Dreamweaver CS6 update 12.0.1

Just two months after the release of Dreamweaver CS6, we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of an update to Dreamweaver that provides both product enhancements and fixes to known issues. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 customers will receive a notification about the update in the Adobe Application Manager. Please read below for further information about changes and enhancements included in this update.

Enhanced workflow with Adobe Proto Adobe Proto lets you create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps on your tablet. Now, with the update to Dreamweaver CS6, you can open your Adobe Proto projects directly within Dreamweaver, enabling you to continue working on the project, so as to move your prototype into production. You can read more about Adobe Proto here.  

Fixes to issues identified by customers After the release of Dreamweaver CS6, we listened carefully to feedback from customers, so as to identify any high priority issues/bugs. One area where we received feedback was related to FTP connection/file transfer related issues. Dreamweaver CS6 made significant changes to the FTP functionality, with improved performance and workflow enhancements making the user experience better for the majority of customers. We did however work privately with a few customers who reported some problems and we have successfully resolved all known issues. Thank you all for helping us identify the issues in various real world scenarios with different configurations.

We have also made some workflow changes/bug fixes in the Find and Replace functionality.

  • On Mac, the tabbing order for different fields like Find and Replace were not in a logical order. We have streamlined the user experience so that the tabbing behaves as expected.
  • When a Replace All operation was executed for a search term, only the first instance was getting replaced. This was non-functional in Dreamweaver CS6 and we have fixed it in this update.

Finally, we have improved the experience of working with Business Catalyst sites. File transfer operations have been made asynchronous, allowing you to continue using Dreamweaver for other file editing while changes are being made to the Business Catalyst servers. There were also some instances when the “Manage Sites” dialog remained visible, which locked the application until the File transfer operation was completed – this has now been rectified.

The updates can be manually downloaded from here.

NOTE: This update is available to all Dreamweaver CS6 customers without any restriction to Creative Cloud subscribers only.

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  • Will there be an update to Dreamweaver to Support PHP 5.4 Syntax and new features introduced in that revision such as traits that would apply to both the Adobe Cloud and retail version of CS6?

    • Nothing yet. And there will be no CS7.
      Someone has to find HOW to edit the syntax checking system… Not only the code coloring files.

  • Okay. I downloaded and installed. I got a message that says the installation was successful. I rebooted. But it appears that nothing has changed. When I pull down the help menu in DW6 it still says 12.0, not 12.01. How do I know that the update actually took hold?

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      If the build number is shown as 5842, then the app has been updated.
      In the About page, the version is reflected as “12.0 Build xxxx”

  • THANK YOU – !

    Sir, for the fast news on the Dreamweaver CS6 patch!! I had just recently queried the Dreamweaver / Adobe forum(s) re: an XHTML conversion “corruption” problem I am noticing – and ONLY in CHROME – and ONLY IF / when viewing [my] source code in that browser (on Macs, primarily). While my plea for help / advice / ideas to the greater Dreamweaver community is much too new (two days old? three…at the most..?) – perhaps this has been addressed, somehow, anyway, with this patch. But I would not think so – only because my vigorous search across the Web via Google – and of course within Adobe’s substantial knowledge base – for similar occurrences found or reported – I found nothing related to it: the issue I am having with DW CS6 is that it’s apparently “corrupting” in some weird way (through the Command>Clean Up XHTML option) – my HTML / XHTML coded files….which look and work perfectly when LIVE on a Webserver…but when I view the source code in CHROME (only CHROME!) – the code all runs together…as if there are no line break tags – : or carriage returns…and I’ve experimented with this to death…and no obvious error I find. This “issue” makes it [nearly] impossible to compare a “scrunched” set of run-on characters….to a “normal, otherwise line-formatted copy of the [uncorrupted] code structure…) – it gave me a fright: because to me, it looks like, when viewed from within CHROME’s View Source option that “someone has no idea” [me!] how to build a proper Webpage at the code level. => BUT: the weirdest thing of all is: if I run the exact same page(s’) code through the older DW CS5 – that version FIXES ENTIRELY whatever DW CS6 is – apparently – really messing up. I just grab the code in its messy format…run the Command>Clean Up XHTML option – and POOF….al is made normal…which is REVERSE ENGINEERING with software…if you tink about it.

