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Publish, Monetize, Promote and Track using the new Adobe Exchange and Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Exchange panel in Dreamweaver CC and Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Exchange panel in Dreamweaver CC and Dreamweaver CS6

We’re very happy to announce that we will be integrating Adobe Exchange into Dreamweaver CC. The new Adobe Exchange is a commercial marketplace for Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud applications enabling distribution of resources and software that enriches a member’s experience and enhances their favorite tools.

You might be asking yourself, why should I be excited about the new Adobe Exchange integration with Dreamweaver CC? Adobe Exchange provides a number of tools and services that let producers/developers share their products publicly or privately, as well as sell, promote and measure them (we provide tracking and analytics).  Here are a few benefits of building products for the new Adobe Exchange:

  • Get your products in front of Dreamweaver users from within Dreamweaver CC
  • Easily sell your products
  • Products shown on the Creative Cloud website (coming soon)
  • No exclusivity required – You can still distribute your products on other sites including your own website, we just ask that you do not link directly to any store or checkout Web pages
  • Provide a great install and update experience for users
  • Get metrics on your product to chart its success

The Adobe Exchange Panel can be found under Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange and will let you search, discover, install and update new content and capabilities for various Adobe products, like Dreamweaver.

In the previous version of Adobe Exchange – Adobe Exchange Classic – developers were able to publish different extensions, but were not able to easily promote, monetize and track in one place. Below is a comparison of Photoshop Marketplace, Adobe Exchange Classic and the new Adobe Exchange:

Adobe Exchange Capabilities

Adobe Exchange Capabilities

Adobe Exchange also introduces the Adobe Exchange Packager that let you package your content into a single ZXP file and create certificates without writing any code as well as developer tools like Extension Builder to create your own panels and other content. To get started just follow the steps in this one page PDF and sign up for an account with an Adobe ID here:

At the recent MAX conference in Los Angeles the Adobe Exchange team provided an overview and demos of Exchange, the tools available as well as a sneak peek at the future. The session is now on Adobe TV:

Please check out our FAQ page for more information:

Click here to learn how to download and install extensions.

We look forward to seeing all the great new extensions you are going to build and excited about the opportunity that the new Adobe Exchange is going to bring for all of you.

It’s Not Your Father’s Dreamweaver – It’s The New Modernized Dreamweaver

We are pleased to announce that Dreamweaver CC will be available to our customers to download very soon. With many new features and enhancements, the new Dreamweaver CC is modernized, lighter, smoother and easier to use than ever. Dreamweaver CC is THE all-in-one visual tool for building and creating mobile and web content.

The new CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC provides a visual interface to let you quickly and intuitively work with CSS properties such as gradients, box shadows; CSS Designer helps you get your work done quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Dreamweaver CC comes with a streamlined workspace; a modernized UI and smoother workflows help you work more efficiently and intuitively. We have been focusing all of our energy and resources on making sure Dreamweaver supports the latest and greatest web and mobile technologies such as HTML5 and HTML5 forms, jQuery mobile support, CSS3, SASS / Less and more.

Constructing and building responsive layouts can be challenging for web designers, and requires learning new skills, but Dreamweaver CC is here to help. By using the enhanced Fluid Grid Layout feature in Dreamweaver CC, users can visually design & lay out their websites to display nicely on different screen sizes for desktop and devices.

Dreamweaver CC brings typography to the party and gives you access to the vast and ever-growing Adobe Edge Web Fonts library. You can use any of Adobe Edge fonts in a few clicks.

Building native mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phones never been easier with the tight integration between Dreamweaver CC and PhoneGap Build. You can now publish and package your web content as native mobile apps in moments.

Dreamweaver CC, as part of Creative Cloud, boasts tight integration with many CC services and tools, and you can now easily sync your website settings and preferences from anywhere. Anything you need, whenever you need it, is at your fingertips with Adobe Creative Cloud. Watch our video to learn more about what’s new In Dreamweaver CC


Make sure you sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud. We look forward to seeing all the exciting work and experiences you will build with Dreamweaver CC. Buckle up and enjoy the ride on Adobe Creative Cloud.

An Early View Into the Next Generation Of Dreamweaver

Over the past 12 months we have been hard at work on the next version of Dreamweaver and today we’re excited to give you a first look. One particular feature we want to share is the new CSS Designer. The CSS Designer provides a visual interface that lets you quickly and intuitively work with CSS properties such as gradients, box shadows, and more. It also gives you the ability to visually create and apply different media queries for web content to be presented in different screen sizes.

CSS Designer Tools

CSS Designer Tools

Check out this video from our product manager Alejandro Gutierrez to see it in action:

As we have added new features, we have also begun reviewing the features that were integrated during the 15 years since Dreamweaver was released. What we found was that some of the features support web technologies that are no longer relevant for most Dreamweaver customers. We have decided to focus on modernizing Dreamweaver and streamlining the user interface by removing these older features. We have removed the Bindings, Server Behaviors, Components, and Databases panel, as well as Spry, Browser Compatibility Check, and a few others. Some of these items will be available as extensions for customers who still rely on these features. As we move forward we will continue to focus Dreamweaver on modern web standards and technologies including HTML5, jQuery, and more.

Make sure you check out Adobe MAX, where you can learn more about what’s coming next for Dreamweaver and for the rest of Adobe’s creative tools.