Update on Adobe Spry framework availability

When Adobe first introduced Spry, our goal was to bring Ajax capabilities to the web design community, allowing designers to create web pages that provided a richer experience for the end user. As we know, however, the web evolves at a blistering pace. Over the last couple of years, frameworks such as JQuery have evolved to encompass many of the capabilities originally envisaged for Spry, making Spry as a standalone offering less relevant.

As we can continue to focus our efforts in furthering the web, we have decided to no longer invest in the development of Spry. We do however recognize that for some designers it continues to provide value. As such, we are making the Spry framework, along with supporting documentation and example code, available on GitHub under an MIT license so that designers will continue to have access to the framework and can customize/extend it as required.

Going forward, Adobe will continue to make contributions to JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile and other frameworks so as to help web designers create rich web and mobile experiences.

Download Spry from Adobe GitHub account

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  • What about the web design community who aren’t so adept with JQuery etc. I can actually use spry to set up a really nice menu bar, but don’t have the skills to achieve the same on my own!

    • You can start to use Ajatix. A free DW extension that creates beautiful menus:

    • thomasdkleven says:

      Off the subject, But what the hell happened to Adobe! I was looking to upgrade from DW cs4 to the latest and greatest version of DW for the added JQuery benefits, then I found out that I was going to have to buy the add on for PHP Database creation that came free out of the box with my version. Wow, how disheartening…

  • Maggie,

    jQuery is almost a defacto standard now. It is not hard to learn, but you have to make an effort. http://www.jquery.com

    • While Jquery is very effective with a lot of its nifty USER interactive functions it is no where NEAR effective in functionality as that of the Spry DataSets and Spry Region functionality

  • Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Maggie, We are working to ensure that the same or even better experience is provided to generate functionality via jQuery.

    Menu bar is a good example you have mentioned and it’s creation should be as easy as earlier with just jQuery working in the background.

    • That’s all very well for people with a lot of skills and confidence at web design/coding who can switch between programmes, understand the coding etc but for people like me it’s not much help. I simply don’t have the knowledge or skills to stop using Spry and start using something else. I’ve spent ages developing a simple website and now I don’t even understand enough to know if it’s all going to keep working!

      • In that case I would suggest that you leave the development to people who know what they’re doing. Coding isn’t anything like design work and shouldn’t be dealt with by laymen, especially on a commercial website. On the flip side of that, it means that you have more time to spend doing what you’re good at, and ultimately you save time overall.

        • Maggie – your spry “plugins” should continue to work as long as you keep the version of Dreamweaver you use to access them through the program, or continue to use the same coding libraries and css styles on your website.

        • You pompous oaf. There are people on here who struggle to code, yet accomplish much. It appears that you imagine yourself to be an expert in some area of web development and would hate to be usurped by a “layman”.
          Then you attempt to patronise us by telling us to do what we are good at. Phooey.

          • Well stated Cole. THANK you, from those of us whom are not the “Development” self acclaimed GURU formerly known here as FRED. Pompous oaf, indeed!
            Back to the Spry issues…

          • He might not have stated it as tactfully as he could have, but he’s not an oaf and he’s not wrong. I’m primarily a coder who tried to also do graphic design… that worked OK for awhile but as I started to expand to larger and larger clients I began to realize that separation of skill sets into specialized categories is better for the clients and for me. Since I hired on a graphic designer and focused on coding, my sites are better, my clients are happier, the workflow is quicker and smoother, and my improved portfolio allows me to bid for projects from larger clients. Trying to “do it all” is a necessary evil for a single person trying to freelance at $1000 website packages but if you try that approach for big-ticket clients you’re doing it wrong.

        • Julien Goy says:


  • It is one thing to stop updating Spry. It is another to modify all links to info (three i have tried) to point to this page. How can I get to the examples you previously published of MySQL query to XML data conversion?

  • Is jQuery integrated in to Dreamweaver CS6? If not, when will it be integrated?

  • 🙁
    which template engine recommended to replace it?

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      @Ben: jQuery would be the recommendation.

      • jQuery can NOT replace the simplicity of the Spry Region and effective data region mapping that Spry DataSets provide… I find to insinuate that it is such very offensive

        • Kendall you are wrong. SpryRegion is bloated and does not give full control over what gets written to the DOM. Spry was dropped for very good reasons. Spry simply can’t compete or compare to jQuery.

          SpryRegion is a massive amount of useless code. I can write to the DOM in more powerful ways using jQuery.

  • I’m trying to follow the Adobe Curriculum for high schools and the first project is using Widgets and the main project uses Spry Image Slideshow. Now you are not supporting sprys. This images used with the widget are no longer available. Makes my job a lot harder. Not cool.

    • Bob, you are linking to someone elses web content without them knowing it. YOU made your job harder. If I was your student I would walk out of your class, call you an idiot, and still expect an “A”.

  • Thanks, Adobe Labs.. I followed a link from somewhere else that was SUPPOSED to take me to a page that describes how to use anchor tags an onClick events within a spry element… but instead, I see a URL hijack which loads this page which describes that I’m SOL, and have to do yet another complete site redesign (when I haven’t even finished the current one) because you don’t feel it nessesary to support these elements anymore. Is this some not-so-subtle way of telling me I now have to spend another several thousand dollars just so I have some samples on how to use your product to build an up to date website? Here’s an idea: Keep the existing tutorials and samples available, ADD the new support for jQuery.

    As bob says: Not cool.

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      The GitHub account linked in the post has all the samples and demos intact which were available via Adobe Labs page.

    • SOL – is this a new programming language and will I need to learn it to maintain my website I made with DW CS3?

      “!looc toN”, syas boB sA

      • Anonymous Helper says:

        SQL stands for Sequential Query Language. This is the language that one uses when one needs to control databases – their structure and their output. There are a few versions of it, the most notable and widely used probably being MySQL (open source) and MS-SQL (Microsoft). Unless you are trying to access information in a database then this shouldn’t be of any concern. I hope that helps.

  • We don’t want to download the samples from GitHub! The docs and demos should still be available so developers can easily reference this material. I don’t care if you cut funds into the future of Spry but at least leave the reference material online.

    • The easiest way for developers to reference the material is to download it to the local hard-drive. A develeper needs the API reference. As a rule I always download the docs of any Library I use. Don’t rely on the Internet to reference API functionality.

  • The change has terrible effect on our company website since now the menu bar, accordion bar, and tabbed panels are completely not functioning properly. They are linked to the remote javascript files. How do I link now?? I’m not an expert in web development, so please help!!!

    • Wendy, you made a mistake in linking to Adobes content and not your own. Now, you’ll just have to do what you should have done from the start.

    • Anonymous Helper says:

      If you download the package from the GitHub link provided, you should then be able to save them to a folder on your own site and then change the link of the stylesheet (.css) and the link of the Javscript (.js) files to be wherever you have now placed them. Jerry (though seemingly being unnecessarily rude whilst doing so) is actually correct in that you (or your developer) should not have linked directly to Adobe’s content. It also did mention this in the documentation provided at the time. Nowadays this is actually encouraged via what are known as CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), but at the time it wasn’t and as stated Adobe did make it clear in their documentation that one shouldn’t do so. Not to sound like I’m lecturing – but it really does pay to read the documentation sometimes. I hope I was able to help. Good luck with your menus.

  • I agree. This has totally messed with a client’s 9 slideshows that I did. I had the SpryWidget.js linked to the remote site and now the slideshow won’t work.The others are linked to the clients site. I downloaded the zipped files from gitmo.com and there is no SpryWidget.js in the folder. Please help! My programming is very limited. I am checking into doing the show in jquery but for now I need to get the slideshows back up.

    • Carol, If I was your client I would ask for my money back. If you can’t install a javascript file what makes you think you’re going to be able to understand jQuery?

