Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) for iPad

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Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is now available for the iPad. Download it from the App Store today.
ADE can now be the One eBook reader for all your Adobe DRM protected books across your iPad, Mac or PC. You can extend your reading experience by transferring books from your personal computer to your iPad. ADE is free-to-download and use, and completely ad-free. ADE can be used to read EPUB and PDF books, both online and offline. eBooks borrowed from most public libraries can be read with ADE.
ADE’s support for EPUB3 standard allows you to experience gorgeous media rich books filled with interactive features, videos, and more. ADE ensures consistent rendering of audio and video content; dynamic image re-sizing without loss in clarity; support for multi-column layouts, interactive quizzes, and math formulas. Some of the other great features in this release allow you to:

  • Organize your books into a beautiful custom library
  • Choose from different font sizes and five easy-to-read page modes
  • Highlight your favorite passages and add notes with the built-in bookmarking features
  • Easily find a word or a character anywhere in the book with the powerful search feature
  • Use the night mode, or adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting for any environment
  • View fun stats on how much time you are spending each day to read your book, and more

A sneak peek at what’s new in RMSDK 11

Adobe is glad to announce what’s in store for the RMSDK users as we made considerable progress for the upcoming RMSDK 11 release. One of the most exciting news is that RMSDK is going to support EPUB 3 in the new release. Apart from this, there are significant enhancements in the new release to support seamless EPUB 3 support to users. At the outset, RMSDK 11 is going to support EPUB 3.0 along with its four specifications, using Readium SDK:

  • EPUB Publications 3.0
  • EPUB Content Documents 3.0
  • EPUB Open Container Format 3.0 (OCF) and
  • EPUB Media Overlays 3.0

Why EPUB3 support?  As of date using RMSDK 10, users are unable to read eBooks in EPUB 3 format. EPUB 3 is the latest version of EPUB, the widely used open standard for digital publications based on latest web standards including HTML 5. EPUB 3 is more powerful and allows users to create more engaging content with the help of audio, video, svg, MathML, media overlays and so on. Within a short time, EPUB 3 is going to be universally supported as it has enhanced layout and accessibility features. For Adobe customers it is a great opportunity to adopt EPUB3 early on, with this new release of RMSDK 11.

This video demonstrates MathML and Video playback content support in EPUB 3 format:

Enhancements in RMSDK 11:
API functionality

RMSDK provides API for functionalities like loading an EPUB document, navigating through it, rendering a particular page on a given bitmap buffer and so on. In addition to these features, RMSDK 11 would provide APIs to support EPUB 3 features like media overlays, audio, video and so on.

Support for Readium based documents

RMSDK 11 implements an additional document provider for supporting Readium based documents. You need to register this document provider using the new API. Using new APIs provided in this release, you can enable/disable Readium document for the calls. Client can also query if the given document object is readium based, using the new APIs.

Rendering EPUB document page

You can render EPUB document page using RMSDK 11. Create a renderer object for the EPUB document. Use the new API to query if the document has any media overlays. The new API allows the client to control the lay mode (stopped or playing) of the media overlay.

Platforms supported

  • MAC 64 bit
  • iOS ARM v7, v7s, 64
  • Andriod ARM v7a

EPUB3 based readers from Adobe

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While EPUB3 has provided the standards for developing rich and engaging ebooks, it will not achieve mainstream adoption till publishers adopt it, eReaders support them, and quality tooling is provided to help produce EPUB3 documents.

The upcoming release of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and Adobe’s Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) is a step towards helping publishers make this transition by fully supporting content rendered in the EPUB3 format, along with support for EPUB2 and PDF in the same reader. ADE and RMSDK are also designed to be compatible with the recently launched InDesign CC EPUB 3 fixed-layout support. In addition to adding the EPUB3 rendering capability, Adobe will also be introducing new DRM models to facilitate innovative distribution of content and help expand the market.

While the commercial launch is scheduled for this Fall, we invite you to try out your content on the current pre-release version. You will find support for fixed layout and reflowable, audio and video playing, MathML, JavaScricpt in and outside of iFrames, TOC and page-list, multi-ePub, embedded fonts, and more of the EPUB3 standards.

Email us at to receive an invite to the pre-release. Further, if you are interested in building your own eReader apps based on RMSDK, and would like to be considered for the beta, please mention this in your mail.