Dreamweaver update for Creative Cloud Members

At Adobe, we are committed to making continuous improvements to our products to enable users to remain at the cutting edge of today’s technology. Adobe Creative Cloud has given us the opportunity to provide our customers with enhancements in the quickest way possible, allowing web producers to stay current. With today’s Dreamweaver update, exclusively for Creative Cloud members and Dreamweaver subscription customers, our goal is to empower users to create beautiful and interactive HTML-based websites and content more seamlessly.

We are excited to share some of the most exciting features available in the latest version of Dreamweaver, which include enhanced HTML5 support for Forms and Semantic tags, integration with Edge Animate, and the ability to easily insert HTML audio and video into projects. More details on each of these improvements is included below.

This Dreamweaver update offers expanded support for HTML5 with improved Forms, additional Semantic element support and new HTML5 Audio/Video controls in the Insert Panel. In addition, an overhauled Insert Panel provides a more meaningful and organized workflow, with some dialogs such as Tag Editor and TagChooser having been removed – without taking away the functionality.

We also invested heavily in developing a streamlined workflow with Edge Animate. Designers will now be able to import their HTML5-based compositions directly from Edge Animate into Dreamweaver, thereby creating a clear path between the two applications.

Finally,  enhancements to the Properties Inspector make adding HTML5 video and audio easier than ever. A more streamlined User Interface, containing fewer dialogs for new workflows and functionality, offers non-intrusive editing experiences.

We want to thank all our customers – in particular those who reported issues and helped us resolve them.

Note: Before upgrading, please follow some guidance in the release notes for backing up existing customizations and re-applying them

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  • I’m an early adopter of Creative Cloud – having previously upgraded from CS4 Master Collection, CS5 Master Collection, to CS5.5 Master Collection. I was very happy with the service, right up until today’s update to Dreamweaver (Now version 12.1 Build 5949), where I no longer have the option to use color icons. These kinds of decisions should be left up to me. I do not appreciate being forced into a dull and bland icon set for an application that has so many icons. My workflow, since Macromedia Studio MX 2004, has included visual cues afforded by color icons. This allows me to spend less time looking for what I need to click on, and more time getting work completed for my clients. Imagine how much time would be wasted in a year scanning icons that all blend together, which are superimposed over a background that is almost the exact same color? More than I’m willing to give up I can assure you.

    How do I turn color icons back on?

  • At the DW CS6 Insert panel, click the menu button on the righthand side. Select Color Icons.

    • Thanks BChau, but that only works for version 12.01 and below. Version 12.1 strips this feature from Dreamweaver altogether. The Team didn’t even bother creating color icons for any of the new ones. If they did, those icons were not added to the update.

      Here is a partial wording of the DW CS6 12.1 Creative Cloud update inside of the Adobe Application Manager updater: “This Dreamweaver update installs new features for Adobe Creative Cloud members and Dreamweaver subscribers, including visual support for inserting and editing HTML5 form elements, as well as HTML5 video, audio and semantic tags.”

      So while the Team recognizes a need for “visual support for inserting and editing…”, they no long feel we deserve the option to choose whether this visual support includes color icons.

      Unless you’re going to give Dreamweaver the same visual interface look and feel as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Edge, and others, then bring back color icons for the toolbar. As long as DW is confined to a light gray interface, it needs color icons – I need color icons.

      Superimposing light gray icons over a light gray interface is ridiculous, and poorly conceived.

  • What about giving us access to color versions of the new icons? If you have them, I can install them myself. A plain old ZIP will do.

    What say you Adobe?

  • I know you guys are busy making and improving great software, still, it would be nice to at least here your thoughts on the matter.

    With that said, I found a workaround. For now at least, my color icons are back.

  • I just noticed today (sept 28, 2012) that in Dreamweaver I no longer see Table Mode within the ‘View’ section. I do a lot of HTML email design, and I always change Table Mode to EXPANDED for easy working and selecting. I no longer see this option. Has it been moved? Please advise!

    • Your ability to work with tables has been severely reduced in Dreamweaver CS6 v12.1. Expanded Tables mode has been removed entirely, as far as I can tell. In CS5.5, the keyboard shortcut for expanded mode is Alt F6. That shortcut does not work in Dreamweaver CS6 v12.1.

