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Let us know what you think about Sync!

Hi there,

If you’re using Dreamweaver CC, perhaps you’ve also been using Sync Settings to keep your site settings, keyboard shortcuts,and other preferences in check across your machines (ooh and across OSs too- boom!).

We’re obviously pretty excited about it – but we want to hear from you – have you been using Sync? If so, how’s it working out and what (if any) issues have you encountered?

Please click here to take a brief survey to share your thoughts on Sync Settings.

Thanks a ton! Cheers.

- Dreamweaver team

How To Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver

In this tutorial learn how to set up a WordPress site locally for editing in Dreamweaver. Learn how to install a local server (MAMP) set up a database, import your own content and then set up Dreamweaver to test the WordPress site locally.

Links you’ll need:

Example site:

Tip: In Dreamweaver, turn off Display External Files for faster performance.

Additional tutorials will dive more into theming and customizing a WordPress site in Dreamweaver.

Live Today: Dreamweaver CCM Update #2

We’re happy to announce an update to Adobe Dreamweaver CC. This update focuses on stability enhancements and bug fixes. In addition, it includes improvements to code-view performance and some user experience enhancements. Download Dreamweaver CC here.

We encourage you to download the latest release of Dreamweaver CC and provide your feedback and comments. We’ve also just launched a customer feedback survey. The survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete. Click here to take the survey to provide your comments. Follow us on Twitter (@dreamweaver) and Like us on ( to stay up-to-date on forthcoming releases and new features.

Responsive Web Design With Heart

MIGHTYminnow’s pro-bono client Rocket Dog Rescue is in a better position than ever to connect pet lovers with animals needing homes. After first designing the non-profit’s website in 2006, MIGHTYminnow founder Kristin Long and her associate Mickey Kay used Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Dreamweaver CC to turn the organization’s existing WordPress site into a dynamic, fully responsive website.   Many features in Dreamweaver CC, including Code View and Live View, the visual editing capabilities of CSS Designer, and the Viewport selector to work collaboratively, save time, and make the overall process of responsive development more efficient and adaptable. To test how the new site performed on different devices, Long used Adobe Edge Inspect CC to navigate the site design in Chrome on her desktop and see the work appear on a range of connected phones and tablets in the studio’s device lab as the devices follow along loading every page she loads in Chrome. Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 9.01.01 AM The Rocket Dog Rescue website now successfully supports the organization’s goals of providing comprehensive information for people looking to adopt a pet or just looking to get more information on the organization from any device. For MIGHTYminnow, the site is an example of the efficacy of working with the tools in Creative Cloud to cost-effectively tackle responsive web design. “With responsive design adding complexities and potential costs to the development process, tools in Adobe Creative Cloud support us in utilizing new technologies in an affordable way and empower us to implement new ideas with great efficiency,” says Long.

Read more about the Rocket Dog Rescue project here.


Dreamweaver In Action: Ten Fathoms Redesigns Yorkshire Crab Website Using Dreamweaver CC

We love discovering our customer’s use of Dreamweaver to create innovative sites and mobile apps in our Dreamweaver In Action series.

One of our favorite things to do is highlight the great work Adobe customers produce with our tools. Today, we get to show off a website redesign completed by Ten Fathoms for Yorkshire Crab, a sustainable seafood company. The client wanted a site that would appeal to higher end clients, reinforce the company’s sustainability messaging, and use high-end imagery to show off products. Paul Middleditch, founder of Ten Fathoms, used Dreamweaver CC to construct the main framework for the content-managed site and even created an image banner for the site using Adobe Edge Animate CC.

Dreamweaver In Action: Ten Fathoms redesigns Yorkshire Crab website using Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver In Action: Ten Fathoms redesigns Yorkshire Crab website using Dreamweaver CC

Like many web professionals, Paul describes himself as being midway between graphic designer and web developer. For that reason, he loves Live View and Code View because he can keep an eye on how a site looks, even as he’s coding. He was also able to eliminate the tedious toggling back and forth to a browser to test changes by entering values in CSS Designer and seeing the immediate effects within Dreamweaver CC.
In addition to working with his favorite web design and development tool, Creative Cloud also lets Paul experiment with other tools, including Adobe Muse CC, Edge Reflow CC, Lightroom, and even Adobe Premiere Pro CC! He says, “Having access to all of the Adobe creative tools through Adobe Creative Cloud opens up more avenues to create.”

Read more about the Yorkshire Crab project here

Do you have a great story to tell? Tell it to millions of Adobe customers. Send us your website or work you’ve created with Dreamweaver CC and be part of the story. You can share your story by sending us a message on Facebook ( or tweet it with the (#DreamweaverInAction) hash tag.

7 Useful Adobe Dreamweaver Webinars

Dreamweaver-ers! Earlier this year we launched a webinar series to provide an overview of the core Dreamweaver CC features, as well as featuring key extensions and our ongoing modernization efforts.

