April 14, 2016 /

3D in the browser with Three.JS

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Dreamweaver Interface
April 8, 2016 /

Rolling Animate CC Projects into Dreamweaver CC Web Pages

Sure, animations bring web pages to life. But for far too long, you needed to virtually channel Victor Frankenstein (pronounced Frahnk-en-steen) just to juggle all the elements necessary for handling a proper integration across browser platforms.

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Web Design
March 29, 2016 /

Experts Weigh In: What Web Trends are Emerging in Higher Education?

In higher education, the web is the primary means of communication for our organizations and the first point of contact with prospective students, current students, alumni and faculty.

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Web Design
March 24, 2016 /

Hero Images – Do They Live Up to Their Name?

Hero images or hero sections impose limitations. That’s their main power. It’s simply impossible to convey more than one idea through a hero section. You can only ask the visitor to do one thing, or show them one thing. Trying to split your hero image in two would just look silly.

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March 16, 2016 /

New Update: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015.2

We released an update today! Dreamweaver CC 2015.2 packs several enhancements to key creative workflows.

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Web Design
March 10, 2016 /

Is there a fold on the web?

Ah, the fold. Bane of many a UXers conversation with their teams and clients. Subject of satirical, tongue-in-cheek websites. Several actually. So what’s the deal? It’s 2016, is there a fold on the web?

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