Dreamweaver Creative Cloud update (12.1) – FAQs

Why did Adobe re-organize the Insert panel?

In broad terms, Insert options have been added, deprecated, or re-organized to streamline workflows, reduce clutter, and ensure compliance with the latest and most popular trends in web design. To help you focus on the page and avoid distraction from colorful elements in the user interface, color options for Insert icons have been deprecated.

While you may need to re-familiarize yourself with the user interface changes in the short term, we are confident that you will recognize their value as you get up to speed with the new workflows.

The reasons for re-organizing the Insert panel in this update are listed below.

  • Sync the ordering of options in the Insert panel with the Insert menu to improve speed of their discoverability.
  • Deprecate Insert options that required multiple-clicks. These options can be quickly and easily configured using the Property Inspector or the Code view.
  • As part of enhanced HTML5 support in Dreamweaver, new HTML5 elements introduced in the Insert options. Options that have ceased to be important or are no longer part of best web practices have been deprecated.
    For example, the table options under Layout category have been moved to Common because tables are no longer used for layout.
  • Similar options available under multiple categories have been moved to a single category that best relates to the options.
    For example, some of the Spry options were previously available under the Data category as well.  Such Spry options have been removed from the Data category.
  • Options that were rarely used have been deprecated.
    For example, the placeholder option for Insert option has been deprecated because of its limited usage.
  • Streamline workflow for Insert options such that the experience is the same irrespective of the mode in which you insert the option.
    For example, in Dreamweaver CS6, different dialog boxes were displayed when you insert Text Area based on whether the focus was on the design or code view.

For comprehensive information on changes to Insert options in Dreamweaver 12.1, see Changes to Insert options | Creative Cloud

Is Adobe biased towards subscription users?

From the page Adobe Creative Cloud / FAQ 

Is Creative Cloud a replacement for Adobe’s traditional creative products and suite editions?

Adobe believes that Creative Cloud is a better way to get your desktop tools because you get access to the latest updates and features as soon as they’re available, plus services that tie the new publishing workflows together. Adobe will continue to develop and sell individual CS products, and customers can purchase them through the Adobe online stores and select retail and online stores.

Are there any differences between the Creative Suite software included in my Creative Cloud membership and the software I buy in the box?

Yes, the software included in Creative Cloud membership is different from the software you buy in the box. It gives you everything in the traditional licensed version plus exclusive access to new features. This means that as soon as our engineering teams can finalize new features — such as the features we recently released for Illustrator, and many other new features to come — we will release them through special software editions available only to paying Creative Cloud members. So no more waiting between major releases to get new features.

Why don’t I see my previously installed Extensions?

See the blog post Dreamweaver extensions don’t appear after updating Dreamweaver to 12.1

Missing custom keyboard shortcuts and Favorite icons

Your custom keyboard shortcuts and Favorites in the Insert icon panel are lost after an update. For icons, you will have to note down your Favorites before you update, and add them again after you complete installing the update.

For keyboard shortcuts, ensure that you export them before you install the update.

  1. Select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Click “Export set as HTML” button.

After you upgrade, refer to the exported file to set the shortcuts again.

HTML keywords not localized in Property Inspector

  • HTML keywords are no longer localized in the Property Inspector. They appear in English only.

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  • Dream Team,

    It is obvious from your wording of this post that you have no intention of doing the right thing and giving me back the option to use color Insert icons. I can only assume then, that you believe you know better than me what works best from my chair.

    Your statement: “To help you focus on the page and avoid distraction from colorful elements in the user interface, color options for Insert icons have been deprecated.” is surprising. This is Dreamweaver we’re talking about, not After Effects, and I don’t have ADHD. My focus is just fine. In fact, the one thing that interferes with my focus the most when I’m working in a software application is not being able to immediately locate the tool I require to complete a given task. When I look up from the task I’m focused on in Dreamweaver and need to click an icon to achieve something, my eyes find color much faster than they do dull gray shapes. THIS SAVES ME TIME. Your decision to “deprecate” my color icons effectively slows my workflow and makes it more difficult for me to do my job. Over time, this adds up.

