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Web Design
April 28, 2016 /

Experts Weigh In: Is Flat Design Making The Web Boring?

Flat design is everywhere: from your neighbor’s blog to your grocery store’s website. The trend rejects real life textures and flashy animations; instead, we get simple shapes, colors, and a distinctly ‘digital’ look.

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Web Design
April 21, 2016 /

The Importance of Whitespace in Web Design

Whitespace can be exceptionally beneficial when used right. Let’s talk about whitespace both in terms of the methodology of working with it, and some basic technical how-to (but not in a too hands-on-tools kind of way).

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August 7, 2015 /

What Web Designers Should Do When Facing the Blank Screen of Terror

Deadlines closing in. Clients asking for some new drafts. Fellow designers continuing to fill their Behance profiles chock-full of awesome work. And you’re just sitting there, facing the terror of blank screen.

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Dreamweaver Interface
November 7, 2014 /

Overview of the Enhanced CSS Designer and Element Quick View in Dreamweaver CC

The latest release of Dreamweaver CC has not only introduced new features, but also has major improvements to existing ones such as the CSS Designer and the Element Quick View.

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June 18, 2014 /

The 2014 Release Of Dreamweaver CC Brings New Live View Features And Big Productivity Improvements

Today we’re excited to announce the 2014 release of Dreamweaver CC! This latest version will improve your productivity and streamline your web design process…

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October 19, 2013 /

Visualize Relationships Between HTML Elements in Live View & Applied CSS Selectors

A few months ago, we announced a new Dreamweaver CC update with several exciting new features…

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