      The interesting thing is, when I recently reverted from 12.1 back to 12.01, I received an email welcoming me to my 30-day trial of Dreamweaver CS6. Take a close look at the code of that email, and you see the very same coding methods that the industry abhors, and that Adobe itself is stripping out of Dreamweaver: http://www.webmagi.com/media/uploads/Tables-for-Emails.jpg

      I get it – the W3C plans to have HTML5 finalized by 2014, and it will become the standard going forward. But in today’s world, we have to contend with Microsoft’s Outlook email application and Gmail – two of the worst rendering engines for HTML: http://www.email-standards.org/

      Outlook uses Word to render HTML, and fails to properly render newsletters 95% of the time, and Gmail strips out most CSS.

      Most of the web design/dev industry newsletters I get are built with tables, using coding methods that go back a decade or more. It really begs the question – why is Adobe removing a tool set that web designers need for the proper development of newsletters? I ran a newsletter for a client this evening in fact, with over 9,000 subscribers. Part of the template code had to be developed on an XP machine running Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, just so that I could get at the now defunct feature set that still makes newsletters work in MS Outlook and Gmail. Go figure.

      I did update CS6 back to v12.1, once I figured out how to get my icons back. The new HTML5 tool set was just too good to pass up. But I also have access to earlier versions that I refuse to uninstall… just yet.

  • In the post the it states “an overhauled Insert Panel provides a more meaningful and organized workflow, with some dialogs such as Tag Editor and TagChooser having been removed – without taking away the functionality” so how do we still access the functionality of removed items. That needs to be conveyed to the user and more importantly to tech support. I need the function of the Image Object -> Image Placeholder and I’m on the phone with tech support and they have no idea regarding this issue.

  • The latest update 12.1 Build 5949 erased my favorites AND eliminated the Text tab from the bar so that I have no way of restoring my commonly used tags. I appreciate the rush to make HTML5 tags available but some us still need p and h1 and h2 and ul and ol and li, none of which are available. WTF?

  • The Adobe Dreamweaver Team needs to respond to these problems because as I work more and more through a book there are critical discrepancies between the cloud version and desktop version, which is what the book is based on.

    Some of the access that ha been eliminated to provide “a more meaningful and organized workflow” (which is a joke because I have spent hours trying to figure out how to do certain tasks) are Image Objects and Expanded Table Mode. And I was able to right click on an image and Edit Image now that has even been removed!!!!!!

  • Alex Barnette says:

    ADOBE WAKE THE FUCK UP and answer these questions!

    EXPANDED TABLES MODE – FIX IT, stop fucking around with your clients or you won’t have any!

    I call tech support to try and figure out how Dreamweaver is glitching to cause the expanded mode not to work, we trouble shoot this for hours, I come here to find out it’s not even in the software anymore, are you people idiots! You are costing me MONEY you lazy arrogant fucks.

    • What the F are email marketers meant to do. We HAVE TO use tables and Expanded Table View is ESSENTIAL to our working life!!! WTF Adobe!!! How dare you take it from paying customers… If I’d known I wouldn’t have updated!

      Please tell me how to revert the update immediately!

      • james oeming says:

        I totally agree… WTF!! How dare you take away tools! DW is supposed to the be the Rolls-Royce of web development tools. You should give us ALL options, including retro ones. You should give us a button clicking on which version we want., or what retro feature we want. Who in the hell do you think you are? What are you thinking? Is there some overambitious two-bit weenie thinking this policy up? Are you following the dictates of some out-of-touch standards board? What is in this for you? Money? Satisfying your cronies? Once again, WTF?? You are definitely risking losing me as a customer. Shape up, instantly.

  • the removal of Expanded Tables mode is quite simply a FAIL of the highest magnitude.
    to strip this out on a point release is simply UNBELIEVABLE.

    I am now forced into switching from CS5-CS6 to work on pages that make considerable use of Tables.

    I expect nothing less than the restore of this feature ASAP.

  • Alex Barnette says:

    Ok, I understand you don’t want to publish my post, please remove it as it is offensive, I’ve already filled out a bug report, I just can’t believe you guys are so short sighted when it comes to updating software, that is all.

