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Dreamweaver CC: PSD to HTML and CSS

Our team continues to streamline and improve Dreamweaver. It has a modern UI, edit capabilities in Live View, CSS Designer and a 64-bit architecture. That’s not all though, it gets even better. It also has a complete integration of Extract which empowers users to easily go from PSD comp to code.

Extract enables web designers and developers to build web and mobile content from a Photoshop comp directly in Dreamweaver, bridging the gap between Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and reducing the need to go back and forth between the two.

Adobe recommends: CSS Inspect

Over the past week, we publicized some high-value content from adobe.com and  other community sites. Hopefully you enjoyed these posts and found the resources useful. This will be the last post in the “Adobe Recommends” series (for now!)

Continuing our trip along the CSS highway, we have this recommended video by Dreamweaver Product Manager, Scott Fegette:

Dreamweaver CS5 — CSS Inspect

This video shows you how you can use CSS Inspect in Dreamweaver’s Live view to inspect and edit your CSS structure.