      • Jon Holcombe says:

        Jerry, I perform a variety of functions for my clients and I use many of the applications in CS6. You’ve made it clear to everyone that you are a coding professional and the rest of us are incompetent hacks. The point is, Adobe Spry Widgets were part of Dreamweaver for the coding NON-PROS, not people like you. There are a lot of companies with websites and not everyone can afford a Javascript pro, a Photoshop Pro, Copywriting Pro, Marketing Pro, Advertising Pro, Web Design Pro, Print Design Pro… Cut me a break, your smugness is astounding.

        • I totally disagree that Dreamweaver is for non-professionals. That’s like say a hammer is for amatuer carpenters. A tool is a tool, and using any tool without expertise in not smart. And hiring someone that does not know how to use their own tools for the trade is also not smart.

          • Hi Jerry,
            I agree with Jon above. Your terse and rude comments aren’t needed. There are some valid ‘novice’ questions above, and Carol even confessed that her programming was weak. So sorry that we didn’t take the job to you, but with an attitude like that I’d still be searching.
            Are you an Adobe employee???? I can’t imagine them allowing someone to monitor calls for help with someone who could give a ‘hoot’ about the peons in the field. (who, by the way are also Adobe’s bread and butter.)
            your answers are incomplete and rudely unnecessary.

          • Jerry,
            Writing comments understanding neither grammar nor spelling is for tools. “That’s like say a hammer is for amatuer carpenters. ” is not written English code and your credibility as someone who can write anything has just crashed. If I had you working on my site, I’d want my money back because you would have made me look like a moron, and I’d be one for neglecting to proof-read anything that bullying bore of a braggart I’d mistakenly hired had attempted to write. Now Jerry, what you would have written had you a working knowledge of English would have been “That’s like saying a hammer is for amateur carpenters.” You would have seen the little red dots beneath the word amatuer and figured out that you’d misspelled amateur. Yes, Jerry, you should have learned how to write from the start, but keep that jutting chin up, it’s not too late. Bashing on people for the fun of it when you wear no clothes is not smart. And being able to write is a tool of the trade. I have no doubt the code you write is as loaded with errors as your comment is.

          • Tell me Jerry: If tools are meant for professionals from the start, how are people meant to learn how to use them? Everything is a tool, and as such requires a certain learning curve. Not everyone has the same expertise in the same areas as another. For instance, I am an expert designer and a so-so coder. Dreamweaver is a GUI development tool. It is MEANT for visual designers to use. Knowing code is a plus (you can fine-tune your site.) but not required to use Dreamweaver.
            I do understand your plight. Knowing that the tools it took you years to learn are becoming easier to use and more readily available is a job-killer for many. But don’t worry, I’m sure there will always be room for self-righteous spelling-inept coding “geniuses” like you in the future. Which turns my stomach just a little.

      • Anonymous Helper says:

        Jerry, if I was a moderator I would have banned you from these pages. Your replies are unhelpful, you spend much of your time trying to belittle other users instead of trying to help them improve themselves by supplying relevant information. I would be surprised if this actually helps you feel better as a person – despite the short-term feeling of superiority you obviously crave – and it certainly doesn’t help improve the people’s lives whom came here for help. I challenge you to try positivity in these arenas for a week – just one week – and see how you feel then. If it doesn’t work, you can always return to your negative and unhelpful attitude, but I hope you won’t. Good luck.

  • This is SUCH a disappointment yet not surprising. This is such a waste…

  • for all those wishing to get spry js files online try the http://spry-it.appspot.com/

    Again… Such a disappointment and such a waste!

  • Spry has been defunct for a long time now, not sure how that wasn’t already public knowledge. That being said, I do have a legacy area of an application that I need to support which uses Spry, and not having those tutorials and materials available online is definitely a big PITA and makes supporting this even more difficult then it already was.

    The documentation is contained in the github files, but be sure to run it from a local web server, or you won’t get any content links to display in the left frame. As an alternative, this appears to still be working for now:


  • I was able to get the slideshow working. But not because adobe was so helpful. By trial and error I got everything working.

    First all the js files are kept locally. ex:

    The only one that is not local was the “SpryWidget.js”. (for some reason it never worked locally and i had to link to the Adobe site to make it work)

    I copied the code from the “SpryWidget.js” and went to this link
    Pasted the code in the JavaScript Compressor, click on the PACK button and it generated a new code. Copied that code and pasted it in the “SpryWidget.js” to replace old code. Link my page to the “SpryWidget.js” file that is now hosted locally.

    Now the image slider works.

    I hope these instructions can help some people getting the website working again.

    • I am soooooo frustrated! I basically taught myself dreamweaver in 2 weeks, and put a pretty nice site together which I launched 2 weeks ago. And now today this situation!

      What do you mean by “link” you page to the new sprywidget.js file? Which part of the page, or where do I go to actually make that link?

    • Ok just got it to work, thank you so much! I selected the new sprywidget.js file in the code where it was referencing the adobe.labs…. online file.

      Quick question: assuming, like a lot of others on this forum, I choose not to learn and transfer to jquery or other platform. would it be safe to say that all the .js files I have saved locally (including the new sprywidget.js) file now, that I will be safe for the future? Since the other spry files are stored on my server, I should be OK right?

    • Lluís Rotger says:


      Your proposal works great.

      Thanks from Barcelona


  • please, add to github the pages of api references!

    old link:

  • I have a question: If I link to a remote file, then my spry menu bar/accordion/etc. work on IE 8 properly. If I link to a local file (same content as the remote file though!!), then my spry menu bar/etc. don’t work on IE 8.

    Why is that? WHy is it necessary to link to a remote file? http://spry-it.appspot.com/ works for me too because it’s remote (however, the file accordion is not available it seems!). But what if they change their link again in the future or remove the link?

    Please help!

  • Thanks for all the comments here. It’s all very well to say use other stuff like jquery, or download it from github etc but my skills just aren’t good enough for much of this. It took me ages to create the spry menu but now it looks really good and works well.

    If adobe remove everything, as people have suggested, I’m stuffed!! I will not be able to learn how to make the changes quickly enough and my site will fail.

    I appreciate that Adobe aren’t supporting it, but why remove everything from the Adboe site or move it to github. As an enthusiastic hobbyist who is very new to website design, this is all very daunting and frustrating.

    • Maggie, your site will fail, but it has nothing to do with Adobe.

      • @visser:
        your conceited comments do NOTHING to help people or move the topic of this forum forward…contribute or go find a mirror so your comments can be heard by someone who cares.

      • Visser, you’re a dick. Why are you trolling these people?

      • Jerry Visser, you are a douche nozzle!

        Your comments are obviously a complete waste of time.

        I apologize if you’ve changed your behavior before the date of this reply. I’ve simply become tired of reading here because of you. I’m going to leave my reply here, then a helpful comment at the post: March 19, 2013.

        By the way, I’ve never used spry.
        I build many of my projects using jquery.

        I still understand that people do depended on spry, and leaving accessible documentation/functionality in it’s place is important. I landed here out of curiosity while looking at “jquery” slideshow demos.

        When you post, make yourself useful. If you can’t be useful, be polite or Bugger Off! I win a lot of bids and projects against rude developers. You should humble yourself and see what happens.

        • Wow… if you’re clients only knew the real you.

          I think it’s pushy salesmanship for Adobe to remove the spry widgets from their website and put them on GitHub. Come on Adobe did they really require that much space on your server?

    • Maggie,
      All it takes to learn is effort and time. Do not ever let yourself think something is impossible to learn. If you have a rough time learning code remember that there are literally thousands of help forums, tutorials (both video and text), and other forms of help.
      Unlike the unpleasant individual that is Visser, most folks are all-too-happy to help in any way they can. They will either help you learn or point you to someone who can.
      The important thing is to not give up on it. Coding can be a pain, but the rewards are worth it when you look at a fantastic site and think, “I made that!”
      God Bless you and good luck.

