5 Myths about Adobe Creative Cloud

Because of the recent changes to the Creative Cloud policy, I am redirecting this page to the official Adobe post


This will help keep the post current and in sync with the latest announcements at Adobe. If you have visited this post in the week later to March 06, please read the updated blog post from Terry White. Apologize for any confusion.

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  • These are all good but no. 2 seems to be the most frequent… or possibly no. 1, it’s close. But there are even more, I just saw another page with some additional myths:


  • well the myths are talked about with people with lack of knowledge of the cloud but Adobe have done a stupendous job so far…

    however one of the myths that we have come across is that when you sign up it uses the computer’s physical IP address, so when buying a custom built PC they think they require the same IP address….

    • Joe Bigliogo says:

      Labelling an objection a “myth” is a dialectic ploy to suppress any and all criticism of Adobe products. Many many objections are based on misunderstanding other objections ARE valid if you examine the needs and preferences of the particular user. The mythology is more often found in weak and desperate defences of unreasonable marketing policies and cost increases often cleverly disguised by marketing shills. Microsoft was notorious for this kind of behaviour and now it seems the inflexible “you must conform to us” mentality is pervading the whole software industry.

  • There is a spelling error in the text.

    “the software on yoru computer. ”
    needs to be
    “the software on your computer. “

  • Preran Kumar says:

    Thank you Marthyn. I have updated the post.

  • #2 is more than just a myth. I just returned from a week in the desert, where there is no connectivity whatsoever. With the exception of Lightroom, my Adobe creative cloud apps were all bricked, even though I know for certain I had run two of them, Photoshop and Premiere, in the week prior to my trip. Really impressed my friends – I am sure they will rush to sign up for creative cloud.

    This is a troublesome enough system that there should be an easy way to verify that a notebook computer is OK to be disconnected for the next x days. And there should be a single mechanism (maybe the adobe application manager) that can be used to ensure that every app will actually be functional, so it isnt necessary to go spelunking about in every app.

  • How about.
    1. I upgraded to CS6 from cs 5.5 and it cost me a ONE TIME FEE of: $375
    2. If I would have chosen the creative cloud instead it would have cost me per year every year: $599.88

    • Jupiterkansas says:

      For the most part this looks like “nothing will change except you’ll pay more, and you’ll keep paying forever.” So far the only “cloud” part of this I see is the part where they ding your bank account.

    • Rob…couldn’t agree more. I think the cloud offers some great tools moving forward, but to ask us to pay every month is ridiculous. I’m with you man: I’ll be using my CS6 till the cows come home.

  • denverdave says:

    Done with Photoshop. Done with Adobe. See ya.

  • wendy McDougall says:

    I’m confused about the part where you have to sign in and verify every month. What happens if you dont remember to do this? Does your software disappear? Do you have to pay again to get it back? Is there a preference that will do this manually? There are so many things in this life to do than have to do a chore like that every month. This is the most futile aspect of this new software. But please convince me that everything is ok and I’ll go along with it. AND its not dearer that buying an upgrade.. I’m all ears..

    • I used to use an FTP program that worked a similar way as this new Adobe initiative (I hate this, Adobe, FYI. I am not “overwhelmingly supportive” of this and it will definitely hurt the small company I work for – we are looking into alternatives). Basically, the software runs on your machine, but if you don’t renew your monthly licence the software stops working until you’re paid up again. In the FTP program I used based on the same premise, it would pop up a nag window when you launched the program to remind you when it was time to renew. When the licence expired, the pop-up said I could no longer launch the program until I logged in and renewed the licence.

      The program and all your files were still on your local hard-drive, you just needed to reactivate the licence “key” to run it again.

  • One word… GIMP! Free, open source, and capable of doing almost anything Photoshop can do (and some things it can’t). Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve since the shortcuts aren’t the same, but if you don’t wan’t to spend $20/month forever, it’s a great solution.

  • What if the IT department does change a setting in the GW/FW and we cannot reach the validator for some time? Will we be warned something is wrong?

  • Bret Perry says:

    “You can continue using your current version of the product for one full year after the subsequent version is released.” –

    What? That is very different than what the CEO said on Bloomberg Tuesday … he said you could download ANY older version of the software if needed. Opening an old file in that latest CS/CC does NOT always work. I have a 32-page doc that will not move from CS5 to CS6 at all, crashes CS6 every time I try to save or idml. FIne in CS5.
    MOST CORPORATE CUSTOMERS and their freelancers ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE CLOUDS. So much for Cloud Services.
    The internet is great, DEPENDING on it is stupid. It is not that far-fetched that the whole internet could go down for several months due to war, sunspots, or even a massive virus.

    • Preran Kumar says:

      Hi Bret,

      There were some policy changes to announcements on May 06, 2013. I have linked the article to the blog by Terry White which is current. Sorry for any confusion.


      • The “for one full year” limitation was present in Adobe’s original 2012 FAQ but was never true…

        The text has finally been fixed in Adobe’s current Creative Cloud FAQ. Simply put, there was/is no “one year” restriction on using prior versions.

        CC members control when/if they update or upgrade to new product releases, and will be able to continue running their current version (or any major version archived and available through the Cloud) indefinitely, so long as membership remains current. New versions and old versions will also be able to run side-by-side if desired.

        Hope this helps.

  • Joe Bigliogo says:

    Wow, some rampant Adobe fanboyism going on here. Anything that company does is never wrong in the eyes of the indoctrinated. I just uninstalled Adobe Creative cloud after struggling with the convoluted procedure that has you manually locating hidden files to dispose of them. There is simply no excuse for this. Any how… I can’t believe how much faster my iMac operates.

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