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April 26, 2012

Four Time Appexchange Customer Choice Award Winner Rolls Out Latest Version of EchoSign for Salesforce

EchoSign for Salesforce v12 is here!  This release continues to support our leadership position as the #1 Electronic Signature application on the Appexchange. 

Overall, EchoSign for Salesforce version 12 offers more customization for users and improved administration:

  • Users can easily merge data from Salesforce into their EchoSign agreements before sending them out for signatures. Merged data can come from accounts, opportunities and other objects within Salesforce.
  • New agreement templates and a “Send to EchoSign” button makes it easier to send agreements based on pre-designed templates.  With agreements, users can establish default values and options including email message, recipients, attachments, agreement expiration, security elements and more.
  • Sales teams have the choice to include an audit trail and signed agreement PDF in the agreement record or to push the signed agreement or audit trial into a specific Salesforce object.
  •  Additional customization options for EchoSign agreements, allow teams to create settings at the profile or user level, not just for organizational defaults
  • Workflow automation and background actions enable teams to automatically send a document for signature without user intervention.
  • Additional global language support for signers who speak Chinese, English (UK), Portuguese, Korean and more.
  •  An improved administration page offers easy-to-follow setup steps and direct links to customization guidelines and documentation.

Learn more at or download EchoSign for Salesforce from the AppExchange today!

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April 24, 2012

EchoSign Use Explodes with Latest Mobile and Desktop Reader Integrations

The brand new Adobe EchoSign integration with Mobile Reader, and the much improved Adobe desktop Reader integration that both launched last week, have seen some of the strongest adoption we’ve ever seen at EchoSign.

Simply put, EchoSign Web Contracting and Electronic Signature, has exploded in the last week since the latest integrations launched.  And we expect the trend to accelerate even further in the coming weeks — the roll-out of the latest Readers have only just begun to 1,000,000,000 mobile devices and PCs worldwide.


And we’re not stoping there — of course.  Look for many more improvements here to come in the coming months.

EchoSign + Adobe Reader = E-Signatures for Everyone.


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April 17, 2012

eSignatures Everywhere! EchoSign Comes to the 100,000,000+ Users of Mobile Readers on Android, iOS

The #1 most popular business application on the iOS AppStore.

The #1 most popular Android business application.

Adobe Mobile Reader.

The natural extension — add full native free on- and off-line eSignature capabilities, and EchoSign integration.  Which we’ve done.  For everyone.  Available now on Google Play (Android Store) and Apple Appstore.  Now.


So now there’s no reason to search for another mobile app just to add a signature to your documents.  We’ve got you covered with Mobile Reader.  Out of the box.  Just click the ‘pen’ icon in Mobile Reader now, and you can instantly e-sign any document you’ve opened on your mobile device.  Save your signature for re-use later.  E-mail it out to anyone.

And Mobile Reader with eSignatures is fast.  Really fast.  And really easy.


We’ve also dramatically enhanced our desktop Reader eSignature capabilities for the 1,000,000,000 users of desktop Reader.  Now, just like on the EchoSign web app, you can e-sign freehand with a mouse or type your signature; fill-in and save forms (a first for a free Adobe PDF product); and send out for signature via EchoSign.  And both mobile and desktop readers will remember and save your signature for next time.

See more here on the Acrobat blog and a video demo below.

And look for even more coming here across Adobe Reader later in 2012.

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