  • if you are looking for the SpryMenu.js code or the SpryWidget.js code you can find it here:
    Hope this helps someone. I kept getting errors since Adobe changed their links and it took me forever to find this code.


    Like other users, my website was linking to the documents, so as to load the SpryWidget.js file.

    Now, because you’ve removed it, my website menu bar isn’t working.
    Now, because you’ve removed it, my accordion isn’t working.

    Please put the documents back online. I bought a product CS5 originally because of ‘widgets’. You’ve changed your mind: I haven’t.

    For those of us who have functioning websites, reliant upon the spry widget link, this is grossly unfair.

    Why remove it? What is one measly website page for Adobe vs the inconvenience and hours of work required for your customers to update their websites & use third-party links to the same document.

    This is very short-signted customer service.

    Let’s say I bought a Mercedes Benz two years ago. Merc releases new models. Then one day I wake up to find out Mercedes has come around and removed one of my tires….because they no longer support that product in their new Mercedes. Now my car no longer works, because of a decision totally unrelated to the product I bought 2 years ago.

    Do you see how silly & unfair to existing customers your decision is?

    Stop supporting spry if you want, but PUT THE DOCUMENTATION / LINKS BACK UP FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS!!


    • You said “For those of us who have functioning websites, reliant upon the spry widget link, this is grossly unfair.”

      You are wrong. If your website doesn’t work simply because Adobe does not host the SpryWidget.js file then you have much greater problems. It is ‘grossly unfair’ for you to think that Adobe was going to host that file for you and for ever.

      I remember when the forum and Spry docs was up. People were just copying and pasting from the examples right into their web pages. I even remember a disclaimer from Adobe stating that the examples was not meant to be VALID code – just an example.

      Adobe never meant to host the JavaScript files for you, and why would you even want to use Adobes servers for YOUR content. Adobe did not take anything away from you. You made mistakes in building your web page. Own it.

  • This is awesome! I mean lets face it the Spry Framework was dead a long time ago. Forget about SpryWidgets, that was an obvious wrong direction. jQuery is a better thought out program. However, jQuery lacks in a big way where SpryData and SpryRegion excel. Now, I can create my own version of SpryData and SpryRegion that is more closely tied to jQuery, and I can change the stupid name. What the *bleep* is a spry!

    • Guhan Gunaratnam says:

      Hi Jerry,

      I have been wanting to switch to jQuery (even before this announcement), but don’t know how to make a JQuery version of SpryData and SpryRegion. I find it quite easy linking the two spry js, creating a dataset in the header and then linking to the bindings in the body…is there an easy approach like this with jquery (prebuilt functions)? If you are creating something along these lines….any chance I can get in on the action?

      I’m a little disappointed that Adobe took this route rather than replacing it with query (by that I mean pre-built functions that mimic what Spry has been doing). Hopefully they will do something better in future releases. The simplicity to building data driven sites is why I use dreamweaver. If that’s gone, I’ll stick to Coda/TextWrangler, etc.

      • I want to fork Spry to get at the SpryData and SpryRegion code and simply into one object with fewer functions (and a different name); then combine with some other code that I’ve been working on that requires jQuery to create a new XML data engine for the Internet. I’ll create and then push my project back to GitHub under the name XmlKernel.js.

        As far as an easy way to do data binding with jQuery – No, there is no easy way. SpryRegion is the best solution, in my opinion. jQuery is a better JavaScript Lib all around, but it does not have a good way to handle data.

        Drop the idea that you have to use either jQuery or SpryData – Use both. You don’t need to write a jQuery version of SpryData. Just use xpath.js, SpryData.js, and jQuery.js together, but limit your use of Spry to only XMLDataSet and SpryRegion, and SpryUtils. Do not use xhr code from Spry, instead use jQuery.ajax for all internet communications and Spry for all data source and data binding techniques.

        I use a technique that I call XmlCloaking, where an XML data source file is masked as an Ajax JavaScript program. Then I can call that program from across domains using jQuery.ajax with dataType set to javascript. The XmlData is wrapped up in a string in the JavaScript program, and all you have to do is use Spry.Utils.StringToXmlDoc to set a SpryData variable.

        If you like using Dreamweaver don’t drop it like sack of potatoes just because they no longer develop Spry, that’s silly. And if you feel ambitious, just go start reading the jQuery documentation at http://api.jquery.com. jQuery is not scary. It is a very simple Library that just takes some time – read the docs, jQuery is easier than Spry and better.

        • this is great to hear…I hope I can be of help some day!

          • Hey, Kendall. I’ve finished my library, but i’ve decided not to push it to github. The reason being is because XmlKernel.js is very different than Adobe Spry. So much so that people who know Spry would not recognize it. XmlKernel.js uses only the features in SpryData and not SpryRegion, and I changed the name to XmlData (which just makes WAY more sense than SpryData). I dropped SpryRegion because I think that developers need to have control over what gets written to the HTML dom (which is more the jQuery way). Adobe Spry could never take off because it did not target developers. No offence to anyone here, but it is clear from this page that people have way more basic problems than Spry not being available.

  • Craig Wallace says:

    jesus — put the documentation up.

  • We have just purchased CS6. Part of the attraction was that we saw Spry as a GOOD THING to have. Now I am hearing that Spry has been withdrawn. I feel that we have been hustled. Surely selling something which you know is not going to work must be illegal?

  • This has been such a disappointment. First Flash then this…. And can I just say, I *hate* GitHub. I find it a pain to navigate, and the article I’m trying to read I can only get in raw HTML code (https://github.com/adobe/Spry/blob/master/articles/tooltip_overview/index.html). I’m completely open to this being a user-error, but it’s hardly intuitive, and feels more like Adobe has just dumped its customers on the curb. Out with the old, eh? (But nothing new coming in, hmm…)

  • The Spry Menu 2 widget doesn’t seem to have any meaningful support. I have been rying to use this for the past week and when I upload it the HTML mysteriously looses the connection to all of the CSS and JS that it requires to work. The failure seems to be in the way the code is engineered and none of the engineers seem to care enough to answer questions on the forum.

    If you are looking for a replacement for Spry Menu, especially on that will work in iOS, keep looking because by all measures this widget seems to be a failure.

    Adobe Spry Team, prove me wrong, show up and answer questions or better yet write the code correctly to begin with.

    So far this has been a total waste of time.

  • I’m not surprised, as little has changed with Spry in a while, but what a callous announcement. We realize it might have some value to some developers? WTH? It seems to me that the idea is to push DW into being the tool for experienced coders and the rest can use Muse. I doubt anyone from Adobe will comment on that, but it feels that way. Too bad Muse crashes repeatedly and is still in its infancy.

    • Al,

      Adobe had a silly romantic idea to make Ajax more accessible to people that are too lazy to learn JavaScript.

      From the comments just on this page alone it is very clear to me that web creation tools should not be made for novices. There is no business in it. Designing dev tools for non-developers is just dumb and pointless.

      • Spry was just as good then as JQuery is now… the simple fact that Adobe had to pull the files off their servers and hide them on GitHub to make their JQuery widgets appealing to consumers proves that.

  • Dave Merrill says:

    The best way to ensure continued access to the code and docs as they exist today is to download them locally, upload the needed files to your web site, and change your links to point to the copies there. That way, you’re no longer dependent on Adobe making them publicly available going forward.

    Go here:
    …and click the Zip button, to download the entire repository as a zip file. Unzip that, and everything is/should be there.

    Within that uzipped directory, the docs are here:

    The main js files are there in various forms, inside that unzipped directory:
    The widgets are here, in that unzipped directory:

    Can’t say this is a huge surprise, and clarity is good, but it still is too bad. No, it’s not jQuery/buzzword-compliant, but Spry is/was a unique and useful tool, especially for non-technical designers. Those looking for something sort-of-semi-kind-of similar may want to look into Knockout; it’s much more code-y, but has some of the same template basis, and at least currently, is still being developed.


