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August 9, 2011

How Facebook, Groupon, and Pandora use EchoSign

At Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2011 event we hosted what we believe to have been the most star-studded session: three of the web’s titans and true innovators — Facebook, Groupon and Pandora — speaking on how they use EchoSign from Adobe to automate their e-signature and contracting process in the Cloud.

Facebook, Groupon and Pandora have all grown multi-billion dollar businesses in just a few years.   They’ve compressed and accelerated their businesses processes at a scale that dwarfs the rest of us — and gleaned learnings faster than the average company rolls out a single new product releases.

All three web leaders rely on EchoSign to automate their sales teams and web contracting processes, and even more than that, to make contracting with their customers a truly social experience.  One that closes deals in a win-win way in minutes and even in real-time, that is 100% web-based, from collaboration to contract creation to signature and management and tracking.

The learnings are below:

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August 8, 2011

What Happens If Your E-Signature Vendor Goes Bankrupt?

year_of_dot_comThings have been good in the Internet world as of late. IPOs are back, valuations are clearly ‘leaning forward’, and the sky seems to be the limit.

Until it isn’t.  The Dow has, unfortunately, plummeted -17% over the past 90 days, and the U.S. lost its AAA debt rating from S&P.  That IPO window can close as quickly as it has opened, and that mountain of venture capital can evaporate overnight into paying back VCs and debt holders.  VCs that are so excited to lean forward in one bubble in an instant can become just as concerned about leaning back in the aftermath and cutting their losses.

We’ve all seen it before.  The question is, if your vendor goes under, what happens to your contracts?

The answer can be, in some cases, that they disappear — at least the originals.  In most cases, your original e-signed copies will be the actual records stored at your e-signature vendor.  And even if you can export them, can you even use the data?  Export your contracts in bulk?  And in time … ?

Which brings us to the Power of Adobe.  Adobe was founded in 1982, its technology is on virtually every PC and desktop — over 500 million, and its revenues exceed $4,000,000,000 annually, with a massive balance sheet.  And combining electronic and digital signatures together, more than 98% of all documents digitally signed have been signed using Adobe.

The bottom line: web services come and go.  Many of the so-called leaders of the last generation of web services are long gone.  But contracts have a long, long lifetime.  Trust them to the e-signature service you know will be around — EchoSign from Adobe.  The Inventors of the 100% Web-Based Signature.  The Inventors of the PDF.

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August 3, 2011

Time is the Enemy of all Contracts. E-Signatures are the Cure.

Today we received a wonderful email from a new Fortune 50 Adobe EchoSign customer.  A pretty traditional Fortune 50 company, and one of the first we’ve closed together with Adobe in our 2 weeks as a joint company.  Today, they rolled out EchoSign, and their first customer contract was signed in 4 hours.  Not an EchoSign record yet.  But …

That was compared to 40 days before EchoSign.

The point being, time is the enemy of all deals.  Electronic signatures aren’t about putting an image of a signature into a document.  They’re about closing deals on the web, in as close to real-time as practical.  About making a contract and the signature, the close, a social experience, together with your customer — not a broken one abstracted from the core sales process.

Just having a contract out there for 4 days is too many days to risk losing the deal.  40 days … well …

You’ll learn more from us about the Social Contract in the coming weeks.  Look for Facebook, Groupon and Pandora to talk about their experiences on an outstanding panel with EchoSign, Salesforce, and their web contracts at Dreamforce 2011.   But much more is to come.

We guarantee you these results for your business.  42 minutes on average.

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