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A Second Look at Dreamweaver

Now that Dreamweaver’s in it’s 9th incarnation, I was reflecting during the CS3 launch on how far it’s come since version 1.0. But despite the progress, it seems that some people’s perception of Dreamweaver may still be stuck back in those 1.0 days- particularly as it relates to Dreamweaver as a ‘serious’ development tool. With Ajax representing a new resurgence in Javascript development (and providing a neat new buzzword to replace the hated ‘DHTML’ curse), there’s a lot more technical folks working in the HTML/CSS space writing Javascript these days.
This week the subject came up again- Dion Almaer of Ajaxian posted an article titled “Dreamweaver for Ajax… should we take it serious again?” Dion was prompted to post after his surprise at Ajax development shop Nitobi releasing extensions for Dreamweaver, including a poll to see how many of Ajaxian’s readers were using Dreamweaver for Ajax development . And I have to admit- I ended up a bit surprised too. 22 percent of the respondents (at the time of this writing) used Dreamweaver as their primary development tool. This came in third behind Eclipse-based editors (24%) and bare-bones text editors like TextMate, BBEdit and TextPad (41%). For a highly technical crowd, that’s a pretty darn good showing.
The comments that accompanied the Ajaxian article and poll were equally interesting. Whereas there were the expected zealots bashing ‘WYSIWYG editors’ in general and Dreamweaver in particular, there was also an equally strong showing of people ‘coming out of the closet’, so to speak- and using Dreamweaver in a variety of points in their workflow Which personally, I find answers Dion’s question rather definitively. If you’ve dismissed Dreamweaver in the past due to it’s prior shortcomings (or for the percieved street cred of a stripped down text editor), it’s definitely time to take a second look.
You might also be pleasantly surprised.