    Anyway…so far:

    No real clues in CS5 are given – just that some syntax or case mismatch or tag has been “fixed”…it never identifies EXACTLY WHAT or WHERE it did indeed find and “fix” the code…and the WC3 validators I’ve run pages code through in this case were basically NOT helpful at all..identifying things in “Line 1” that were NOT incorrectly syntax(ed), etc……so – that said: GO HERE for an on-line TEST example page from one of my personal Website to see what I mean – VIEW IT IN CHROME- only – (on a Mac, perhaps?…OSX 10.7.4… which is my usual Mac OS):


    THANK YOU, regardless – again – for your prompt announcement about the patch. Both of my Macs have it installed, already…my OS 7 PCs [only] have the entire CS5 Creative Suite (which I chose NOT to upgrade, due to cost factors at this time….).

    I will now experiment anew with the “patched DW CS6” and see if I still have the same problem….if I do – I hope someone out there can /might shed some light on this issue: either tell me what is inherently wrong in my original code (that I am stupidly oblivious to?]…but then…why does it work fine with the “scrunched” code when on pages that are live – and why [other than the obvious “different browser in use] is the code otherwise always appearing normal – properly formatted line by line…?- whether in Dreamweaver Code View; Design View; and also when a “View Source” is performed in Safari; Firefox; Opera….? – all looks fine in THOSE code view windows…perfectly matching my expectations….

    I’ve been in the business a long time…I’ve seen lots of weird stuff occur…and there is always something new to learn – like yesterday!!! -But this one has me a bit stumped right now. I can only guess: a bug in DW CS6…? OR…?…my code has – obscure – “not clean” error(s)?…[anything IS possible…but not so obvious, always!] – or is it actually some weird combination / goof in my CSS/ JS; original? – or in some generated external CSS / JS code / files, maybe? Some classes in [SOME?] of my [older?] CSS / or JS syntax are perhaps just that: older / deprecated, maybe…but then again…WHY is it Dreamweaver CS6 that makes the “CHROME Source Code View” a mess…BUT in DW CS 5 – that version fixes it – always…as I noted. I’m just throwing out guesses at this point, of course…

    Maybe some weird combination of HTML / XHTML Transitional 1.0 code / conversion / clean-up operation / Command that DW CS6 just doesn’t “like”…yet DW CS5 “loves” it enough to fix [it] every time – and while it’s fixed and I’m back on my way…I’m right now left scratching my head a bald spot in confusion and curiosity..!

    Best Regards,

    Weird, huh?

  • Hello:

    So this update is avilable to all CS6 users, not just Creative Cloud subscribers?


    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      @Chris Thanks for the question. This update is available to all folks.
      I have updated the post to reflect this answer.

      • Please help!

        I installed the DW 12.0 all-update. It worked for a while. Today, I was working in DW CS6 and the same FTP problem occurred before I installed the update.

        I reinstalled the DW 12.0 all-update. Message said “Installation Successful. I restarted my computer and the fix didn’t work. I still can not upload files w/o losing all the information in the transferred file. Please advise. Thank you.

    • I had a similar problem in the upgrade to CS6 when someone needed to update an XML document that I had worked on mysteriously lost all of it’s line breaks and ran together. I am guessing it is the same problem. If it is the same, it’s a code preference…

      Preferences > Code Format > Line Break Type

      I switched my type back to Windows (CR LF) format, resaved and they saw what they used to before the upgrade. Also worth mentioning that I went from a PC to a Mac in the upgrade too so not surprising that the default line break style was not set to Windows.

      Hope that helps you if you haven’t fixed it already.

  • Thanks for the update.

    meanwhile, I’ve got a question:

    Whether I save my files via the shortcut key or from the dropdown File menu, I get a “save as template” dialogue box.

    Getting pretty tired of having to work around this, but I don’t know if it’s just me / my computer set up or if it’s something with the software. How do I find out?

  • I can’t connect dreamweaver with my web site from site manager. Dream show me problem with server ftp. My experience with DW is a beginer, thank you

  • After running the 12.0.1 update I had issues with 100% CPU usage when trying to open or create any css or php file while FTPing to a development server. I did a clean install of Dreamweaver and re-Installed the 12.0.1 update and had the same issue immediately after the update. I had to revert back to 12.0 and am not having any issues now. I contacted Janaki Lakshmikanthan at Adobe but haven’t heard back.

