Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 updates for Perpetual and CCM users

The latest update for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 includes bug fixes in Live View, Code View and FTP file transfer. This update to Adobe Dreamweaver also ensures continued compatibility with the Adobe PhoneGap Build service and improves user experience. Below are some of the highlights of this bug fix update.

Specific updates to version 12.0.3 (Creative Suite version)

  • Permission Issues encountered by multiple users during FTP transfer of files has been fixed.
  • The keyboard shortcut of Cmd+H on Mac has been fixed.
  • The CPU utilization shot to 100% for some cases when typing code in Code View
  • Typing in the “Find and Replace” dialog was not possible when invoked via shortcuts
  • After the search was completed via “Find and Replace” dialog, instant typing was not working in the code view.
  • Live View performance issues have been fixed.
  • Switching to Live View was crashing the application
  • Optimizations for HiDPI display

Updates to both version 12.1.1 (Creative Cloud version) and version 12.0.3 (Creative Suite version)

  • Continued compatibility with the Adobe PhoneGap Build service and improved user experience.
  • Note: Upgrading to 12.1.1 will eliminate your stored customizations, keyboard shortcuts, etc. so please only upgrade if you require PhoneGap Build functionality.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the help extended by Adobe Dreamweaver users in submitting “Crash Reports”. We have fixed some of the most common cases that were leading to crashes in this update also.

Note: The bug fixes mentioned above for 12.0.3 are already available to Creative Cloud members via 12.1 update.

Update: You can check if the update was successfully applied by checking the versions as mentioned below:

  • For 12.0.3 it should be
  • For 12.1.1 it should be

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  • Jonathan Lopez says:

    When will there be a fix for the php mysql server behavior ? i am still receiving java errors when trying to insert, update and delete a record?

  • Connecting to phonegap still does not work after update. I have read that it is an issue with ssl certificates conflicting. (true?) Is there some cache I’m supposed to clear to get phonegap login to work?

  • Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Hook Can you try the following?

    Option 1: Create a new site and create an app out of it. Go back to the original app and try building it once again

    Option 2: Within the original app at root level, delete the “ProjectSettings” file and try rebuilding.

    Let us know if any option works for you? If yes, which one resolved the problem.

  • I have disabled all updated for CS6 due to the removal of Expanded Tables Mode!
    Has this been returned?

  • I just did the update but when I check in Dreamweaver it’s still showing 12.0 when I look at the About Dreamweaver under preferences. How can I be sure it has updated? And when do we or DO we get the audio player I read about?

    • Janaki Lakshmikanthan says:

      Hi Bernie,
      You can always get the complete version of the product by following the below steps.

      Right click on the Dreamweaver.exe inside the installed folder > Properties > ‘Details’ tab > Product version

      Right click on Adobe Dreamweaver app file > Get Info > Version

      For 12.0.3 it should be
      For 12.1.1 it should be


  • The problem I am seeing is in connecting through the PG panel in DW. I login using my email and password and get the message “Looks like we are having some server troubles. Please try again”. So I don’t even get to the point where I can try a build. I have had DW CS6 installed on this computer (Mac) since Creative Cloud was launched, and there is still a copy of DW CS3 on it also. (not sure if that matters). Connecting through DW on my laptop (which is new) works fine. So something is different with my legacy installation vs a new one. I hope that helps in figuring out what the issue might be.

  • Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Hook Sencho
    Can you share with us the “PGB” folder which can be found at /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe?

    Please zip it up and upload on a file sharing server for us to investigate further.

  • Scott Herbst says:

    Updated to 12.1 build 5966 via the Cloud updater and now I can’t work more than a few minutes without Dreamweaver crashing. Since I upgraded from CS 5.5 to Creative Cloud, I have been very disappointed in the quality of these products. Also – in spite of the money you guys charge, you apparently can’t afford to run decent 24-7 support. When I have called in the past, I have been subjected to calls that drag on for hours while the blind feel their way through the fog to formulate work-arounds to get products I have paid for to work. This is really unacceptable. As far as DW goes, will there be any kind of update in the foreseeable future that may remedy these crashes, or am I simply not going to be able to work?