    I guess the argument is keyboard shortcuts? Since the majority of your customers use keyboard shortcuts, they don’t really need icons. And if they don’t need icons, then why not just gray them all out so that these users don’t have to be bothered with them. So someone like me never factors into the equation, right? Well consider this: on a regular bases my work requires that I know (and know fairly well) Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Contribute (now Business Catalyst), Fireworks, SWiSH Max3 (now Edge Animate), Soundbooth (now Audition), Ableton Live, Acoustica Mixcraft, Sonic Fire Pro, Fontlab TypeTool & ScanFont, SketchUp, Toon Boom Animate, Active Presenter, Grindstone, VueMinder, DHTML Menu Builder, Stylizer, CoffeeCup Web Form Builder, CuteFTP Pro, Word, Excel, Publisher, Edit Pad, WinMerge, WordPress, Geodesic GeoCore Classifieds, OpenX, Open Atrium, Active Campaign Email Marketing software, PayPal Merchant Services, AdWords, Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools, InterWorx, cPanel, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Tiger, Snow Leopard, and Mountain Lion (and the Creative Cloud apps that are installed on it, as well as a plethora of others), Macromedia Studio 8 (for newsletters, since over the years you’ve removed my ability to effectively work with tables, inline styles and fonts, even though these are still the industry standard for newsletters), not to mention the other 3 or more dozen applications installed on just my Windows 7 workstation.

    It really isn’t worth my time to try and memorize keyboard shortcuts. It’s faster if I use visual cues (VISUAL CUES) to find what I need so that I can move on to the next app and the next task.

    Look at the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the PC, a Linux box, or just about any expertly designed interface. You don’t see dull light gray icons over a dull light gray interface. If you do, then I feel for you, because light gray icons only work if they contrast sufficiently with the interface over which they are superimposed. Thinking that gray icons are somehow aesthetically superior is one thing, but to deny me the opportunity to choose for myself is something else entirely. So every future update to Dreamweaver will reset all of my color icons back to gray, right? Am I not paying you enough for color icons? How much could they possibly cost? Give me a number and I’ll most likely pay it. Heck, I’ll colorize them for you if you don’t have the resources. No charge.

    One last thing – I noticed you left other color icons peppered throughout Dreamweaver’s interface. Are you planning to remove those as well? Let me save you the trouble – I NEED THOSE COLOR ICONS TOO!

    • Sorry, can I ask You a question? I’ve bought Mac with Lion. Still, My CS5 doesn’t perform checking of the links and it falls down every day, as it was previously. Whether CS6 has only supplementary new functions or the bugs of the CS5 have been fixed? Or these are not bugs and only my personal problems?

      Yakov, Moscow, Russia

  • Garth Dideus says:

    Every time you publish something I get more upset with your and your practices. I’ve always thought you guys were arrogant and removed from your audience but the older you get the worse you get.

    Your post above refers to changes that were made, the article you linked to refers to changes that were made in the update.

    Yet, neither of them actually give me a full list of ALL the changes that you made and how to get back the ones that we need.

    Where is the information about you deprecating expanded tables mode? In addition how do we get it back, no where have I seen this posted. You monopolize this market and then do what YOU want to do without consideration for the user whatsoever.

    You and Intuit ought to get married. Too bad it would end in a week due to each of you lying to each other so often you can’t stand it.

  • Adobe’s GUI genius’ have leached the color from everything in CS6 Photoshop, except for their little ‘PS’ logo. That little formerly helpful red ‘x’ in the opposite corner is no more. Must have been too distracting for someone…

  • Garth Dideus says:

    I went ahead and set up a conversation on Reddit to see how everyone else feels about it, they may agree with Adobe (that’s you guys) then again they may not, we just have to see how it goes.


  • Hi Adobe,

    This last update to DW 12.1 removed the keyboard short to comment out code (cmd+/) and I have not been able to find it anywhere is the Keyboards Shortcuts dialog to add it back. Please advise.


  • The recent changes introduced in 12.1 are surprising and disappointing. I am all for keeping things current and staying with the times, but that does not include removing features that have been part of the core reason people use Dreamweaver over other products for in the first place.

    The issues with the insert bar are trivial to me. No big deal there. However, in 12.1 you have removed the ability to create dynamic drop down lists in forms, and the lightning bolt icon that Dreamweaver users have come to love over the years is gone, which means it just got a lot more difficult to build pages that work with dynamic data; particular for users like myself who aren’t experts at coding from scratch. Developers with those kind of skills don’t use Dreamweaver in the first place. They don’t need the tools for creating sites with data driven content that the bulk of your Dreamweaver users absolutely rely on.

