Dw CS6: Attributes deprecated from “img” tag

Dreamweaver CS6 made a change in code generation of attributes for tags in favor of using CSS. Once such example is the “img” tag from which the following attributes were removed.

  • border
  • vspace
  • hspace
  • align

The below screenshot will give you an idea of the changes made from Dreamweaver CS5.5 to CS6.0

Img tag attributes deprecated

Img tag attributes deprecated

These attributes have been deprecated in HTML 4.0 as mentioned  by W3C here and have been marked as  Obsolete here 

A quick look at the img tag at W3Schools will give an idea of the deprecated attributes for img tag.

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  • I think this change is great for progressing forward and moving ahead with new technologies, but as a thought, what about still leaving support for the older browsers and the special attributes they may still need?
    Or have a “Support X version of HTML” in the preferences, that depending on what your target is you are designing for, the various options show up.
    Just a thought.

  • David Thomas says:

    I agree with Steve M. deprecated attributes could be displayed but not editable in the properties box. This would be SO helpful so as not to be pulling our hair out trying to figure out why the image is on the right without having to remember every deprecated attribute for every tag.

  • So now that align, hspace, vspace has been removed from the properties inspector, how do I go about adding hspace, vspace, and align to my images? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. –Justin

    • Justin, just right click on the image and the align option comes up but the H and V space will have to be done using CSS. That I am still trying to figure out, but you will have to go into the CSS styles menu under Modify to set it up. confusing!!

  • So can anyone show me what the css would look like for a v or hspace. What if the graphics on a specific page do not have the same needs?

  • Francis Ludlow says:

    Removing the hspace and vspace options like this is very unhelpful for those not skilled in CSS.

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