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May 30, 2013

NEC Financial Services Streamlines Contracts with Adobe EchoSign

necfslogo (2)Their stated vision is quick decisions and simple, understandable documentation. No wonder NEC Financial Services, LLC uses Adobe EchoSign.

By providing financing services to the buyers and sellers of information technology solutions in the United States, NEC Financial Services aims to be flexible with purchase and lease options to help their clients grow their businesses. The company wanted an e-Signature solution that provided both secure and simplified online contract signing and management.

“Our business is high volume, involving a constant exchange of documents and communications,” says NEC Financial Services vice president, Herschel Salan. “Our focus is on accelerating and streamlining the administration of lease contracts in order to deliver the highest level of personal service to our customers in the most efficient way.”

Adobe EchoSign also integrates seamlessly with NEC Financial Service’s existing business solutions. Now, contract managers complete oversight of the lease process and can complete transactions in a matter of hours. Plus, the easy-to-use customer interface improves the overall user experience.

“Adobe EchoSign is a trusted, globally recognized product,” Salan says. “It gives our staff and customers worldwide a level of confidence when involved in time-sensitive and multifaceted leasing arrangements.”

See how Herschel Salan and his team use EchoSign to run their business here.


Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success


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May 24, 2013

Adobe EchoSign Summit Connects E-Signature Customers

While most organizations are making strides to eliminate paper from critical business processes, many still are reliant on paper-based agreements and contracts. At the Adobe EchoSign Summit, we brought e-signature thought leaders, customers, and legal experts together to discuss how organizations are leveraging web contracting to drive revenue, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Adobe EchoSign is committed to promoting web contracting and electronic signatures in a variety of industries.  The Summit took current and potential customers through exactly how e-signatures can reduce contract cycles, increase mobility of their workforce, and ultimately save cost.


Daniel Sieff said. “EchoSign turns an ordinary contract into a living, breathing document.” Sieff, Director of Information Technology at LivingSocial, explained how to champion a web contracting initiative in your own company.  The benefits can speak for themselves, but we all know that there are always those resistant to change.  Sieff brought us some best practices and demonstrations that demystified the process of eliminating paper contracts from your workflow.

This event wasn’t just for people brand new to the concept, though. Paul Hirner, Partner at ThinkSmart, showed the audience how to truly integrate the e-signing process into their current business processes.  He explained that ThinkSmart, an EchoSign services partner, can allow you to expand your business model to be much more personalized and optimized to meet your business goals.

Audience members also got to hear from companies like Citrix, Google, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Viacom about how e-Signatures worked for them.  In this case study panel, customers across industries and job functions provided tips and tricks on best practices to implementing e-signatures in their respective organizations. This was a great opportunity for potential customers to ask the questions that matter most to them, and hear an honest response from peers.

“It was inspiring to watch current customers talk to future customers about their experiences with Adobe EchoSign.  My favorite quote: ‘no it wasn’t a hard sell to convince my sales team to adopt EchoSign – as a technology company it was just embarrassing that we were using paper contracts.”” Said Erin Curtis, Director of Marketing at Adobe EchoSign.

If you have any questions about Adobe EchoSign or e-signatures in general, please feel free to contact us on the Adobe EchoSign website or leave us a note in the comments section below.

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May 16, 2013

Say Media Powers through Legal Documents with Adobe EchoSign


Can you stretch one lawyer far enough to cover 100 million readers a month? Say Media did by using Adobe EchoSign.

Say Media is the Internet publishing and advertising company behind fashion, technology, and lifestyle websites like xoJane, ReadWrite, Dogster, and The Kitchn. Between advertisers and editorial contributors, Say Media handles dozens of waivers, agreements, and contracts each day. That might be too much for some lawyers, but Say Media associate general counsel Jason Crain can tackle it all with help from Adobe EchoSign.

“EchoSign creates automated workflows that dramatically reduce the amount of hands-on work for Say Media,” he says. “Through increased efficiency and productivity, we’re able to grow our business without increasing our overhead.”

Crain drafts templates, which are tagged and uploaded to Adobe EchoSign, where other users can customize them and distribute them for electronic signature. When signed copies are returned, they are automatically forwarded to the company’s legal department, where Crain can use simple email tools for archiving or forwarding them for additional work. Say Media is also integrating Adobe EchoSign with its tools to automate contracting for advertisements.

“By reducing the amount of time spent on data entry, we enable sales staff to focus on achieving more contacts and making more sales,” Crain says.

Learn more about Say Media’s use of Adobe EchoSign here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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May 8, 2013

Stonehenge Partners Streamlines Leasing with Adobe EchoSign

In the fiercely competitive rental market of New York City, time is critical. That’s why Stonehenge Partners created an end-to-end leasing process powered by Adobe EchoSign’s electronic signature solution.

Stonehenge is distinguishing itself from the competition by using technology to provide current and prospective tenants with better service. The company manages more than 3,200 apartments and 750,000 square feet of retail, office, and garage space. Renters apply through a system leveraging the platform and Conga Composer generates lease documents with Adobe EchoSign e-signature fields. The Adobe EchoSign workflow helps leasing agents distribute documents and collect required signatures online with greater ease. By leasing properties more quickly, Stonehenge makes more money.

“Each day that an apartment stays in our portfolio is a loss of rental income,” adds Jonathan Fishman, Director of Business Development. “Moving to an electronic workflow reduces the amount of time apartments stay unoccupied, so as a result, we have increased revenue by thousands of dollars per month in the aggregate.”

Besides being faster and more convenient, tenants benefit from increased personal security. Adobe EchoSign automatically removes private information from documents sent to multiple recipients. Learn more about how Adobe EchoSign helps Stonehenge Partners and its tenants here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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May 3, 2013

TargetCW Streamlines Employee Onboarding with Adobe EchoSign

TargetCW_logo_HIGHRES (2)Creating a paperless process for onboarding employees on behalf of clients is helping TargetCW improve its already high standard of customer service.

The company specializes in payroll and staffing solutions. As employer of records for more than 3,000 workers it co-employs with clients, TargetCW needed an automated solution that would eliminate the delays and inefficiencies of its paper-based system.

TargetCW chose Adobe EchoSign to automate contract management, replacing its old method of faxes and emails. Using Adobe EchoSign, TargetCW can customize its new hire, payroll, and staffing packets to meet the needs of each client.

“Adobe EchoSign streamlines our entire onboarding workflow, reducing the average time from two days to under an hour,” says Meliza Barriga, client relations and marketing coordinator for TargetCW. “With greater efficiencies, our account managers can focus on spending more time with clients, giving every account a personal touch, instead of dealing with paperwork.”

Adobe EchoSign lets employees, clients and applicants access documents from any mobile device, improving accessibility and convenience. Applicants can also view and sign documents online from a mobile device. Plus, going paperless enhances security by eliminating the need to manually process documents with sensitive payroll information.

Gain more insight on TargetCW’s use of EchoSign here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success


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