  • Complete waste of time trying to use this product. I’ve been building websites and portals for IBM for about 15 years. I’ve followed the product directions to a tee and it does not work.
    Thanks for wasting my time. Now to find something that does work.

  • Kerri Hughey says:

    My website is not on the internet yet because I cannot get my spry menu bars to work. I am new to Dreamweaver. I know nothing about web design and code, which is why I chose Dreamweaver. As I understand it if I want to continue with Dreamweaver my smartest option is to forget about Spry and go with JQuery. Ok, I am willing to do that. So where are the step by step instructions a novice needs to walk us through this different type of menu bar? I can’t find it on Adobe’s website, I can’t find it on the internet. It is not in my reference books, everything is for Spry. Is there a widget I need, where do I find this widget, are there other downloads required to get the menu bar to work. When I say step by step, I mean step by step, just like all of the promotions and hype about Dreamweaver states about itself…. Remember that little promotion Adobe…. it is how you got me and so many others without web experience to purchase your product. If anyone can help me and so many others, by either pointing us in the right direction or clearly explaining to us how to do it……. We thank you, I thank you.

    • Hello Kerri,

      Your lack of understanding of how to build and run a website IS NOT Adobes fault – It is yours!

      I know a lot of expert coders (like myself) who don’t use Dreamweaver because they associate Dreamweaver with people like yourself (You know nothing about web design and code). Dreamweaver is an excellent product even for experts.

      I use Dreamweaver, and I laugh at people who think Dreamweaver is only for novices.

      Dreamweaver and Spry are two different things, don’t equate them as such.

      A menu bar is just a UL list with some css styling. What do people need a widget for?

      Kerri, I hope that i’m not offending you, and there is a part of me that wants to help you. But you need the basics. Perhaps you should take a web design night class or something. You’ll probably get a lot of step-by-step instruction, and you might even be able to get someone to hold hand.

      • Seriously, don’t you have better things to do like develop a website for a client somewhere? With your attitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have any clients at all. So you find yourself making the time fly by faster by insulting hard-working people here.

        There are those of us who have limited funds and are forced to do these things on our own. There are also those of us who WANT to learn this stuff without spending tens of thousands of dollars we don’t have on crappy professors who don’t even know how to use the software their students are required to learn on.

        So, why don’t you cut us a break? We are doing our best. No, it may not be your best — at least when it comes to developing a website. At least the rest of us are better at treating people with decency and respect. I know I, for one, would much rather hire a less experienced developer who has good people skills than a rude jackass who claims to have gobs of experience, like yourself.

        Get a life and leave us be while we try and figure things out on our own rather than paying someone else to do all the hard work for us. And you dare call us lazy? You even claim to be so much smarter than the rest of us while you forgot to leave out your real name in these forums so now everyone knows who NOT to hire! You’re the biggest idiot here, so GET OVER YOURSELF! LOL

      • Just to add, I DID go to college for a degree in web development, but was forced to drop out because NONE of my professors knew how to use ANY of the programs in CS5. They’d just point us to online tutorials to teach OURSELVES!

        Now I’m stuck with a student loan in the thousands for an education I NEVER got! So, why don’t you just move on and let us teach ourselves for FREE!

    • Fred is rude though however correct in some instances. I am no coding professional, but your JS files and CSS files should all be located locally on your server for editing, then uploaded to your web server.
      I cant imagine anyone that would rely on linking to an external .js file.
      its like not hosting your own images.
      if they get moved the site wont work.
      If you are relying on linking I agree, get some lessons.
      Otherwise whats the fuss. if you own DW CS4 Spry is there and will continue to work for life. Upload all your own JS and CSS files that DW automatically creates for you??

  • Macromedia should have never sold their company to Adobe.

    • Wendy Tlachac says:

      I agree whole heartedly! The first thing I noticed after Adobe purchased Macromedia was the lack of online support for their products. REAL support from Adobe, not the HYPE.

      Macromedia’s support was there for everyone – Self decared experts and novices alike.
      I also miss the H-O-T books too, which were excellent as teaching tools, but are no longer published. Classroom in a Book is still good for Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier, but lacks continunity for Dreamweaver.

      So, online support is the only resource for Dreamweaver users.

      Where in Adobe’s business model does it state that customer support is a waste of their webspace?

    • Correct! Adobe ( i.e. A-Dumbee ) has become the new Microsoft – we need to start supporting free web tools — “Open Office” needs to add a better web design module — pronto. Another option – free to download –
      for now anyway – Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version)

  • I read most of this thread but not entirely. Can someone tell me if using Spry for my registration form will be a mistake?

    • Hello, JF

      You can’t get a good idea by reading this page. There are comments in here (like the one right above yours) that are just shocking. I mean, I don’t want to use the word stupid, but I don’t know what other word to use.

      Spry was unique in how it handled data from a server, but there are other ways to do this now. Spry was intended for people who do not know what there doing – This is why it didn’t work in my opinion. You can tell by the comments on this page that the people that were using Spry didn’t get it, and should not be in charge of building any website.

      Ajax is not for designers, it is for developers. This was Adobes mistake. You wouldn’t sell soccer shoes to a hockey player now would you.

  • Mary Stamp says:

    I wanted to find a new menu and clicked on the widgets to the widget browser and loaded some widgets to try. Since then, every page I open on my website in Dreamweaver an error message pops up–sometimes once and I can work on the page and sometimes repeatedly so I have to close the page. I would like to find and remove what I need to remove so the error message stops–or load what I need to load so it doesn’t pop up. The error message is: The following translators were not loaded due to errors:
    The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:
    Unable to open script file
    http://www.google.com:jsapi (error2)
    I hope someone can help.

    • After much reading about jsapi and translation errors, and after searching files in my website folder for jsapi or google (words in the error message), I began to search for names of menus I had loaded through the widget browser in Dreamweaver CS5.5 (Mac OSX). Even after I reinstalled Dreamweaver, some of the menus were still in the widget file, the website htm file and the Dreamweaver Configuration file. I tried to override them by loading fresh versions in the empty widget browser. Then I deleted them through the widget browser. In a search, I still found Menu Matic, Spry Menu 2.0 and Yahoo menu in the widgets and the website files. I moved them to trash. I searched and found two Menu Matic files, moved them to trash, emptied trash, quit Dreamweaver, restarted the computer and the error message is no longer popping up. Hope this helps someone else.

  • I echo some of what has been said above, in that I feel it is extremely disappointing that this URL has been hijacked by tell us Spry is no longer being supported. Those of us who came here looking for documentation and advice on certain things have been left frustrated by this. All I am wanting to do is to link to a page with a tabbed panel on it, from another page, and for the desired panel to open when the link is clicked.

    Fortunately, I have managed to find a good tutorial on how to do this elsewhere. However, I don;t seem to be able to get a hold of the spryurlutils.js file that I need to help complete my actions. Since Adobe aren’t supporting it anymore, I can’t find the file on their site.

    Does anyone have any advice on where I could get a hold of it. My site is very basic and in fact only uses the one spry table, so I am loathed if I’m going to go learn a new method when I can just stick with what I’ve got and it works!

    • I’ve seen a lot of this. People using Adobes servers to service Spry content to there site. What are you doing? The examples that Adobe had were just that – examples.

  • Ok…. does this mean that the menu I’ve painfully got together won’t function now? Is this why (having come back to my new website design after some months, to finish it) my Spry menu doesn’t display in any of the browsers? I’ve torn my hair out over the last couple of days trying to find out why the menu won’t function in browsers now, when it did last time I worked on the website – is this why?

