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June 27, 2013

Franklin County, PA Eliminates the Hassle of Obtaining Multiple Signatures

FranklinCountyColorManaging economic development and public service in a growing county puts demands on government that can negatively affect efficiency and fiscal responsibility. In an effort to simplify its processes and cut costs, Franklin County, Pennsylvania has developed a paperless document solution that uses Adobe EchoSign, for electronic signatures.

Not long ago, Franklin County’s 57 departments required vendors and employees to submit documents in triplicate for approval by county officials. Consequently, officials were buried in paperwork with inefficient audit trails. Now employees submit electronic forms to the county’s Laserfiche document management system, which prompts them to submit contracts for e-signature through Adobe EchoSign.

“Adobe EchoSign automatically delivers contracts to all of the required stakeholders, no matter how many signatures we need,” says Ed Yonker, application software specialist at Franklin County. “EchoSign gives us a clear audit trail every step of the way, adding visibility into government processes and helping the County meet compliance regulations.”franklin county visual (2)

EchoSign automatically reminds officials about pending contracts and allows them to submit securely encrypted signatures from any device, including smart phones. By eliminating multiple paper copies, Franklin County saves money on printing, frees physical storage space, and enables a mobile workforce.

Find out how else Adobe EchoSign is helping Franklin County by clicking here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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June 24, 2013

NewVoiceMedia Simplifies Contracting with Adobe EchoSign and Salesforce

NewVoiceMedia_Logo (2)Little efficiencies add up to big improvements at NewVoiceMedia.

The company specializes in cloud-based contact center solutions, which enable organizations to handle telephone-based customer service and sales calls using only the Internet and desktop computers. With business expanding to 30 countries on six continents, NewVoiceMedia determined that it needed to switch from paper contracts to online contract signing using Adobe EchoSign.

Both tools and Conga Composer integrate easily with Adobe EchoSign, which helps NewVoiceMedia issue contracts for e-signature with greater speed and fewer mistakes. In fact, NewVoiceMedia strategy director Bethany Ayers says it even helped close an upsell deal with a client who had been too busy to respond.

“Once we sent the contract through Adobe EchoSign, we got it back 15 minutes later because our client could just e-sign it with his iPhone,” she says.

Adobe EchoSign simplifies and streamlines the sales cycle by increasing the sales team’s productivity and improving customers’ experiences. It also makes life easier by helping prevent lost documents and allowing access at any time from any device.

“It’s more about how much faster we can get all our business in and closed as opposed to the efficiency of each individual deal,” Ayers says.

Learn more about New Voice Media’s powerful combination of EchoSign, Salesforce and Conga here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success


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June 18, 2013

Lumension Security Automates Document Workflows with Adobe EchoSign

Lumension_Logo (2)Lumension Security, Inc. originally acquired Adobe EchoSign to capture e-signatures from its ecommerce website. But the company quickly learned it could transform document workflows throughout the organization.

Lumension specializes in endpoint security, which is increasingly important as companies allow their employees to use personal mobile devices on corporate networks. An international sales force supports clients worldwide. Sales representatives are responsible for signing several commission plans annually, all of which must be countersigned by managers. The old method of scanning, copying, and faxing documents among signees often generated illegible copies. With electronic document signing powered by Adobe EchoSign, copies route automatically.

“Before Adobe EchoSign, it could take days to obtain all of the signatures, but now plans can be returned in hours,” says Steve Poessnecker, director of business operations at Lumension.

Adobe EchoSign also streamlines workflows and boosts employee productivity by increasing visibility and tracking. Rather than chasing paper trails, team members can log into Adobe EchoSign and immediately view the status of any document, allowing them to identify and eliminate process bottlenecks.

Learn more about Lumension’s document workflows and processes here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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June 13, 2013

Adobe Saves Thousands Across the Company Using Adobe EchoSign

Some of the happiest surprises here at Adobe are the results we realize from using our own products.

Our team members want performance, value, engagement, and experiences that make their jobs productive and rewarding, just like our customers. To make that happen, we’ve been encouraging teams throughout Adobe—such as sales, procurement, and people resources—to integrate Adobe EchoSign into their e-signature workflow.