    • Suraj Ajila says:

      Hi Scott,
      Can you provide us with more info regarding the crash
      – Which platform are you in and what version of OS?
      – Have you submitted the crash report to, if not can you share the crash log with us.
      – Also it would be great if you can provide some sample files and steps to reproduce this crash.


  • I updated to CS6 12.1 build 5966 via Creative Cloud on my laptop and am now unable to paste copied text into properties panel (such as a URL or color), and unable to paste a URL into server area of site manager. I have CS6 12.1 build 5949 on my desktop and have no such issues. I copy text from Notepad routinely, so this is a BIG issue!

    Is there a fix in the works for this?

  • When will design view get a update to its web rendering kit so the work done in design view is as good a view as previewing in a browser?

  • I’ve searched around the site and I can’t find a place to submit a crash report for Dreamweaver CS6. This is the closest I’ve found, so here goes. Create New > Page from Template causes the program to lock up, then I have to force quit. I’ve rebuilt the site cache, and duplicated the problem on two computers. This was not a problem before the last CS6 update, I did this many times a couple of weeks ago. DW CS5 works fine, so I’m using that until this is fixed. If there is a better place to report this, let me know.

  • What about a fix for code autosuggest window getting stuck in codeview – that’s so annoying?

  • Thank you so much for fixing that FTP issue!!! I thought it was my server!!!

  • Why are you putting out feature updates for the Creative Cloud product that you are not giving to people who pay for product licenses. That is unfair. Plus you hide this from people. I have a subscription to Inspire and I was trying to follow a tutorial on HTML 5 video. I spent several hours of my time trying to figure why I couldn’t see the panels in the article and trying to find out if I was missing updates to DW CS6 before I realized that Adobe has turned their back on the people that purchased licenses to the software.

    Thanks for nothing!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I understand SOME features being only available to subscribers – but actual major updates to the software? Outrageous!

  • I have dreamweaver CS6 version 12.0 build 5861. Each time I upload files to the online server my website is no longer accessable. I am told by the hosting company that dreamweaver is changing the permissions during the upload and restricts access to the enitre website. I uploaded the lastest changes as required by adobe (Dreamweaver CS6 12.0.3 update to address HiDPI-compliance and resolve critical bugs.) and confirmed my version number is What else needs to get done. I cannot keep calling my online surrport to have the permissions reset. I am told this is an adobe issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Until this is fixed i am basically out of business. Thank you

  • Patrice Olivier-Wilson says:

    I have a stand alone version of 6. Version 12.0 Build 5808.
    Can this version be updated?

  • Daniele Contino says:

    Hi I have a stand alone version of DWcs6, version 12.0 Build 5808.
    When I try to update it comes back with this error message:
    Dreamweaver CS6 (to version 12.0.3) to address HiDPI-compliance and resolve critical bugs.
    Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7
    Any solution?

  • Geert Pieters says:

    Why is it that I, as Creative Cloud user, can’t update to version 12.1.
    I could really use the Edge Animations plugin now.
    Any solution?

  • I am a Creative user and I notice that you have removed the table functions – what am I suppose to do hand code everything. I have to enter data in a table and now there is not way, without hand coding, for me to indicate header cells etc – common quite removing things. Then you don’t even ask about things like this.

  • Glen Charles Rowell says:

    The Windows CS6 12.0.3 update for Dreamweaver doesn’t update the version number. Please help. Please fix this as soon as possible and update the number so we know the program has been updated properly also the program isn’t broken and updates perfectly. Most people think their software is broken because the update number is wrong.

    Adobe said they would call me more than a month ago. No one has called yet. Online support said I have to wait for a call. Waiting more than a month is crazy. Please remind someone in Adobe about this.


    Glen Charles Rowell

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