    I’m very, very novice at this stuff and would appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to confirm or refute my questions above please… just to save me scouring the Net for answers.
    Many thanks

    • Ann, your menu should function as long as you have the Spry files installed and linked correctly in your html documents – on your webserver. Future versions of DW (most likely) won’t have any graphical user interface to Spry since they’ve abandoned it – but the functionality should still be there as long as the files are linked correctly. Jquery isn’t terribly difficult (it’s actually a lot easier to understand than Javascript) but I know most people are utilizing spry from DW and not doing coding themselves.

  • How to reset a spry menu bar dreamweaver code

  • I’d like instructions on how to completely delete the spry menu, the template I made for it, and all associated files. Thanks so much!

    • You’re the one who knows where your spry menu, the template and all associated files are. Why do you think that someone would be able to instruct you on removing these things?

    • From Dreamweaver select all the code that is your spry menu then hit the delete button. Next, select the file that is your template and all associated files then hit the delete button.

  • Leaning enough to develop a web site. However, my computer had a problem and I had to reload dreamweaver and lost my connection with spry menu system. I found were to download the files, but how do I install it to access it from dreamweaver as before?

    • Jon what you need to do is upload your Spry content to the same place (directory) that you upload your HTML files and then link to the Spry content from your HTML.

      If you can’t upload to your server that hosts your site, then you could use Amazon CloudFront and an Amazon S3 bucket to host your content from a Content Delivery Network. This is very cool because then users from around the world will grab your content from edge-points on Amazons network.

  • This is extremely disappointing, though not immediately devastating for me, as I’ve always kept the files locally. How was I not aware till last week that this was coming? It’s going to mean a LOT of work to redo the two sites where I used spry extensively. Wish I’d had a bit more warning.

  • Okay, so…how long before jquery gets dumped? Anyone?

  • I’ve never used spry before, how do I get it to work within DreamWeaver CS6?
    Can I just copy and paste codes I find and replace the image paths within my own code and it will work?

    • Kira, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the Spry files from the GitHub link above. From GitHub there is a download as zip button, click it and a zip file containing the spry project will download to your computer. Unzip the package and put the folder somewhere where you work on website content.

      Don’t copy and past anything without understanding what you are copying. Don’t be lazy, read everything that was downloaded from the zip package. Read every last piece of information, read the API documentation, read the tutorials and samples.

  • Trying to use spry text field validation widgets and can’t figure out how to make it validate to alpha characters only—numbers and special characters are out though an underscore would be okay(as an option).

  • Wow you come here for help and some ass trounces on every question. These people are just asking questions on how to navigate around a change Adobe made that was unexpected. Sorry we all can’t be geniuses like Jerry Visser

  • Jerry Visser is an arrogant Douche…. simple as that.

    • For some of us Jerry Visser, we are just beginning to learn all about website design. I have a very good knowledge of how it works, etc., and wanting to learn more. It is such a disappointment to see that people that are as anal retentive as you has a bigoted opion to match.

      Give these people a break, I thought it was justified to ask questions. There are more polite ways to answer those questions without putting people down.

      I’m doing a college course, but a lot of people (including myself) stumbled into Webdesign by being self-taught.

      • Paula, you are right, I should give people a break. I guess I’m just shocked at the level of novice I see. I mean, we are talking about people who are just too lazy to read stuff.

        I’m an engineer and I see this kind of thing all the time. Some guy starts working with a new micro-controller but doesn’t read the Reference Docs. Then when something goes wrong its everyone elses fault. Its my fault because I didn’t tell him to read the Reference Docs, its the Manufactures fault because of how they engineered the thing, and it’s everyones fault that he is not an expert.

        In the tech world if you can’t do your job you get fired. This is not bigoted – it’s reality!

        • Jamie Loonam says:

          Jerry, I can only assume that you have so much time to post in this forum because no one will hire you. If you are as much of a jerk in your paying job as you are here, it’s no surprise to anyone. There are many of us who are trying to expand our knowledge base but don’t have the time to go to school to learn things – we’re trying to learn them on our own. I’ve learned a great deal about website creation over the last 3-4 years – all self-taught in DW, except for a 1-day class. I run three websites for non-profits, and do so on a volunteer basis. Trust me – they’re not going to fire me any time soon, since they can’t afford to pay me. Can’t you find something better to do with your time?

  • Adobe would sell it’s mother and leave the children behind for “postion” and “profit”. Do not believe in Adobe to help us that invested in their jargon.. and that is putting it nicely.

  • Iain J Simons says:

    As usually Adobe gets everyone to use one of it products then leaves the party early, Adobe only believe in the bottom line……PROFIT.

    Seen it with Interakt, ADDT now SPRY, only way around it is to become a hard coder but then would you be using adobe products?

  • Bummer. I use Spry a lot. It’s so much better than random a jquery plugin

  • Hi,
    I am learning now how to use CSS. I have some previous knowledge of html. To do so, I am following a great tutorial adobe provides on dreamweaver (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/first_website_pt3.html). The thing is, The tutorial is a little old. It is only good for CS5.5. I´d like to know If you guys have any new tutorials that teach JQuery.. Would be a big help. =)

  • Give up Adobe people. They are ruining every product since taking over from Macromedia. ColdFusion has ended up being completely offshored to India and they are not ‘part’ of the main Adobe organisation so the product now completely sucks. Dreamweaver is another tool that is dying as it does not support anything useful. It has just become a PHP front-end editor and thats it. It has no support for ASP.NET and they have now dropped Spry and will soon drop ColdFusion as well.

    Say bye bye to Adobe.

  • A few days ago I red David Powers article Styling and inserting a Spry Menu Bar 2.0 widget with the Adobe Widget Browser.
    I was very curious about this tool, since I was working on styling menu bars for my website. I studied David’s article carefully and worked my way through the tutorial.
    A few hours later I had designed a perfect menu bar, including a specific Bevel and Emboss style, that was exactly the way I wanted it for My website.
    Although the menu that I had designed was not properly displayed in design view (in Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5.5), all worked well in live view on my local (Windows) computer and so I uploaded the files to the (Linux) hosting server of my service provider ( Godaddy.com) .
    This is where I ran into trouble. I keep having the following dialog:
    “SpryMenu.js requires SpryWidget.js” followed by “SpryMenuBarKeyNavigationPlugin.jr requires SpryMenu.js”.

    To be sure that there were no coding errors on my side, I downloaded the complete source code attached to David’s article (the Bayside Pulse sample files). To my great frustration, I got the same result: a perfect menu bar in Live View on the local computer and the above mentioned dialog while running the code on the server.
    This is where I need some help. It appears that the Javascript include files can’t be found on the server, although I checked and they are just where they should be…
    I need some suggestions how to proceed from here.

  • I’m looking for Spry version 1.2 (SpryData.js would be enough). Where are the archives? Thanks in advance,

  • HAHA this is a really amusing thread – I can’t believe it is on an official company web-site. And that guy Jerry must be the best freakin’ coder on the planet to still have his job. His coding must be like a software engineer’s wet dream! It’s truly amazing that someone would think that customer service has no part of his job description if he is actually interfacing with customers. Hysterical!
    In any case, I am totally turned off by the whole thing and would NEVER want to buy an Adobe product after reading this, except for the fact that there don’t appear to be alternatives that are as good for Photoshop and Acrobat…. but it’s only a matter of time until there are, and then people like Jerry will become expendable.

  • I have to agree with James, if there is one thing that is consistent throughout this page, it is Jerry Visser’s telling Adobe customers that they are dumb. Customers write the paycheck that we all take home,

    Jerry, if you don’t want to help people, don’t. But don’t waste everybody’s time by telling people with questions they are dumb. You are an engineer, you chose that path and you are well educated. People who buy CS5 or Dreamweaver are trying to implement their ideas using an IDE that integrates an online help system and GUI to help them accomplish publishing a website without having to be software engineers. There is no other IDE that does as good a job bridging the connections between a database, HTML, PHP, and Javascript that I’ve seen. And it does this while leaving the coder the freedom to work with the source code.