    So, why don’t you enlighten us on your plans for Dreamweaver and why you’re making the changes you are. Developers like me who are frustrated with these issues have a book of business to attend to, and we need to know if Dreamweaver is still the right tool for us – or not. Making dramatic changes like this in 12.1 without at least a heads up is just not cool.

    • And of the many, many complaints that have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, these cloud updates appear to have insulted each and every user on some very personal levels. I am one of those developers that have little need for the lightning bolt icon, at least not for several years now, but I do not consider it a trivial matter that Adobe has made it a lot more difficult for users to build pages that work with dynamic data. I was concerned when Adobe bought the company Interakt – the maker of MX Kollection, PHAkt, ImpAKT, KTML and many others. And sure enough, some of the greatest extensions available at the time for developing back-end solutions, eCommerce, CMS, CRM and other web apps were methodically removed from Dreamweaver. Adobe’s alternative? Flex Builder. It didn’t matter that I preferred to work in Dreamweaver.

      I take issue with many of the changes made to Dreamweaver CS6, the primary tool I use to make my living, but I chose to speak up about color icons because that struck me as utter nonsense. So much so, that I put them back, and will continue to do so.

      In my opinion, Adobe needs to be made aware of just how much simple tools mean to us, and I think it is counterproductive in our effort to get them back, to say that one user’s needs are more important than another.

  • Garth Dideus says:

    What is the point of this forum? There is no forum, just a crappy forum piece of software without the forum, where is the conversation between us and Adobe, they are ever AWOL.

  • Frankly Adobe, I’m really displeased (and that’s the understatement of the year) with your service. I likely will be switching from Dreamweaver to other, more functional software. You know, the kind where the company actually cares what its customers think. The day my subscription to Creative Cloud is up, bon voyage. In fact, it may be before that, just based on your lousy service.

    Thanks guys, great job. You’ve just lost another steady customer.

  • I am a student, I purchased the CS6 Web Design software package in Aug of this year… It appears that Adobe is not making Edge available to people who have purchased their DW CS6 software. Is there a way to insert animation designed in Edge into my DW CS6 software ….. “without” ….. having to purchase the monthly membership. Monthly Membership customers should not be the only customers that can use Edge. There surely must be a way to import the animation I have made in Edge into the website I have made in DW CS6…. This is a part of my final project assignment…. Can someone tell me how to accomplish this without a Monthly Membership Fee…

  • Hello there!

    Thanks for the update, but I’m VERY upset about the deprecation of ‘expanded table’ view. HTML tablesmay be a big no-no for web design, but they are vital for HTML email design.

    Tables are a cornerstone for email layout, and with such poor support for web standards in so many email clients (Outlook 2007-2013 uses the Microsoft Word [yes, really!] rendering engine), this does not look like it’s set to change anytime soon.

    This is essential for me, and part of my everyday workflow. I imagine this is the same for many other email marketers.

    I’d appreciate it if you considered putting it back.

  • Thanks for removing the expanded table mode, the only feature that would make me use dreamweaver: for emailings designs. We can now remove this software became useless from our computers, this is a great thing. We’re now looking for another way to do it; nice move Adobe !

  • I am pretty annoyed you removed the color icons. I’m also highly upset that I can no longer right click a tag and edit it. Crappy move 🙁

  • james oeming says:

    Here what you should do to REALLY expand DW’s value:

    You should offer all versions of Dreamweaver, back to the stone age, with a click of a button. You should never take away any feature, but always have them available, at a click of a button. You should have a virtual museum of retro features. You should, but you aren’t.

    Why? WHY? What are you thinking when you force your customers to follow some misguided person’s notion of what we should want?

    Who is the person who signed off on this self-destructive policy? I want a name. It is ONE person who is responsible.. It isn’t Adobe. It isn’t the Dreamweaver team. It is ONE PERSON, with a name. Who is that person? Step out from behind the curtain. Get a backbone.

  • When will adobe release CS7 OR CS6.5 any one have any idea?

  • I just want to know why we cant get the new features in the software we paid our money just like everyone i think this is wrong on Adobes side.I Dont want to get the creative cloud update it actually works out more expensive than buying a upgrade for me and I am in south Africa were the internet speed lines is really not to fast and would take a while to download all the software.

  • The justification for deprecating of color icons is absolutely FAULTY. adobe just taking apple as example here – and apple was wrong to remove color from Finder sidebar too. Please bring the option for color icons back!

  • Robert Kushner says:

    Please bring back the color icons and file folders so we can find them quickly as before.

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