November 30, 2015 /

Update available: Introducing CreativeSync in Dreamweaver CC

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Web Design
November 25, 2015 /

The Versatile Designer

I’ve worked at many different companies as a sole designer and with many different types of designers. Five years ago, the trend was to have specialization in design; visual designers, user experience designers, user interface designers, information architects and product designers.

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Web Design
November 24, 2015 /

Designing User Experiences for the 10-Foot UI

In 2010, 25% of TVs sold were connected to the Internet. Now, 3 out of 5 households with a broadband connection have their TV connected to the Internet for content viewing and social interaction.

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Dreamweaver Interface
November 19, 2015 /

Integrating jQuery UI components in Live view

The promise of jQuery—a fast, flexible JavaScript framework—is beautifully realized through jQuery UI, a series of consistent, themeable, highly-interactive page widgets, complete with interactions and effects.

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Web Design
November 17, 2015 /

How to Create Newsletter Designs That Convert

Interestingly, email became a marketing tool very early on in its lifespan (it was somewhere around 1976), and it’s been a never-ending task for designers and marketers to make commercial email appealing ever since.

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November 10, 2015 /

Introduction to Canvas

This article is an introduction to the HTML5 canvas element. Here we will cover the basics of how to create the element, draw, and animate on it, as well as discuss a bit about when and how we can use it.

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