  • Arnor Baldvinsson says:

    I’m taking a college class in Multimedia and we are using Dreamweaver. I have Creative Cloud and keep it updated. We have Adobe Web Design Portfolio from Against the Clock (http://www.againsttheclock.com/books/adobe-web-design-textbooks) and yesterday and today while working through it I ran into the massive changes that have been made in the Insert menu. The book is written about Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver CS6, so I expected to have exactly the same tools as the book is about. Not quite!

    As a software developer of 25+ years myself I certainly understand changes in software. But generally they are for the better. I’m not really seeing how removing options that seems to be productivity _increasing_ is helping… I have spent 2+ hours yesterday and today frantically searching to find if the options I can’t find have been removed, if I’m not looking in the right place, if some setting is off that needs to be on, etc., etc.

  • Well, there’s always hand coding (remember that)… apparently we are headed for the next fail-by-design… I remember Eli Whitney’s interchangeable parts, HTML standards, quality US-Made products, all kinds of ancient fully functional items “improved” into the non-functional junk we have to put up with today. BACK to the FUTURE, Adobe, before it’s too late…

  • Please, please, please bring expanded tables mode back!!!

    Why on earth have you removed functionality from Dreamweaver on a point release? Unbelievable. I just spent 30 minutes thinking I had forgotten where expanded tables mode was before I found this thread.

    I’m a HTML email designer and using expanded tables view was one of the main reasons I purchased my creative cloud subscription in the first place.

    Tables are very much here to stay for at least the next 10 years as the latest version of Outlook (2013), uses the same tables dependant rendering engine (Microsoft Word!) as Outlook 2007. I would imagine this is essential to all email designers using Dreamweaver.

    Please, please, please, put this feature back…

  • The removal of expanded table mode was definitely not cool. Also equally bad is the removal of the data binding tools, which allow you to easily and quickly bind form fields to database values and other things like creating dynamic drop down menus. HTML5 is great and all, but for those of us building sites with data driven content, the update 12.1 felt more like a huge step back, not forward. The worst part is that all this was changed without even a mention of it from Adobe.

  • Expanded table mode gone?!!! That’s the main reason I use Dreamweaver. Thankfully I’ve not subscribed to Creative Cloud….I guess I’ll be hanging onto my original CS6 install for a long, long time…..(hey…even if we’re using CSS for layouts we still have to use tables for tabular data….plus, how how about a little free choice anyway?)

  • I want expanded table back immediately. This is very important for me. I do not care about anything else. I WANT IT BACK NOW!!!!

  • Please consider at least releasing a plugin that performs the same functionality as Expanded Tables. It was a huge time saver in my life. Utterly essential for an HTML Email coder.

  • I’ve been using Dreamweaver since before the MX version was out. That was a long time ago. I’ve always relied upon EXPANDED TABLE VIEWS to work in. It makes it easy to navigate. I signed up for the Cloud a couple of weeks ago to find that EXPANDED TABLE VIEWS have been eliminated. Not good….

    Can someone please tell me if Adobe intends to put it back? Is there a plugin somewhere for it? Has anyone found a solution to this? If it stays as is, this is not good at all. Please advise.

  • William Barnette says:

    Well, i just had a very interesting call to Adobe, some of you probably already understood what was going on with Dreamweaver stripping features out of it’s subscription based software, but unfortunately I am a little naive when it comes to software companies and sleeping with the devil.

    Basically, it doesn’t matter how much you complain, these features are gone for good in the subscription based software.

    I had thought it was Adobe trying to deprecate things that they didn’t agree with, but after having the talk I did today with them and knowing now that they are fully aware of how popular these standard features are and that they have decided to bill you per standard feature instead of making a piece of software that includes all of it’s standard features. I realize now it’s just a pricing scheme through and through.

    If you want to get expanded tables mode back or be able to bind data to your tables you will need to cancel your subscription to adobe creative services and buy the full CD version of Dreamweaver in order to use the fully functioning piece of software.

    If you are poor, try something else, if however you’ve got the loot, buy the full version.

    (Keep in mind, Photoshop and Dreamweaver aren’t for beginners and Adobe wants you to remember that at all times.)

    Adobe has a rich history of ignoring it’s customers complaints and of also being some very greedy people on the whole, maybe there’s money to be made if they create a seperate subscription for all the standard features to use with your useless Dreamweaver subscription.

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      @William Barnette
      We appreciate your concerns and hear your feedback.