    I am running on the following system:
    My system is as follows:
    iMac 27 2.8GHz Intel Core i7
    12GB of Ram
    ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB
    OS X 10.8

  • I’ve installed this update, but I’m still having FTP issues. Every time I reopen Dreamweaver, it wipes the ftp login details for all of my websites (only the username and password – all my other details stay the same).

    Is there a way to fix this? I don’t want to have to manually re-type my username and password every time I open Dreamweaver again!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • My Dw CS6 keeps crashing even with this update. I can reproduce it consistently.
    1) using QuickTag Editor (cmd-t)
    2) click on Snipplets

    I’m running OS Version: Mac OS X 10.7.3 (11D50d)

    I wanted to try reinstalling DwCs6 from Creative Cloud, but the system indicates I have it already install. So any idea would be great on why the app crashed and whether or not reinstalling the app might help…thanks.

  • I having odd issue when using the dreamweaver cs6 ftp. Occasionally when I uploading multiple files there is 50% chance the file attributes is being alter to like 0001 or some another variation instead of 0644. Not sure if this only issue with OSX 10.7.4 version. I didn’t have any issue with cs5

  • Just recently purchase Dreamweaver CS6 for fall semester Adobe suite class. Looking forward to the adventure!

  • Any problems with Dreamweaver CS6 and OS 10.8?

  • I installed the DW 12.0 all-update. It worked for a while. Today, I was working in DW CS6 and the same FTP problem occurred before I installed the update.
    I reinstalled the DW 12.0 all-update. Message said “Installation Successful. I restarted my computer and the fix didn’t work. I still can not upload files w/o losing all the information in the transferred file. Please advise. Thank you.

  • The updater doesn’t work on mac. it runs and looks like it works, but the App is still 12.0. FWIW the autoupdater didn’t update DW, and so I resorted to the manual updater DL.

    ideas ?


  • Hey Folk,
    My Dreamweaver CS6 (fully updated) running on my iMac crashes every time I’m working with it.
    It launches, I update pages and EVERY time, at least one time, it crashes while I’m working causing me to lose my work.
    This is VERY frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    Rick Watson

  • Hey, this build 5842 update to fix bugS in the sync and putting feature is surely not resolving MY issue! When i PUT an updated (pdf) file to the server, it shows up on the server, and in dreamweaver, but the old file shows up when i click on the pdf’s link (from the page). I’ve tried every work around using the page, the pdf, revising all, manually PUTTING, checking via independent ftp software. The bottom line is that sometimes i can update a file and the PUT feature works. Other times it does not work. VERY frustrating, so i would appreciate your fixing this bug! Sheree

  • Scott Weikert says:

    I updated today as well and now am having major FTP issues. DW simply refuses to transfer the file I’m attempting to put half the time, if there is a file with the same name already present on my server. I’m forced to delete the remote file and then do a fresh put, which then works.

    I’ve even seen completely unrelated filenames show up in the file activity log when attempting a file put.

    Come on people.

    • Randy Riesterer says:

      Having the same exact issue – I know its no comfort or solution, but others are having this problem as well. Adobe claims it fixed this in the latest CS6 update… but I beg to differ.

    • Bryan Lloyd says:

      Seems like I have the same issue — I just installed a new copy of CS6 and have no outstanding DW updates.
      DW CS6 version 12 build 5861 on Windows 7
      DW is refusing to put or check in a file if there is a file with the same name already present on my server, given the following scenario I use now and again of restoring a local backup copy I’ve made of a file:

      (for example)
      Turn off read only on a local ‘file1.ext’
      Rename local ‘file1.ext’ to ‘file1.ext.takenoffline’
      Rename a ‘file1.ext.backup’ to ‘file1.ext’

      On attempting to put the new file1.ext, it gives the expected ‘out of sync’ popup warning, but it doesn’t work then to say ‘Yes, overwrite’ or ‘overwrite all’. I’m forced to delete or rename the remote file and then do a fresh put or check in, which then works. I’ve also tried refreshing and recreating the cache in between the renames and the put attempt with no luck. Cache is enabled. My server connection type is SFTP.

  • On updating tmy cs6 Dreamweaver, nearly all extensions have disappeared. They show in Adobe extensions manager, but not in Dreamweaver. In particular a number of dmxzones extensions are no existent. Very frustrating.

  • James Ledford says:

    I’m having the same problem as Scott Weikert: When attempting to PUT a file to the remote server AND after receiving the “Synchronization information cannot be found…” message AND after clicking “Yes to all”, the upload appears to work, but the file(s) is/are not uploaded. I must delete the file(s) from the server first; then the upload actually takes place.

