New Update: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015.2

We released an update today! Dreamweaver CC 2015.2 packs several enhancements to key creative workflows.

  • Enhancements to DOM Panel: With new functionalities in DOM panel, you can layout much of your website using just the DOM Panel.
    • Manipulate multiple elements simultaneously using the DOM panel. You can now select, copy, paste, move, wrap and delete a group of elements.
    • Edit tags, classes, and IDs, with support for code hints as you begin typing class name.
    • Insert elements to your web page using DOM panel.

DOM Panel


  • REMs and EMs: When adding a visual media query in Live View, you can choose relative measuring units such as REMs and EMs.


For a complete list of all new features and enhancements, see New Features Summary. To get this Dreamweaver CC update, just open the Creative Cloud desktop app and click “Update” next to Dreamweaver CC (2015).

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  • Jeff Davies says:

    No update showing here (UK)

  • This is great and all but when is the GIT integration going to happen with versioning!? You’re already integrating SVN and there is a unofficial Git extension called “Gitweaver”. Why not just buy him out and integrate that?

  • Does Dreamweaver still plan on integrating Brackets into the code editor? haven’t seen an update about it since it was announced.

  • After performing this update on a windows 10 machine dreamweaver cannot startup any more (error ‘dreamweaver stopped working’ on load).
    I already deleted the cache file – deleted the configuration folder – shift+ctrl+win & double click (reset) – reinstalled the whole CC suite – run program as administrator … nothing can bring dreamweaver back to life.

  • Martin Jr Powlette says:

    What about the modernisation effort for Dreamweaver for 2016? We haven’t heard anything about that since.

  • Is Dreamweaver still planning on integrating Brackets into the code editor? haven’t heard any updates since the announcement.

  • Dan Vaughan says:

    The Creative Cloud app on my Mac says that my Dw 2015 is up to date, but it is 2015.1.
    I have successfully updated to 2015.2 on my Windows laptop.

  • Victor Meza says:

    Once I updated to 2015.2 Build 7884 my DOM Panel keeps flashing every time an object is selected. Is not a big deal but after watching it flash constantly it has becoming kind of annoying

  • Dan Vaughan says:

    Where is 2015.2 app stored in Finder?

  • Scott Anderson says:

    A former DW user here, just peeking in for updates. I’ve been wondering where Dreamweaver is going from here. Is it going to be just like Fireworks (basically announced that Photoshop would basically take over most of its role), or can we count on its future? If not, would Bracket be the future? What’s the vision here?

    I’ve been using Sublime Text but I do miss some convenient DW features from time to time.

  • judy levine says:

    i cannot install dw. i get error at 42%.

  • joshua Neal says:

    I work with 3 monitors I would love to have the option to have a live view on a separate monitor and full-screen code on another. Is this ever going to be an option in Dreamweaver?

    • Lindsay Munro says:

      We are seriously thinking about this kind of support! It’s on the team’s radar for next Dreamweaver versions.

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