      I am keen on knowing the source of your information as it appears to be incorrect. Adobe’s (and Dreamweaver’s) strategy is not to make you use Perpetual product version. CCM releases are the best opportunity for people to get an early preview of the planned new features.

      Example: We removed the feature of Expanded Table view from our last CCM release. We received multiple feedbacks on its usage and usefulness. We will be making this feature available in the next CCM release planned to be released soon.

      Hope I have been able to answer you query and for many others who are faced with similar dilemma.

      • Hi Sarthak,

        Thanks for this reply, as an email coder, using the expanded tables mode, hundreds of times a day, I’m glad to see it’s going to be re-introduced. Without it my need for a Dreamweaver subscription is seriously reduced. Are there any expected release dates on when it will be reintroduced?

  • james oeming says:

    C’mon… release a patch to restore expanded tables, immediately. The ball was dropped on this, big time — we all know this — so don’t make us wait for the next release. DO… IT… NOW. Sorry to be rude, but this could be done very quickly, and we all know it, and it ain’t happening Please don’t hide behind polished corporate-speak. There is one person who ultimately signed off on this, and they are hiding behind a wall of corporate PR smoke. Who is that person? Have that person fix this, now.

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      Hi James,
      We understand your frustration and hence have decided to bring it back in the next CCM release as already mentioned in my reply above to William.

      Expect the release to be coming out soon.
      Thanks ..Sarthak

  • james oeming says:

    Gonna try to google a plug in or some such for expanded tables mode…

  • Classroom in a book cs6
    To insert a image place holder

    Choose insert > Image Objects > Image Placeholder

  • Please tell me what happened to image placeholder, and where it is now. No one in our class can find it in the Creative Cloud version of CS6.

  • Mike Sangster says:

    Yes where is Image Objects and the Placeholder option?

  • Mark Crump says:

    I am taking two college courses, InDesign and Dreamweaver, and the frustration of each is unbelievable. The books ask you to perform tasks using unavailable tools. Example Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 “The Professional Portfolio” by Against the Clock asks us to use the “stealth” Table button in the insert panel layout option. At this rate, with inability to use functions like this when they are required by the textbook, I can see myself getting through the entire semester by spring break. Very student friendly development. We all thank you Adobe for setting the standard for thousands of college students to aspire towards.

  • Richard Hollingsworth says:

    Hello: Im using the 12.1 update, and found out that the Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box is gone. That means we have to code form fields manually, Does anyone know how to do that? The “label for” example at W3Schools is knida confusing.


    you guys are stopping me from working

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      @Mark The Expanded Tables are back with Creative Cloud update in Feb 2013. You need to right click on the Table to see the menu option as Table->Expanded Tables Mode

      • cheers Sarthak, I only just updated dreamweaver a few days ago and noticed this. It’s annoying how it’s back in but not in it’s original place : \

  • Thanks for adding the expanded tables function again! Can you tell me how to add it as a keyboard shortcut? I don’t see Expanded Tables as an option on the list under Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts?

  • Mr. D. Pickle says:

    Overall is it worth it? Is anyone pleased, other than the obvious Adobe shills. It just sounds like features are randomly eliminated, hand coding become necessary, and the overall customer experience stinks and induces frustration and stress. Hand coding and institutional frustration, what I want in a wysiwyg editor!

    Also is it true what John Hughes said?
    p and h1 and h2 and ul and ol and li, none of which are available. WTF?

    I bought the old fashioned CS6 version of Dreamweaver – trying to use the pathetic clunky “flexible grid layout” a feature I think was shipped incomplete. If I want to be able to nest divs or other basics I will have to join Creative Clod, err Cloud, to access the updated version that fixes flexible grid layout.

    I’m a designer, a dabbler in web since before MX, but it’s not my primary gig. That said, I’d like to do more of it and nailing responsive design via the flexible grid feature would be sweet. Sounds like with CC I lose a lot of features, pay way more, PLUS I get the bonus of dreadful off shore customer service, a nightmare in itself.

    Really would appreciate your feedback.

  • India Road Trip says:

    Is the expanded table fixed as site http://routebyroad.com

  • I do HTML for emails. Please bring back expandable tables! This is a massive Dreamweaver FAIL!!!! Also in CC, I can’t select tables in design mode like I could before. I can’t see the dotted table outlines either. Give us this option in “View.”
    Thank you.

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