    The ‘about’ box on my DW shows “Version 12.0 Build 5842”. A fix would be appreciated.

  • Anthony Rivera says:

    I have a small but annoying problem. I have a site that I’m working on and I have it set to automatically upload the file on save. Before the update, it kept my cursor as the point of focus. After the update it changes my point of focus to the “Files” tab so if I hit Save, and I see that I need to make another change, I have to manually click back on my HTML code to make the cursor be the point of focus again. Anyone know if this is normal or if there’s a setting I can change to make this go back to the way it was before?

    Also, I have noticed that every once in a while, when I hit save, it says “Waiting for server” for like 1 minute and then it uploads the file. It used to be instant since my web server is on my local GIgabit network.

  • I update all of my cloud software. Dreamweaver now will not let me create a new file. It hangs on almost every command. I am on a mac system, so when it hangs, the activity monitor will not even b able to to force quit Dreamweaver. I am dead in the water right now. I had re-installled this latest release — disabled all of my extensions — delete the Mac cache file NUMEROUS times. I don’t know what else to do! I sucks. My business is dead in the water.

  • CS6 FTP is a total failure and does not work even after update. It just waits for the server over and over again and nothing happens.

    • Randy Riesterer says:

      I am also having major FTP issues with DWCS6 – Luckily, I kept DWCS5.5 and do not have any FTP problems. I thought this was “fixed” in the last CS6 update??

  • Trouble with dreamweaver FTP all the time. I just downloaded the trial version about a week ago, and it just won’t PUT files from the server if it gives the ‘overwrite” warning and I say “Yes put files anyway”. It still won’t put the file on. So let’s say I add a new image or something, it just won’t upload. I never had this issue before CS6. Is there a fix for this? This is a very major issue for developers.

  • Installed update, but still not able to upload images in DW 6.0 to server. When I upload same file from DW 5.5. it works. Does anybody know how to fix this problem in DW 6.0 or do I make a mistake?

  • Ok, I normally use Microsoft Expression Web 4 Ultimate. But I decided I wanted to update the website but using DW CS6. Where I purchased my web template also offered the files download in Dreamweaver CS6. I did this but when I tried to install the template using the site manager I am totally lost. (Yes, I am new to Dreamweaver). The website from where I purchased the template does provide instruction for their product and their installation. However, they have failed to update the instruction site to include CS6. I have put in a call to their fix it department but I really don’t want to wait for them to develope the instructions. Does anyone have a solution short of buying a video?

  • I’ve just done the latest update and now DW doesn’t work, get an error saying not responding, no error codes. thanks adobe

  • how to install dreamweaver cs6 update manually? from zip file?

  • Anybody still having trouble with the ftp connection/file transfer in Adobe Dreamweaver 6? My uploads seem to be inconsistently working/not working. Adobe Support insisted it was the fact that my local files are on an external hardrive.

    I have always created my sites with external hardrives. As far as customer feedback goes, I would like to let Adobe know that it seems the 12.0.1 patch may not have fully corrected the ftp connection/file transfer issues. My concern is that Dreamweaver unpredictably transfers files. If it were a problem with the files on my end, my assumption would be that my files would consistently not work. The fact that they sometimes work alludes to a problem with Dreamweaver’s ftp file transfer.

  • Randy Riesterer says:

    I need to turn off “Maintain synchronization information” in order for DW CS6 to overwrite an existing file when I whenever I upload to any of my sites. With this turned on, I constantly get a “not overwritten – same” error.

    Is this yet another bug in DW CS6?

  • Patricia Pardue says:

    Yes i am having issues, this is my first try with Dreamweaver CS6 and did not have an issue with loading images on CS5. I tried what was suggested by one of the strings “moved my site off an external drive” did not resolve the issue. I will need to go back to CS5 to try and get this site launched. Not a good deal at all.

  • So for those that are having issues with FTP Put/Get…I recreated my site profiles from scratch (they were imported from 5.5) and I am now able to successfully transfer files.

    There must be some translation that happens when the older profiles are imported.

    Hope this helps someone else!

  • I’m still having an issue with the FTP, too. When I go to put a file, if the file isn’t synchronized and I select “yes” to put it anyway it still doesn’t put it.

