The 2014 Release Of Dreamweaver CC Brings New Live View Features And Big Productivity Improvements

Today we’re excited to announce the 2014 release of Dreamweaver CC! This latest version will improve your productivity and streamline your web design process, making it quicker for you to build and edit your web and mobile projects.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Download Dreamweaver CC now.

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

New Live View editing

This update adds new editing features within Live View, which was upgraded to use a brand new rendering engine last August. You can now visually edit your page and preview changes without switching between display modes and constantly refreshing.

Need to change an image? Click on it and swap it out. Need to edit text? Change it without having to scrub through your markup. With Element Display, you have quick access to CSS selectors, tag information, image editing properties and text editing and formatting, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time with development tools to decipher how and where CSS properties are applied. Now, you can click on HTML elements inside of Live View and immediately see the element tag, applied CSS selectors, so you can quickly add or delete selectors found in your stylesheets. You now also have access to the CSS Designer, Insert Panel, Properties Inspector and other panels to quickly build and edit your page within Live View. Learn more about how to use Live View features here.

Element Quick View

Navigating HTML markup can be tedious since all your tags get lost between the content that fills your page. With the Element Quick View you get access to a display list of all the elements within your DOM (kind of like an elements panel for HTML) without having to sift through the noise of additional markup. Inside of this view you can view applied CSS selectors and rearrange, duplicate or delete elements. Your selection is also highlighted in both Code and Live views to see where the element lives on your page. Learn more about how to use the Element Quick View here.


Copy/Paste CSS

Copy > paste > edit is an old and cumbersome method of writing CSS that’s error prone. Now in the CSS Designer you can right click on a selector to copy all of the applied styles and paste them onto a new selector. You can filter what you copy by layout, text, border, background or animation styles and even navigate to live websites within Dreamweaver and grab styles from there. It’s the little things that add up.

There’s more you’ll find in this release, including new video tutorials to help you get started, site management certificate support and other improvements and bug fixes. See a full list of what’s new here.

Dreamweaver CC Video In-App Gallery

Grab the latest version Dreamweaver CC and see for yourself how these features work and can improve your productivity. This release was made possible by feedback from users like you – you can now provide your feedback directly within Dreamweaver CC(Help>Submit Bug/Feature Request) or through our community forums. Thank you for your continued support and help.


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  • Is there anything new for developers? Or is the current update mostly features for designers.

    • Tareq Aljaber says:

      Dreamweaver CC has new and improved code view, which incorporates highlighting for line numbers and matching tag. New CSS selector code hinting includes preference support for color customization. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback and comments directly within Dreamweaver CC (Help>Submit Bug/Feature Request).

  • Hello!

    Is Expanded Tables Mode still intact? It’s very much still in use by a lot of email developers. Was removed a few versions back, then put back in. Fingers crossed it’s still there!

    • Yes, Expanded Tables Mode is available in Dreamweaver CC 2014. You can access it in Context menu from a Table.

  • Julien Goy says:

    I won’t yell “Hourrah” before being sure of the total stability of this new version. Previous DW CC version was very annoying (new CSS panel was confusing, linking to css files within a template protected region was a mess, the CSS Transitions panel was simply awful). And of course any version of DW CC without server behaviours is simply not accurate for my day-to-day work.

    • Tareq Aljaber says:

      Thanks Julien, for the feedback! Please keep them coming. I encourage you to try the latest release of Dreamweaver CC and let’s us know what you think. You now can provide your feedback directly within Dreamweaver CC.

  • is there any update to the PHP code prompt and updates that came with the lang? say for php 5.5?

  • Erwin Liemburg says:

    Is git going to be supported in the bear future? Still missing that feature.

  • Steveorevo says:

    But if theme designers want Live View to work with WordPress, you gotta use


  • I’ve now downloaded all the adobe CC programs I had before but are the new 2014 versions.. does this mean I can now delete all the previous versions?

    • Tareq Aljaber says:

      Yes. You can always go back and download the latest version of Creative Cloud apps.

