Resolution for 12.0.3 users running into BrowserLab and Business Catalyst Issues

The Adobe Dreamweaver team made a patch available with version number 12.0.3 for Perpetual customers on 12/12/2012.

The patch had a side effect where Business Catalyst and BrowserLab panel will stop functioning for some users. If you are a 12.0.2 user, you will not run into such an issue. You can resolve this issue by downloading the zip from here and following the steps below:

Steps to be followed:

  1. Download and unzip the attached folder onto your system.
  2. Open the extracted folder.
  3. Right click on “BLBC_Extension_Update.bat” file that is present, to get context menu.
    1. If you are on Win Vista, Win7 or Win8 platform, choose “Run as administrator” option in the context menu. (**this step is very important as not running the batch script as an administrator, will not allow the script to copy files into system\program files\ folder)
    2. If you are on Win XP, just double click on the batch file to run.
    3. Follow the instructions shown in console and once copy of files is complete, launch Dreamweaver CS6 to check if BrowserLab extension is working or not.

The zip file contains required BL & BC files along with a batch script, that will copy files into corresponding extensions folder on the system. The zip file contains HTML, CSS & JS files and no executables.

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  • Your patch doesn’t work on a Mac OSX LIon
    Can you provide one please.. none of our computer can’t connect to our Business Catalyst

  • Rolfy Hientz says:

    i use DW 12.00 Build 5861 (12.0.3) and and BLBC_Extension_Update.bat have performed according to the instructions. Unfortunately still does not BC. No connection is not possible to create a new BC side. The window disappears immediately after selection on New Business Catalyst website.

  • This patch worked for me. I had to select “Run as Administrator” by right clicking the file. Now hopefully you will be able to fix the broken SFTP/Sync/Put/Get functionality and the corrupted dwsync.xml data. We opened a ticket with DW support but they never got back to us. As a side note, we’ve been instructed not to update to Adobe CC because of fear that bugs will not be addressed in that version either.

  • Do you have a fix for Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2? Thanks!

  • This patch was for an older version of Mac, in case you are facing any issues in Yosemite, I would advise you to contact support :

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