Dreamweaver Creative Cloud update Feb 2013

Adobe’s Web Platform team is excited to announce the availability of the second Creative Cloud update for Dreamweaver.

Improvements to Fluid Grids: Dreamweaver’s Fluid Grid Layouts tool has undergone major improvements. Create responsive websites more efficiently using simplified workflows with support for both classes and IDs and support for additional HTML5 elements.

Bring print-quality typography to the web with Edge Web Fonts: Integration of Edge Web Fonts with Dreamweaver gives you access to a vast web font library made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and foundries around the world. Dreamweaver’s re-designed Font Manager dramatically improves font management in Dreamweaver.

Custom settings retained after upgrade: Custom settings such as Favorites, Extensions enable/disable state, custom menu items are retained after you upgrade to this release.

Expanded table view is back! We heard your requests for getting back Expanded Table View, and on popular demand, the feature has been reinstated in this release.

HTML5 support:

  • With increased HTML5 adoption by browsers, the default Doc Type is changed to HTML5.
  • Addition of new form elements and form attributes
  • H1, H2 … H6 and P tags under Structure category in Insert Menu

Critical bug fixes

  • Multiple critical bug fixes and improved error messages when working rebuilding application workflows using PhoneGap.
  • You can now import Edge Animate files with double byte characters in the filename into Dreamweaver. In addition, there are improvements to the Properties Inspector.
  • Resolved issues related to the Files panel.

For more details on this release, please read the Release Notes and What’s New document.

We want to thank all our customers – in particular those who reported issues/crashes and helped us resolve them.

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  • Adobe Cloud Member Windows7 Dreamweaver CS6 Version 12.2 Build 6006

    I just did an update to Version 12.2 and the menu item “View > Table Mode” is not available.

    It seems the only way to view is by right-clicking “Table > Expanded Tables Mode”

    Is the Alt+F6 shortcut going to be brought back as well?

    • Jerrold,

      You are right. The only way to get to the Expanded table mode is through the contextual menu. There is no plan as of now for the shortcut, as far as I know.

  • One of the main reason I downgraded back to 12 (not 12.1) was (besides different bugs) the fact that form elements weren’t working well: we no longer had the accessibility panel opening and allowing to add the label tag… Really annoying to have to insert the form element and label in two different steps…

    Has this been corrected in 12.2?

  • Dreamweaver continues to be the standard.

  • Rembrandt diaz says:

    When adding webfonts the script is not being inserted on the code. Therefore useless.

    • Janaki Lakshmikanthan says:

      Hi Rembrandt,
      Please explain how you were inserting the Edge Font in to the html document?
      You can use the menu “Clean up Web Fonts Script Tag (Current Page)” under Commands menu on a html file to fix the Script tag of a that document.

      (DW Team)

  • Mac Version:
    Expanded Table View is NOT readily accessible without first selecting a table somewhere in a layout (if a layout even has one) and Option-Clicking, then selecting it via an additional drop menu. This is an unbelievably frustrating workaround. Did Adobe programmers pat themselves on the back and proclaimed this feature, “fixed”? Because it’s not.

    Please restore the Expanded Table View feature to its original accessibility and functionality, including the original key-command to toggle the feature.

  • james oeming says:

    i agree — please reinstate the simple Alt+F6 shortcut for expanded tables mode.

    Here’s some market feedback for the Adobe programmers and strategists.

    I am often given many-years-old websites to amend or upgrade. These ancient websites are often a mish-mash of work from various past web developers, incorporating lots of tables

    Often, to help me get an initial handle on the mish-mash, I use expanded tables mode as i pick apart the “wreckage.”

    To take away that simple Alt+F6 shortcut is like making a mechanic have to go to a drawer every time he/she needs a screwdriver. It DEFINITELY impedes workflow!

    I am thinking the rationale for eliminating/downplaying the Expanded Table mode has been that the Dreamweaver developers want to stay cutting edge and current….? Just guessing here.

    However, many of those making a living with Dreamweaver are like car mechanics who do not necessarily work only on late model cars, but also have to tear apart and modify old clunkers, and need that Alt+F6 shortcut.

    Also, there is nothing old-fashioned whatsoever about using tables for e-mail flyers

    Please restore the Alt+F6 shortcut so I can work with old websites more quickly and so I can make e-mail flyers more efficiently. As mentioned already, removing the Alt+F6 shortcut is like removing a tool from a working tradesman’s toolbox.

    Thanks for all of you great work in making Dreamweaver the Rolls-Royce of website development tools.

  • expanded tables questioner says:

    I am not seeing how to get newly-reinstated expanded table mode to work.

    I’m using Windows 7. I downloaded 12.2 DW from Creative Cloud:

    I have read the instructions posted earlier in this thread…. but can’t seem to make the instruction work… here are those instructions…

    “It seems the only way to view is by right-clicking “Table > Expanded Tables Mode”

    How do I do that? I don’t get it.

    Any help very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • Evelyn Dillard says:

    Ok…I used to be able to view my pages in live view in dreamweaverCS6…but recently I’ve been getting this message when trying to open a file…I figured this has something to do with it.

    “While executing OnLoad in Overlay_CssGrids_LayoutDivManipulator_onOpen.htm, the following Javascript errors occured:

    In file “Overlay_CssGrids_LayoutDivManipulator_onOpen”:
    onOpen is not defined

    Can someone Please help me?!

    • Iron Cove says:

      I also am having the same error of “OnLoad in Overlay_CssGrids_LayoutDivManipulator_onOpen.htm” anyone have an answer to this problem?

  • In CS6 I am trying to use the Fluid Grid Layout and my version does not have an Insert Fluid Grid tab – my Insert menu is Layout – Standard only and does not have the Expanded version and the Insert Fluid Grid Tab that I need to create columns.
    I have Div and Draw Absolute Position Div only for the top Div tags. I have others as well but no Fluid Grid Tab as seen in the instructional video by Greg Rewis.
    How can I get the expanded Insert mode and does it add the Fluid Grid Tab?

  • David Hymans says:

    CC DW CS6 latest update on win7

    Fluid Grid Layouts:

    When I start a new fluid grid layout page there is a container div inserted by default which has resize handles. But when I insert another div into that container I do not see any resize handles and there is no way that I can visually manipulate the new div.

    Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it?

    Thanks, David

  • What we’re seeing is Adobe making errors in the builds – losing pre existing code bases, creating new bugs and calling them “features”. No one in their right mind makes radical changes to the user interface in a TINY point release. In a half step like a .5 maybe.

    What Adobe will never admit is they’ve drastically cut their work force, and moved chunks of development over seas where they can pay programmers a fraction of what was being paid in the US.

  • Hi,
    Does anyone know if / when these features in 12.2 will be coming to those of us not on CCM ? (currently 12.0)
    Though by the sound of it, you lot are the bug testers ! good luck.

  • Chi Chan says:

    All I want from Dreamweaver CS6 is “Expanded Tables mode short cut”
    Adobe software developer needs better researching of people’s needs.

  • Dreamweawer cs 6
    Eror in open documents:
    onLoad in Overlay_CccGrids_LayoutDivManipulator_onOpen.htm

    : dom.setFluidGriDog is not a Fanction

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