    • Jerry Nordstrom says:

      Darren – Just be careful about when and where you install your apps. Although CC has Cloud in its name, it is not truly a cloud app, its a local app with some features in the cloud, that is strictly limited to two computers only. So make your choice wisely…. If you have a PC at home, PC at work and a laptop for travel, Adobe says you must cough up for another license… have a Tablet too? Pull out the wallet. In my view I should be able to use the apps I paid for on any device I wish, but limited to one concurrent user. But then again, why should a customer have anything to say in the matter.

  • Hi, I recently downloaded the trial version of dreamweaver cc 2014, and while working with forms in html i came across a problem while inserting the input element date tag, when i input date element the inline elements turn to block with no change in code, and instead of inline they list down, please find the way to solve the promblem,

    • Hi Md.Fatah

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Can you please elaborate the issue you are talking about, with steps to recreate. so that we can recreate the issue internally and address it.

      Thanks in advance
      Adobe Dreamweaver Team

  • Nathaniel says:

    I’m really happy to see Adobe focusing on Dreamweaver. I actually am really happy to see you guys are supporting SASS as well! Many thanks for that. If only you guys didn’t turn your back on Fireworks. I’ve tried Sketch, Omnigraffe, etc. etc. and I just found Fireworks to be the best of them all.

  • Rasco Jet says:

    I’ve been missing by sticking to CS4. Hoping to join CC soon. Kudos to the Adobe Dreamweaver Team!

  • Migrated to Coda 2 a couple of years ago which in my view needs updating. Happy to try out the new 2014 as it comes with my CC subscription.

  • Adobe just shaping the software for their graphic designer community now – web developers and experienced web desiners have been ignored pretty much since they got hold of Dreamweaver and by the way the CSS Designer Panel is simply awful!!

  • Jerry Nordstrom says:

    I would have to agree with Paul. Have been a loyal Adobe user for 15 years and a Dreamweaver user since MM 1.0.
    Unfortunately, it seems to be true, Adobe has decided to transition Dreamweaver into a designer’s tool, narrowing their focus as an advanced CSS editor and dropping all features for true Website developers. IE: They have removed all database functionality with the exception of a temporary workaround to lessen the cries of outrage by their previously loyal developer community. So if you’re a designer you’ll likely be happy to continue on with Adobe, if you’re a web developer then you should be seeking alternative web dev tools.

  • How were these video tutorials created? They look great!

  • Hi,

    I read something about phpstorm and it’s having 2 big very good options:
    1) big search – search in all project
    2) function click to definition – when click with mouse wheel on a function name, user is redirected to the function’s declaration location, wherever in the project

    Does Dreamweaver has this features?


  • How do I select multiple table cells to merge them? It was very easy in previous versions. I also am now unable to insert table rows.

  • It has not increased my productivity. I have wasted a long time trying to figure out everything I knew before and still cannot get h space and v spaces around images. It is not user friendly for people without technical skills.

  • I’ve been trying out the new version. One time saver in design view was the ability to double click an image and get the file prompt to select and replace an image. For me it makes updating an html file super quick if say I need to change a version image or I’m modifying a templated html file. In the live view there doesn’t seem to be anything like that. It seems I either have to click several times to get to the prompt or use the properties panel. I’m wondering if there is a shortcut or some key command to get to the prompt to come up once I’ve selected an image.

  • wasswa dennis says:

    thanks very much but how can i do the payements.let me know on the procedures for downloading and how do i use it make a perfect site.pliz get me the guides.does it work on windows o.s

  • I`m used to use an old version of Dreamweaver so it`s pretty confused to use a new version. I feel like that I`m learning a new programing..
    I read a pdf file for 2014 Dreamweaver but I can`t still find where is the panel that I used to use such as “Channel, Navigator, Layer”.
    I`m trying to make a simple prototype for my App as an one page but I don`t know where is the Channel and Layer panels that I used to use it.
    Please let me know ..
    I`m sooooo annoying..

  • hi
    thanks for good site

  • Late to the party but previous versions had inserting roll over images and the new DW has deleted it. Makes life difficult for an amateur web designer… any help would be appreciated.

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