We have found these webinars to be a good communication channel between the team and the community to communicate feature enhancements, issues, future plans, etc. Please review the table below and check out anything that strikes your interest!


Webinar Title Recording Link
What’s New In Dreamweaver CC
CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC
Faster Theming of Dynamic, CMS based Sites in Dreamweaver CC
Building Mobile Apps Using Dreamweaver CC
Building Responsive Design in Dreamweaver CC
Dreamweaver Extensions: Fluid Grid Layout & Bootstrap Extension
Dreamweaver CC Update


We hope you enjoy these sessions and find them useful. Sign up for a Creative Cloud membership and gain access to rich learning content and tutorials for all Adobe products – including Dreamweaver CC.


Tareq Aljaber
Product Marketing Manager



Dreamweaver CC Gets New Live Highlight, Modernized Live View, Enhanced CSS Designer, and More.

A few months ago we announced the release of Dreamweaver CC, with several exciting new features (CSS Designer, Creative Cloud Sync, and more). Today, we are happy to announce the release of our first CC update, with some new features, user experience improvements, and bug fixes.

Note from the editor: You may have noticed the small gap in time between the main Creative Cloud release and this update. A shorter development cycle is one of the benefits you receive when you become part of creative cloud. 

Do you find yourself leaving Dreamweaver CC to test your content in the browser to make sure it’s accurate and looks good? With the new Modernized Live View in Dreamweaver CC we have integrated a brand new rendering engine, which displays web content with the same performance and HTML5 technology support available in Google Chrome™. Now you can spend more time in Dreamweaver CC and less time switching in and out of the browser to test your content.

Rendering Engine

Brand new rendering engine, which displays web content with the same performance and HTML5 technology support available in Google Chrome™.

The new Live Highlight feature enables you to visualize the relationships between the HTML elements in Live View and applied CSS selectors. Inspect and highlight elements in Live View in real time while you interact with the CSS Designer. Simply hover and click Selectors in the CSS Designer to see Live Highlight in action.

Live Highlight

Inspect and highlight elements in Live View in real time while you interact with the CSS Designer.

After carefully customizing workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, site settings, and preferences on one workstation, it can be tedious to do the same from scratch on a second workstation. With Creative Cloud and Sync Settings in Dreamweaver CC, you can now sync your workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, etc. in seconds with the click of a button.


Sync Settings

Customize your workflow once, and take it with you wherever you go – all through the Creative Cloud.

The new CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC was released early June and we are continuing to listen to your feedback and improve the feature based on that. We’ve introduced a number of usability enhancements and a new color picker to improve productivity by speeding up visual CSS editing workflows.

In addition, we have improved our Code View by adding line number highlighting and highlighting of matching tags, as well as CSS selector code hints including Preferences support for color customization. We’ve also added support for PHP 5.4 to enable you to develop dynamic pages with ease and confidence, and updated our jQuery Mobile library to version 1.8.3.

We hope that you are as excited about these new features in Dreamweaver as we are, and look forward to your feedback on this release and suggestions for future enhancements. Visit to download the new version of Dreamweaver CC.

Tareq Aljaber
Product Marketing Manager

A Look at the Modernized Dreamweaver CC

When the first version of Dreamweaver launched, the web had only begun to emerge as a viable platform, and its capabilities were a fraction of what they are today. Since then, the web platform has changed dramatically, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Designing for an evolving platform means that the tools one uses must also evolve. To best serve our customers, we are modernizing Dreamweaver to provide an all-in-one visual tooling environment for creating websites and mobile content. To do so we are streamlining the user interface, introducing new ways to tackle key areas of the web design process, and removing support for technologies that are not widely used by our customers.

Our first task has been to streamline the User Interface, which we have begun by consolidating several workflows (such as font management) and simplifying parts of the application (such as the Document Tool Bar and the Insert Panel). In addition, we have begun to identify and remove parts of the application that are redundant. We have already removed 10 panels, 14 dialog boxes, and 62 menu items. A simpler UI means fewer steps to accomplish your tasks, and fewer interruptions to your workflow.

The modernization efforts also include the introduction of the new CSS Designer panel in Dreamweaver CC. In future updates to Dreamweaver we intend to improve the HTML & CSS preview/inspect/edit workflow, streamline file and site management, enhance our support for responsive web design, as well as continue to focus on improving performance and responding to customer feedback. Dreamweaver will also continue to receive regular updates that expose the evolving capabilities of the web and further integrate tools and services that improve productivity.

As we remove older features from Dreamweaver, we recognize that some customers may still depend on existing workflows/technologies. Therefore, in addition to making Dreamweaver CS6 available through Creative Cloud, we are also providing some alternatives. The table below covers some of the features we have removed, and the list of the extensions or workarounds that will enable affected customers to continue using Dreamweaver CC as part of their existing workflows.