    Now, having said that, I’m going to write a short note that should help people understand what they have to do to correct the errors they are seeing.


  • Hey folks, Github has a few surprises as far as what you expect to be linking to. The bottom line is that whenever you use the Spry Tools, Widgets, or Menus you should have the Spry javascript files on your website and not be linking to another web site that has them installed.

    Some of you are copying the url’s to javascript files on another site. This is always a mistake. Put the files on your site and your scripts will work. Perfect example is the posting above where the Spry menu works in Live View, but not on the web site. This shows that the Javascript files are on the computer but not on the web site.

    http://adobe.github.com/Spry/docs.html is the link to the Spry documentation and in that page are working examples (e.g. here is the link for working accordion examples).

    AGAIN!! Do Yourself A Favor and Don’t Copy The Links To The JavaScript Source Files On The Github Site!!! If You Put The Spry Folder In Your Site Folder, Then Set Up The Site Definition So That DreamWeaver Knows Where The Spry Folder Is, DreamWeaver Will Add The Files FOR YOU!!

    Create a Folder Called Spry (or something like that) On Your Website And Upload The Required Files There. Always click Yes for “Put Dependent Files” when you add javascript to the page.

    In Every HTML file that uses Spry you should have the script tag that looks like this;

    Please notice that the src is includes “../../includes”
    That works out to “Go up to levels and look for a folder named ‘includes’ <== This may not work for you, here is another example.

    For the script in your page to be able to work it has to be able to “see” the Spry files. This means the path must be set correctly in the src (source) attribute in your web page. When you get the error message that the file cannot be loaded it’s because the path is wrong.

  • David Jesser says:

    I have taken HTML coding classes as well as Java classes. I haven’t taken JScript, PHP, ASP or any of the other coding languages because they aren’t offered anywhere near where I live. I have actually helped one of the instructors who was TEACHING an HTML class. Having said all of that, I bought Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium AND I subscribe to the Creative Cloud so that I could have access to the tools that eliminate Flash from a website altogether and allow the use of HTML 5 instead. They even have software that will translate Flash into HTML5 according to the documentation.
    However, a little message to JERRY VISSER, from the look and feel of this thread you believe that if anyone wants to build their own personal website or build one for their small business because they can’t afford to pay a professional to do it then they shouldn’t buy Adobe products. There are MANY different websites and other software that you can use with only GUI and no coding whatsoever. I like Dreamweaver for the speed of the GUI and the ability to tweak the code or change it completely in some instances to accomplish what I want to do. You assume that everyone making a website with Dreamweaver is doing so in the capacity of working in the Web Design and programming fields. They aren’t claiming to be IT professionals, Web Design Professionals or even that they work in those fields. It is asinine for you to tell everyone that they shouldn’t be messing with building a website if they don’t know how to rewrite code or learn JScript and that they would be fired from any IT job for any company.(I am not quoting you precisely, just a summary of what you have posted on this page.) That is no different than if I told you that you should not try to cook for yourself if you can not make me a Soufflé or maybe I want you to be able to make homemade phyllo dough and I want you to do it by reading the recipe. If you can’t do those “simple tasks” then you have no business trying to make yourself a basic meal like a Hamburger with mashed potatoes from a box and steam in a bag corn. The difficult products are only made from scratch by professionals or someone who is taught to make them. I don’t have to be a professional chef in order to have a desire to try to make my own stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat jardinière stuffing because I can’t afford to pay someone to make it for me!
    I bought my Adobe software with Dreamweaver in it just this past AUGUST. You keep claiming that everyone knew or should have known that SPRY was going to become obsolete very quickly because of other better coding like JScript. If that is the case, why did Adobe sell me a product in August that they didn’t intend to support in it’s current designed form as sold to me as soon as within a few months? If Microsoft had tried to sell us MS Office and then they came out a few months later and said they will no longer support the Excel Spreadsheet macros or the Word Document formatting options. They tell you that you will need to learn some programming language and code your own formatting options and the ability to use macros in Excel and if you can’t do that then you don’t have any business buying that software or even trying to make your own spreadsheets or printed documents. If Microsoft did that they would be attacked with a class action lawsuit initiated by the Federal Government.
    So maybe you, JERRY VISSER, can step down one or two steps from your almighty place next to God in Heaven and either offer some easy to understand, step-by-step help on this site, or better yet, why not just get fired from Adobe if you work for them or fired by your employer because you are an incredibly talented coder but that doesn’t release you from the responsibility of being polite and civil towards others not trained to your level or any level of expertise. If you worked for me I would fire you within a month no matter how well you performed your job if you treated your “ignorant” coworkers who ask “stupid and entry-level” questions about something they “should” already know in order to do their job efficiently the way you treat the people just looking for a little help because Adobe sold them a product that they bought for a specific functionality and then that functionality was taken away from them. I would much rather have an average coder that I have to train on the job if that person is kind and as helpful as he or she could be when someone asked nicely for a little help.
    You deserve to work in a sewer where all of the other slimy rats feed off of the crap of the people above them. Maybe you would find a new appreciation for the gifts and talents you have been given and just maybe you would learn that it isn’t horrible to really HELP people with their problems, and yes ineptitude in some cases, instead of berating them. Take your example from Brian Symmes, he came to this site and could either choose to leave it because everyone was too ignorant in his opinion to deserve his help or he could provide some simple and fully explained steps to people who don’t even understand what someone means by the phrase “you linked your page to a file hosted on another website” but they are trying to do their best to do it on their own. They didn’t come to YOUR job and ask you these questions, they came to a SUPPORT page for support with a portion of a product that they specifically were looking for when making the decision to purchase that product. What arrogance and ignorance they have to expect that company to actually support the product that they are STILL selling as is with SPRY included right inside the Dreamweaver framework! This is just my own opinion though, and like I have the right to mine, you have the right to your opinions. They just sound more ignorant to me than the questions that are being asked in the first place. It’s nice to be able to have the opinion that you are basically a total jerk and you probably live in your parents basement and blow all your money on your selfish desires. Since I don’t know you at all I can form any opinions I want to solely based on a few paragraphs you posted on some support page where people are coming and actually expecting support. WOW! Go on Craig’s list and buy yourself a friend who is an expert like yourself so you don’t have to do all of that typing to berate others, you can have that friend berate some of them too so you can take a break. Good luck with that!

    Sadly disappointed,
    David Jesser

    • Jerry Visser says:

      You very rudely raise some good points. hey, thats what i was trying to!

    • Jerry Visser says:

      Ok, I read that whole thing, and I think I understand what you want. You dont want step-by-step intructions to setup a domain, edit dns records, build a linux kernel, setup web server software, database software, a scripting envirornment, write server-side code, build a web directory, and distibute your content through a CDN. You just want step-by-step instruction on how to replace some featues of an unsuccessful JavaScript library.

  • David Jesser says:

    Maybe someone out there could start a website providing real support resources for the Adobe products that they currently sell even though they will be obsolete by the time they get it registered. Someone could really get some high traffic to that site and the advertising money would come pouring in for them! Maybe someone, or even I , should start a class action lawsuit for the practices of Adobe continuing to advertise their product with an ability to do something that it knows outright will not perform as advertised. That is fraud or misleading advertising at the least and guess what, the Feds don’t look to kindly on that type of behavior from a corporation at all.
    Think about that.
    Thank you to all of you who have put up some invaluable information for supporting the part of Dreamweaver that was appealing to so many people and was the factor in them making that purchase! May you all live blessed lives with peace and happiness! You are really true heroes to those who are stuck in a situation that is overwhelming to them!! I mean that with ALL my heart, you are the people I admire in this world and are wonderful role models to all people of any field of business or life! Take care.

    David Jesser

  • Joshua David says:

    Spry is the best thing to be added to Dreamweaver in a long time. It is far better and easier to use than JQuery or any other Javascript framework I can think of.

