Closing the Dreamweaver PreRelease survey!

Hello all –

So great to hear from everyone. We received dozens of responses. Some of you will be receiving emails in the next couple days inviting you to join the Pre Release. If you don’t hear from us, or you were late to the party, and you still want to join the Pre Release team, send an email to and tell us why you want to be there! It’s a lively group – we’re looking for folks who are ok with speaking up when they see problems with the things we do!

Thanks again to all who participated. Looking forward to a better, badder Dreamweaver in 2013!

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  • I would love to participate and not only make Dreamweaver better and badder, but also myself.

  • Thanks a lot guys for the hard work. I love Dreamweaver!

  • Dueep Jyot Singh says:

    Dear Greg,
    Hope you are still reading these comments. Good I did not offer to beta test it because Dream Weaver 6 gets a HUGE Thumbs down from me. There is absolutely NO way in which I can work on it without a silly JS error pop up talking about page 34 or 36 or 16 or whatever. I downloaded it as a trial and I am so glad I did not recommend it to my colleagues, being a confirmed fan of Adobe products.
    Now the hitch here is- you start up the software with about 20 js errors. Then you manage to click a button closing JS errors all the while waiting… waiting… waiting for the page to load. One minute, I’ve reached my limit. I still give Adobe the benefit of doubt and refrain from using impolite language. Can’t disable these pop ups either.
    Click a button- JS error, DW hangs up.
    No extensions loaded. I have tried all your adobe solutions . Your support page gives me an error 404.
    Conclusion- Removing this utterly useless software and going back to 5.5. Seriously speaking, why did the technos waste so much time making this terrible piece of Who knows what?
    Does anyone have any Solution? If yes, I may try it out again, even though the fluid grid does NOT Load.
    I really do not have the patience to look at any other USPs. In my book, the taste of the pudding lies in the testing, and I have wasted 20 minutes with ABSOLUTELY nothing done .
    Best wishes,
    Dueep Jyot Singh

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