    I tried a fresh install of DW CS6 and ran this update again, but it didn’t fix it. Put in a new site definition instead of importing, and still no luck. (I’m kind of relieved: I have 16 sites which would have had to be re-created For now I’m going back to 5.5 (I’m wishing I wasn’t tied to the cloud for another 10 months b/c I’ve had issues with four of the five Adobe CS6 applications I have attempted to use).

  • hello, i need your help. i used dreamweaver cs6 trial version and yet my site is having problems uploading properly on other browsers except internet explorer. what do i do please?

  • I am unable to FTP even the simplest html file with DW CS6. I am using a Macbook Pro with Lion installed. Fortunately, I have DW CS5 installed on an old MacBook Pro and have just used it to FTP this client’s file in a snap.
    I have spent 3+ hours trying to resolve this one small issue and can’t afford to spend this amount of time on each little change for my clients. I’m canceling my Creative Cloud Subscription and going back to DW CS5 – unless someone from Adobe can respond to this thread and/or the thread on the Dreamweaver Discussion Forum in the next day or so.
    Thank you in advance for any assistance and/or resolution to this serious problem.

  • I bought Dreamweaver 6 at the end of November because Dreamweaver 3 did not transfer properly from my old iMac to my new one. However, even though the local site html files seem to have transferred okay from my remote server, when you click to open them, 90% of the pages come back with the following message:
    Not Found
    The requested URL/robots.txt was not found on this server.
    I have had an open case on this since the beginning of February and still no resolution. Have spent hours on the telephone and have been told the case has been escalated to higher and higher levels. They don’t call back when they say they will and when I try to call them (not an easy process itself), I have to start over from scratch. I’ve sent them my local site files twice already and then someone wanted me to do it again. I am on the verge of driving three miles down the road to the Boston office and camping in their lobby until someone can fix this!

  • Tarryn Thornton says:

    I am using DW6 and I also have DW5 installed on my computer. After the installation of DW6 both versions keep crashing immediately after opening certain files. Both crash after opening the exact same files. At first it was just PHP files and then just PHP files with SESSIONS in the header and now its odd HTML files too.

    This is my job if I can’t use DW to edit my files I will be forced to buy new software, I really don’t want to do this but I really really have to be able to edit files… 🙁 Please help ASAP

  • Same issue here.

    Can’t PUT files, if they already exist on server. Selecting to PUT the file anyway does not work. Several Macbooks, software reinstalled, updated, whatnot – but PUT just won’t work reliably. Everything was fine in CS 5.5. Now, one has to manually delete the files from the server prior to PUT new versions. This is ridiculous, to say the least. For an expensive professional software package, this won’t do. Please get your act together – fast!

  • Guy Phillips says:

    The FTP has been borked since I bought this when i first came out and have all the latest patches. It’s absolute crap.
    Have to use Filezilla if I want transfer more than a few files.
    For as much as the software cost, you would think the FTP would work.
    I’m sure their already working on CS7 but no way in hell I’ll be upgrading. I didn’t get a complete package with CS6 why would I think I’d get any different with the next.
    A free update to address the pathetic FTP is order.

  • Hi,

    I am facing an issue while clicking over any images or inserting any image in table. dreamweaver is getting closed after clink on browse as well. can you please provide me any update on the same.


  • Dreamweaver CS6 is crashing every time I place a swf in a table- nothing else is in the page- sometimes I can get one swf, but when i try and place a second in another location it consistently crashes. This is getting incredibly frustrating. CS3 never gave me the problems I am having with CS6. Wish I had just updated to CS5. I have a brand new iMac with a ton of memory. The computer has all the guts it needs to run this and it keeps crashing over and over. Driving me a bit crazy as CS6 Photoshop crashes consistently when I use the brush/eraser/stamp/etc. tools.

  • After the newest update I noticed my CS6 Dreamweaver crashes A LOT, just like my Photoshop (which crashes even with all the actions and plugins and GD-related stuff disabled, but I won’t get into that).

    What happens is I will be working on something in DW, then either:
    – I move to something else for a moment (like a web browser, text editor, whatever)
    – I switch to a different tab on DW

    And then all of sudden when I go back to what I was working on originally shows BLANK! Then DW crashes. It also sees the blankness as something I should save (it shows an asterisk). What the heck?

  • Is Adobe still maintaining the CS6 version of Dreamweaver? I have to provide proof to our security team so that we can continue using CS6. Do to our security posture upgrading to Dreamweaver CC is not an option.

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