    Even doing some complex form validation is a breeze with Spry, but a total nightmare with JQuery. It is very hard to interact with how JQuery applies CSS rules when doing tasks, and for a lot tasks you need to add extra plugins all the time.

    Make Spry bigger and better, its freaking awesome.

    • I agree with this! I’m working with Dreamweaver since Macromedia put version 1 out. Spry is NOT in all aspects a wonderful frame work. But is gave us the framework to do things in a consistent manner. All parts of the Spry framework, worked together.
      I can not say the same thing about jQuery. jQuery has a different background, it’s made for developing javascript applications, working on different platforms. Every browser had his own approach working with the DOM and attributes (So did Spry). The problem I have with jQuery, is that you need a JQuery plug-in to do some really useful things. Those plug-ins are build by someone, somewhere without and mostly without any support. If you want to work with data tables in jQuery, you need javascript skills to get things work. This is not the case with Spry, due to the Dreamweaver interface.
      Spry is build for HTML people, while jQuery is developed by and for developers. But most of the Dreamweaver users are, I think, by far not developers. But people how what to build website, presenting content, without the knowledge of high level programming skills.

  • I don’t have the knowledge or skills to stop using Spry and start using something else. This is for people who has a lot of skills in coding/web design and can switch between program.

  • I used Spry Image Slideshow with Filmstrip on my site. I got it to work beautifully on my local drive but when I upload it to the server it can only find the images in the widget and it’s all lined up top to bottom with no function. Also, all the CSS info and images for the whole page are lost. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

  • Hello, I just read all of that and am shocked by the attitude; i honestly thought Jerry that you were just a troll. But get the impression you actually work for Adobe which is bewildering given the tone?

    I want to start my own business and alas i do not have the money to pay a professional – that was part of my purchase decision. I am mildly intelligent and thought i could, over the next 6 months, learn how to do it to a satisfactory standard. I have knowledge of HTML, used DW in the Macromedia days and WAS lured in by the EASY way to design websites (including the extolling of the virtues of widgets and spry’s) in the advertising. I am just glad i don’t fell utterly duped because i got Photoshop and illustrator in the package.

    I am willing to learn, i do not expect anyone to teach me for free and i will do all this whilst working in my main job. I want to improve my knowledge. I want to improve myself, which seems to be what most people are trying to do. My main job is a teacher so time is of the essence – i do not have a lot of it to spare. I do not think some of the attitude is needed and is quite insulting and belittling.

    So my understanding is (as a newbie) that i should not use spry at all and learn jQuery as this seems to be a little more future proof. It just seems funny that all the DW CS6 books i am using have chapters on spry’s given that it is now defunct.


    • Lee, as someone who has been using DW since 1999 I still remember what it feels like to have whole way of doing things to learn. The site management system, the ftp setup. One thing I have deduced from reading these posts is that a lot of people seem to be bypassing the Dreamweaver system for organizing a site and using FTP to upload their pages. That’s the only way I can understand the idea of linking to the Adobe site to access the Spry javascript libraries. Dreamweaver will automatically upload the right Spry javascript files IF you
      1) set up the site in the DW Sites menu ‘Advanced’ page,
      2) use the Insert menu to add a Spry object to a page.
      3) Save the page to your local Site folder
      When you save the page, Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to copy the required files to the site folder. Click OK, and when you upload your page it will ask you if you want to put dependent files. When you click Yes then Dreamweaver will put the files to your site for you.

      This is the ‘old-school’ way of doing things. However, it allows you to use the Spry tools the way they were designed to be used. Spry libraries are an OK way of learning the Javascript object model, but you should add jQuery to your curriculum

    • Jamie Loonam says:

      I’m pretty sure Jerry doesn’t work for Adobe. You can click on his name in some of the above posts; it brings you to his website: https://xmlkernel.com/.

  • OK… I didn’t even know what Spry was. And now I have to learn something else or incorporate a different methodology into Dreamweaver. That doesn’t make much sense, but I’m used to figuring out how to make things work that shouldn’t.

  • Hello there,
    Anyone knows how to get rid of error 2032 when trying to download widgets using widget browser?

  • dear jerry,

    i have read some of the things you have written here – dude – i dont want to upset you, but you have a problem – im not sure if your aware of it or not…so i feel obligated to point this out just in case your not. It is wrong to be so rude to people – i have scanned this page and seen how you have hurt many peoples feelings. You may not see them or feel them or really believe that they exist, perhaps you feel that you are just offloading all your crap into cyberspace and that there are no consequences – but unfortunately there are consequences…..but hopefully you are already aware of your problems, good luck to you in your future and i hope all is well with you

  • I can see it’s been said many times in comments here, but here’s another STRONG voice of protest for Adobe turning its back on paying customers who (for whatever reason, or of whatever skill level, or getting whatever compensation for their efforts) have invested time and web pages in Spry (not to mention, in my case, some money in Adobe Press books). It’s just NOT the same point to the web when you remove help and docs from your site. [yes, it may be bloated and deprecated, but it WORKED in the dozens of websites I’ve used it on, and now I’m tweaking some with a deadline approaching fast and I can’t find the answers. Geez!]

  • I’ve just tried Spry for the first time and cant wait for Adobe to replace it with a more robust menuing tool, or please, get a 3rd party menu widget. My hand built menu is far nicer, but I need speed and simplicity while maintaining the level of design (which IMHO isn’t that great ) that I currently have. I can’t do that with spry (although I don’t *hate* it either).

    That being said, the Adobe set of tools takes quite some time to learn, as does any language or web tool. It is very ambitious to expect to learn how to code a commercial website, even using a crutch like Dreamweaver, instead of coding by hand, and it is not a job for hobbyists. While “jerry” may be a little pointed in his comments, I can’t disagree that it is cheaper and more effective to hire a professional (or at least someone with real coding knowledge) to perform these functions.

    You might be able to swap out a faucet in your home, but would you consider yourself a plumber and put yourself out for hire to build a new house? Naturally, you and your client are going to be frustrated.

    An option for newbies is to choose a more “beginner friendly” tool, and there are many fine ones out there. Sorry I love you Adobe, but it sounds like you have some Coffee Cup consumers.

    Maybe it’s time to cut your losses (if the client is already screaming) and switch to a simpler tool until you have time to take the excellent training offered by Adobe.

  • It had a good run. JQuery is the way to go now. It’s better if Adobe supports Jquery instead.

  • The post helped me to understand what spry is. Thanks

  • I did wonder about the future of Spry. My sites have a mixture of spry and jquery and jquery mobile. Time to learn how to replace spry data functions with jquery page by page. Will be an interesting project but at the same time a little sad as I quite like spry for its data handling capabilities.

  • jQuery is really beginning to take off now. Many websites are taking advantage of it’s powerful capabilities!

  • I agree about the powerful capabilities of jQuery,

    In hind sight it may have been a more complete choice for Adobe to mention the depreciation of the library for a number of months, enabling those who needed the extra help when switching over to receive it from the forums in a positive light, rather than as it is in this thread a negative from Adobe to their consumers.

    I also agree that Jerry’s comments and behavior are lacking both relativity to a consumer base he *seems to be supporting* and has the professional courtesy of a parrot, whose time came to an end when the *dark ages of programming did* i.e. when programmers believed themselves to be *god*.

    Having said that, I would like to say “NO WONDER” you’d be amazed how many websites I’ve been on lately whose menus/buttons or other had no functionality. Now I know why.

  • Billie Jo Egan says:

    I realize I am a novice, but that’s because I’m a student. That said I created my menu bars using the spry menu bar from the drop down menu and set my own css styles. I did use the spry image slideshow with filmstrip widget and used my own images. My questions are: Why is there even a spry option anywhere in Dreamweaver 6 if it’s not supported?; Where in my code should I insert the new code from Github into my code or do I even need to to make my sample site run?

