying to automatically change the permissions on the files on the remote side and my web server is set up to not allow such changes. Like I said, the same exact settings work fine in CS5.5 on the same remote host. CS6 is useless to me at this point. Plus, I am reluctant to use it if CS6 is going to hose existing permissions somehow. Begs the question… If it ain’t broke, why fix it???

  • “This blog article discusses the improvements to FTP file transfer in Dreamweaver CS6” from working in CS5.5 to not working in CS6. I have to keep with CS5.5 until this is fixed. So much for using the other “improvements” of CS6 over CS5.5.

    Is anyone at Adobe even moderating these things?

    (Psssst, Adobe, the preview button on this form doesn’t work either.)

  • ajay poppur says:

    Dreamweaver CS6 update 12.0.1 is available. Please download the 12.0.1 update and let us know if the issues are fixed. The URL for the 12.0.1 update can be found below:

  • Just updated to 12.0.1
    FTP still broken. Please fix ASAP

  • Hi, please, tell me how can I use Dreamweaver in FTP? How can I find whole the videos about FTP and Dreamweaver lessons?

  • I filled out a bug report back when the software first came out about this ftp problem and I was delighted to see a patch (12.0.1) that would fix this, but I regret to say, It’s not fixed. Please keep working on it, it’s not good.

  • I am ready to throw DW CS6 into the trash! Absolutely unusable as far as FTP goes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cannot FTP into Network Solutions…. I call and call and file service requests and they ignore me. I guess nobody FTP’s nowadays or nobody is building their own websites any more. They (Network Solutions) tell me to use a standard FTP client. What in the heck does that mean. So Dreamweaver is not standard. I try using passive or not…I go under the file manage at Network solutions and changing permissions. I call tech support…..my god…what a waste of time and to no avail. I’m now going to download Komposer and/or Filezilla and see if I can get the files to upload. Of course I’ll have to call Network Solutions again because they won’t allow you access to your FTP password through their online interface. People say GoDaddy is bad…well I think we might need to start making a list. Network Solutions is not being very friendly after I paid them ove $400 for 3 years of hosting.

  • Do yourself a favor and buy SmartFTP…even better….Adobe should buy the company and let them developed their FTP.

  • Ellen McBride says:

    Still getting permissions problems when I FTP using CS6 even after the 12.0.1 update – driving me potty. I thought if I bought Adobe I’d be getting a descent product! Back to using trusty old Fetch to FTP my files. Come on Adobe get it sorted!!!

  • Is there a way to upload a file in the background? “When document is saved, upload in background” or something similar? Pressing the Ctrl+S is a must, and I bet a lot of developers do the same, and the message of upload is really annoying.

  • Hello? Anybody there? STILL BROKEN! Who do I contact for a refund on my upgrade to CS6. This thing is awful.

  • For some reason DWCS55 attaches permissions to my remote side files – and I can’t do anything with these files – can’t even replace them. I’m one-man show and don’t these permissions. Does anyone know how I can remove the permission put on my remote side files.


  • Nov 30 and FTP is still broken!

    • I am using the latest version of CS6 and no transfer. Installed Filezilla to move files to my server. So much for “put”. Adobe, what good is your product if you can’t get the files to the host?

  • Is it possible to transfert files like images through the Dw FTP ?

  • I just moved to DW CS6 in the creative cloud, so I should have the latest and the best version… but I am utterly disappointed. It simply doesn’t work! This is not the Adobe quality I am used to. Good thing I kept DW CS5.

  • Weird. I set up the same site in CS5.5, exported it, imported it into CS6 and now (at least for the moment) the FTP seems to be working. Fluke? Black Magic? Who knows, all I know is that my files are uploading.

  • Using filezilla and CS6 trial — found that ftp localhost upload would PUT some files correctly but got ‘error occurred – Access denied’ repeatedly (on the css files). Finally decided to ‘close all’ and upload and it worked fine.

  • Downloading a site shows that the DW ftp is only one channel, not multi-channel — one file at a time, with pauses in between. From USA to Australia one channel can be slow and intermittent. For downloading a large file, speeds can rise to a few Mbits/S but for small files they get interrupted, download slowly anyway, and average about 200k to 300K

    Good ftp clients select multiple files; so downloads can run at the maximum speed of the modem; and download managers can download large files multi-channel, for running the modem full speed.

  • I’m downloading a 500MB site; it’s got to the small .jpgs and for the last few minutes the fastest speed has been 32 kbs average about 10kbs with gaps between downloads. The server is an unthrottled VPS with 2G of memory, 8 processors and very low traffic.

    Average speed is 30% improved, to 13.1kbs; fastest speed for the last ten minutes is now 209.2kbps!! Whoopy Do!. Normally 100Mbytes takes under a minute, for large file downloads from this server.

    This is better than the software I used for the last few years (Expression Web) because whereas every ftp client works reliably and at least one on multi-channel, EW was unable to connect more often than it could, and if it did manage to connect, it had huge delays assessing the situation before attempting transfers.

  • After a very long wait the downloading has stopped but now the message is “Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server.
    Since editing the current site requires interaction with a server as well,
    Dreamweaver cannot currently perform this task.
    Please try again when the current serer task is complete.”

    I’d like to edit the site. It was changed while this computer was being serviced. The downloads should have taken about ten minutes, not hours.

  • I maintain 3 websites. Dreamweaver CS5 works fine on all of them. Dreamweaver CS6 and Dreamweaver CC will connect to 2 of them, but not the third. For that third site, when I monitor the FTP Log on the CS5 machine and compare it to the FTP Log on the CC machine, they are identical line by line until Dreamweaver CS6 and CC suddenly issue a QUIT command instead of a second CWD command. For the past year, I been able to maintain the site using my CS5 machine. When that machine eventually gives out, I’ll have to find another tool for maintaining websites. I like the Dreamweaver interface, but Adobe doesn’t seem interested in fixing this bug that makes their tool unusable for a large number of people.

  • Diggetydog says:

    MAKE THE FTP WORK….. It used to…..
    I have never had so many “file not transferred” messages during my years using dreamweaver.
    Every da. every file not transferred. I had to download a free FTP just to finish my work.
    Buy some other little FTP guy. They seem to do it pretty good.

  • William Daniels says:

    When I purchased Dreamweaver Cs4 I thought I could use it in building a website or web pages but instead it sent me about in a strangely misdirected manner … with no clues for use and Lynda does not provide for a rudimentary knowledge of how to use it … are you planning something for those who cannot get in??

  • William Daniels says:

    a test or game of using Dreamweaver is what I would recommend nothing like picking a few peas to find out you can pick them (albeit slowly at first …) but having no success with adobe it seems like a collapse occurs after the initial save(s) and it is just impossible to get back to where you were working … I don’t get it I expect a more professional approach on the part of adobe … in there InDesign group could you make it more simple to use??

  • Ron Carmichael says:

    CS6 site definition works on win7, cannot connect on win10. What does win10 do to FTP (yes, am administrator and firewall has been set manually to allow Dreamweaver through on private network) that Dreamweaver cannot handle. AND WHY IS DREAMWEAVER MICROSCOPIC ON A 3840X2160 RESOLUTION?

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