Removed feature / functionality


Additional information

Server Behavior, Bindings and Components Panels and Database feature There is a single extension to restore these features. To install, please follow these steps: 1. Launch Dreamweaver CC
2. Update both Dreamweaver CC and Extension Manager (if the update is available) to the latest versions
3. Go to Windows > Extensions > Adobe Exchange
4. Search for Server Behavior extension
5. Install by clicking Free button
6. Follow the onscreen instruction


ASP, ASPNET, JSP Support There is a single extension to restore these features. Extension is available at:* Vista/Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Configuration\DisabledFeatures* Mac OS X: /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC/Configuration/DisabledFeatures These extensions are in MXP format. To convert them to the correct format, please follow the instructions in this video: install, follow instructions in the video



Spry There is an extension to replace Spry datasets with jQuery datasets. It is available for free on Adobe Exchange. More info here:HTML5 Data BindingsBootstrap Extension  Replacement provided via deep integration with JQuery UI & JQuery effects. You can still download Spry from Adobe GitHub.
ColdFusion Support ColdFusion has a dedicated IDE (ColdFusion Builder) that serves the development needs of the ColdFusion developers & community. Download ColdFusion Builder 2. Note: You can also open ColdFusion documents from within the files panel in Dreamweaver. Please click here for step-by-step instructions.


While Adobe has tested the extensions listed above with Dreamweaver CC, we do not provide support for functionality provided through extensions.

In addition to the extensions we’ve provided, we are particularly excited about two new extensions for Dreamweaver developed by DMXzone. They provide modernized replacements for two Spry workflows featured in previous versions of Dreamweaver. More information is available at:

HTML5 Data Bindings
Bootstrap Extension

We have just begun the modernization process and invite you to voice your opinion. We are committed to taking action on customer feedback and remaining as transparent as possible about our future plans.

Best Regards,

Tareq Aljaber

Product Marketing Manager

Publish, Monetize, Promote and Track using the new Adobe Exchange and Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Exchange panel in Dreamweaver CC and Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe Exchange panel in Dreamweaver CC and Dreamweaver CS6

We’re very happy to announce that we will be integrating Adobe Exchange into Dreamweaver CC. The new Adobe Exchange is a commercial marketplace for Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud applications enabling distribution of resources and software that enriches a member’s experience and enhances their favorite tools.

You might be asking yourself, why should I be excited about the new Adobe Exchange integration with Dreamweaver CC? Adobe Exchange provides a number of tools and services that let producers/developers share their products publicly or privately, as well as sell, promote and measure them (we provide tracking and analytics).  Here are a few benefits of building products for the new Adobe Exchange:

  • Get your products in front of Dreamweaver users from within Dreamweaver CC
  • Easily sell your products
  • Products shown on the Creative Cloud website (coming soon)
  • No exclusivity required – You can still distribute your products on other sites including your own website, we just ask that you do not link directly to any store or checkout Web pages
  • Provide a great install and update experience for users
  • Get metrics on your product to chart its success

The Adobe Exchange Panel can be found under Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange and will let you search, discover, install and update new content and capabilities for various Adobe products, like Dreamweaver.

In the previous version of Adobe Exchange – Adobe Exchange Classic – developers were able to publish different extensions, but were not able to easily promote, monetize and track in one place. Below is a comparison of Photoshop Marketplace, Adobe Exchange Classic and the new Adobe Exchange:

Adobe Exchange Capabilities

Adobe Exchange Capabilities

Adobe Exchange also introduces the Adobe Exchange Packager that let you package your content into a single ZXP file and create certificates without writing any code as well as developer tools like Extension Builder to create your own panels and other content. To get started just follow the steps in this one page PDF and sign up for an account with an Adobe ID here:

At the recent MAX conference in Los Angeles the Adobe Exchange team provided an overview and demos of Exchange, the tools available as well as a sneak peek at the future. The session is now on Adobe TV:

Please check out our FAQ page for more information:

Click here to learn how to download and install extensions.

We look forward to seeing all the great new extensions you are going to build and excited about the opportunity that the new Adobe Exchange is going to bring for all of you.

Welcome back! Happy New Year and by the way… Proto!

Hello Dreamweaver-ers,

Happy New Year to you all! Sincerely hoping your holidays were wonderful and relaxing, and full of friends and family.

As recently announced on the Creative Cloud team blog, Adobe has decided to refocus our touch app development efforts – as part of this we are no longer making Adobe Proto available.

If you already have Proto then you can of course continue using the app – Dreamweaver CS6 (version 12.0.1 and later) includes the ability to open files created with Proto and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you are using Dreamweaver CS5 or CS5.5 then you need the Proto extension for Dreamweaver, which until recently was hosted on Adobe Labs – this was removed at the time of making the announcement, but we have re-instated the download – available here.

Support for Proto continues to be available through our forums.

While the decision to no longer offer Proto was hard to make, we are committed to creating new and better tools to support web designers and developers – more information will be shared here and on the Creative Cloud blog in the future.