  • I discovered that Spry allows for something called “effect clustering” which allows any number of effects to be run in parallel with one another.
    Spry. Admittedly, it’s not a super-huge framework like jQuery, but I like its simplicity

  • Compared to Flash, Spry Widgets are a better choice for Web developers who want their Web pages or RIAs to work on as many different devices and platforms as possible.

  • billy bob says:

    Another issue with pushing JQuery that doesn’t seem to be mentioned much here is that JQuery’s framework is a near an all inclusive beast of a code package. It’s difficult to split out only the components you actually need to use.

    Whereas SPRY only pulled in the code that it needed for a given element (tabbed panels, accordion, etc…)

    Yes there are 3rd/ 4th party solutions that go about splitting out JQuery components just for a given element – but there is no guarantee those are being maintained along the primary project.

    And I did/ do like the one-button click – on the fly – when adding various AJAX elements to a page or Site project via SPRY.

    What Adobe is basically telling us is that since they aren’t going to profit from this project they see no need to maintain it despite 4+ yaers of keeping us hanging on promised updates.

    Thanks for nothing Adobe. As more and more 3rd party alternative propogate I will be moving away from your products. Whoever is making the executive decisions at Adobe is doing so in a vacuum – in the dark with their head in the sand while wearing blinders.

  • What is going on? I have tried to download several widgets and then it says Adobe, no longer has it. To download the Widget Browser that I already have! Even with the widget browser, I can not find half of the listed widgets in Adobe Exchange. Adobe might as well take them programs off that are not available or update their Exchange area, its important and a great thing to have for us users. Quit making new versions every month too, money greedy company.

  • I started down this post because I tried to update a Spry Menubar in CS6 and it didn’t work. I’m
    definitly not Dreamweaver Pro, like Jerry, having taught myself Dreamweaver as well as CSS using Riley books tutorials. However, I did spend 40 years as a computer professional doing mainframe software design in Assembler Language, doing technical support, technical customer support for a major software company and as a support manager. Now I’m retired and have a small business. I designed and built my own website, and guess what Jerry there are a lot of people out there doing that.

    I was really shocked to find that Adobe just dropped support for SPRY . Yes I’m well aware that technology moves on. I’ve personally seen it move from writing machine code to Dreamweaver. But most times when a major company moves in another direction they LOUDLY announce that they will drop support in X number of years and do duel support for those years. They would not just do a radical amputation.

    When I moved to CS6 I signed up for Lynda.Com, to learn the new features of CS6 and even there nothing was mentioned about the end of SPRY support. Now I guess I get to add Jquery to my study list, and delay the major update to my site until I rewrite it.

    Ok, I got to whine, hopefully more respectfully than Jerry. Oh an, Jerry, as a software support manager if you worked for me and responded to customers as you have in this discussion you definitely would be looking for a new job.

  • Here is a snippet from Jerry’s website – what a pro !!!

    Posted by Jerry Visser
    April 5, 2013

    I wanted to remove a Twitter widget from the Docs (or the Education Center), but I made a mistake. I removed the Twitter code from a new Documentation page that we are working on (it’s not complete) and then uploaded it to our servers. This of course wiped out the previous Education Center, and put in its place an incomplete file. Oops, my bad. I will try to fix the problem as soon as possible, because I know that a lot of you are reading the docs right now.

    If you have any questions about XXXXXX you can use the Contact program on the right of this page, or you can email me directly at jerry@XXXXX.com

    Thanks for stopping by, and happy programming.

  • Wow.. I can’t believe I read all the comments…. but the plot just hooked me with all this Jerry thing. 😀 As most of you, I imagine, came looking for information on spry, because I have been watching some videos learning to use Dreamweaver (www.thenewboston.org). I just have a comment for now.. for all of you wanting to start learning a little about jquery, at the beginning of this year I prepared myself for the Microsoft certification exam on HTML5 with CSS and Javascript, and I just want to share that I found some sites to be very useful for that. The one I want to share today is http://www.codecademy.com. It is a good place to start. I also consider myself a newbie, although I have been an electronic systems engineer since 1988. And yes, I started programming in assembler, cobol, and Pascal, in black screens with green or orange font. But, that does not define me, for I have been a lot of other things too..
    Jerry Visser, if you read this.. don’t be rude.. it makes you look really bad, and I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for. If you are as talented as you want everybody to think, use that talent for something good. It was given to you with a purpose, and it is a responsibility more than a privilege.

    • Miklos Chapin says:

      I hereby second Lorena’s suggestion of http://www.codecademy.com.
      I was just about to teach myself the ways of Spry, but after having read this very informative saga, I believe I shall not put in the time, and devote myself to other pursuits, perhaps even jQuery. For this, I thank each and every one of you, with the signal exception of Jerry Visser, for taking the time and helping a complete stranger such as myself, with grace and kind forbearance.

      It’s a shame how Adobe is abandoning this segment of its customer base, but such are the vicissitudes of life, and that goes double for any life that has gotten itself mixed up with heartless entities that cannot see past the end of the next quarterly profit and loss statement.

      As for our good friend Jerry Visser, he too shall, in the end, come to know the true worth and meaning of things, but I fear that it will not be a pleasant experience for him. For now, it appears as if links to his page are redirecting right back here, which tells me that he’s now drawing interest on the loan he’s made via his unfortunate remarks that were posted as a result of his thunderous lack of social skills, coupled with a belief in himself that is all out of proportion to his true worth.

      It is a sad tale, but alas, it is neither a new nor unique tale.

  • Hi all,
    In my project I have an xml list displaying name (for exemple).
    I would like to click on a name and see the details of the person but in another page.
    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks a lot

  • i want up date my web site by editing Live chat on all pages ,,soi i dont wanna open all pages to modify the code can anyone help me here,,i tried the template thing but it didnt work

  • it not working when i upload spypanelset requiries spywidget.!js

  • im having a problem with SpryPanelSet.js requires SpryWidget.js Spryhow can i fix this problm please FadingPanels.js requires SpryPanelSet.js SpryImageSlideShow.js requires SpryWidget.js SpryPanelAndZoomPlugin.js requires SpryImageSlideShow.js how do i fix it please

  • Im very not happy with the politics of adobe. It decided to drop spry and left all the users of older versions in the forest. There is no instructions how to install spry update from HIT HUB. and dreamweaver updater is gone from the download as well. what a bunch of wasters.

    Word press is the future.

  • I’ve been reading the threads above and did not know that SPRY was dead as of last September 2012???
    SPRY menus are working fine on my sites – I am having a problem with a new site concerning SPRY menus and IE10 which I would appreciate some help on.
    Is SPRY outdated with MS IE10? Am I a dinosaur – It works great and its CSS based which I thought was current.
    My pull downs aren’t “clickable” HELP!

    Thanks Bob

  • Wow you come here for help and some ass trounces on every question. These people are just asking questions on how to navigate around a change Adobe made that was unexpected. Sorry we all can’t be geniuses like Jerry Visser

  • mark asemota says:

    like it

  • mark asemota says:

    i want this slide

  • Interesting read through these comments.

    The website I build with CS5 and the spry widgets still works because my source files are hosted locally. However as I am now updating my website to overcome the depreciated spry I have linked to some jquery files. In the source code I found a cdn for them and I thought hey, that’s cool, it saves me hosting them and may have better results in different parts of the world.

    But now I read through these comments apparently I would be an idiot to do that. I am not a web design pro by any means, but have been using DW since it was a Macromedia product. I want to know, should I link directly to http://code.jquery.com/jquery-git.js and //cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jcarousel/0.3.1/jquery.jcarousel.min.js as the website tutorial suggests, or should I host those files locally, for longevity?


  • Cant find where to download the spry from

  • I cant open the Adobe exchange from dreamweaver CS5, I have a high speed internet connection but looks like adobe exchange cannot connect to the internet to open the exchange page. why? please help. thanks.

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