EchoSign_instructions (2)

So far, the results have been spectacular:

  • Procurement has slashed $250,000 from its operating overhead
  • Vendor contract completion is three times faster
  • People resources has cut printing costs 80% and shipping costs by $35,000

Many of my colleagues are impressed at how well automating signature processes improves productivity while it cuts costs.  We also had a really easy time integrating EchoSign with our existing technology. The Adobe EchoSign API integrated with our legacy system in only three weeks, using only one analyst, one developer, and a few software QA people.

Workflow Selected

Our sales department uses Apttus enterprise contract management system (ECM), powered by to manage nondisclosure agreements. The sales team can leverage EchoSign e-sign workflows within the ECM, generating clear audit trails to expedite workflows and verify the legality of agreements. The forthcoming companywide rollout and integration of ECM with Adobe EchoSign will make contracting even faster and more reliable.

Learn more about Adobe and the benefits we yield from Adobe EchoSign by clicking here.

Author: Ron Nagy, senior Adobe evangelist

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June 10, 2013

Sign Offline, Anywhere, Anytime with Updated EchoSign iOS App

Getting a document signed may be the most important step in any business process. When you’re on the road, you want to be able to finish that last step whether you have access to the cloud or not. Not to worry. Today, Adobe is announcing an updated iOS app for the Adobe EchoSign e-signing offering that lets you or your customer e-sign contracts, agreements and other critical business documents offline, anywhere.

We’re also announcing today that we plan to open a new, multimillion dollar data center in Chicago to complement our Dallas facility to meet the growing demand for EchoSign and help increase performance and availability. It will come online this summer.

With today’s availability of the updated Adobe EchoSign for iOS version 2 app from the Apple store, EchoSign users can sign documents offline and automatically synchronize them back to the cloud on their iPads when they have network access. The updated app features a completely redesigned user interface for sending, signing and managing transactions that simplifies signing documents or getting documents signed in-person when sender and signer are co-located. Further, leveraging Adobe’s unique expertise in document processing, PDF rendering and intuitive user interface design, the iOS native signing interface has been optimized for touch interfaces and features high quality zoom and smooth navigation.


We also beefed up the web version of Adobe EchoSign. The Spring 2013 release has some nifty new features that will make the processes of getting a document signed easier for you and your customers.

With real-time calculations you can now create “dynamic contracts” by building fields into your contracts for which values get automatically calculated based on a formula or rule. For example, using the real-time calculation function, if a customer changes the size or volume of a shipment within the contract, the price is automatically recalculated. Calculations can be based on form fields or other calculated fields and can include mathematical functions and/or conditional logic.

We also improved document readability with better image quality and performance through best in industry Adobe image processing libraries. Users can zoom in and out of a contract for better readability during signing and form field authoring.


And because we know how important branding is, we added enhancements to our already customizable and easy signing experience to better align with your brand and business processes when getting documents signed.


These new features plus our new data center will help companies further reduce sales cycles, be more productive with their workflows and deliver an engaging user experience.

Be sure to try out the new iOS app and the cool new functions in Adobe EchoSign Spring 2013 release.

For more information see the full press release.

Author: Mangesh Bhandarkar, group product manager, Adobe EchoSign

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June 6, 2013

Mighty Deals Triples Weekly Offers by Streamlining Contracts

mighty deals_logo (2)Generating content every 24 hours is a must for “daily deal” businesses, so a manual client contract process that can take up to a week is a problem. That’s why Mighty Deals has implemented Adobe EchoSign.

The more deals Mighty Deals markets on its website in the United Kingdom, the more potential for revenue. So the company combined its system with Adobe EchoSign to create consistent documentation and expedite its document signing and contracting process.

“Integrating EchoSign with Salesforce has dramatically boosted our productivity,” says Laurence Hall, Salesforce administrator at Mighty Deals. “With contracts signed in minutes instead of days, we’ve gone from publishing 40–50 deals per week to 120.”

Once the sales team enters information into Salesforce, one mouse click sends contracts to clients via Adobe EchoSign for electronic signature. Because many clients are repeat customers, new contracts can be delivered in seconds, enabling rapid turnaround. Plus, the integration of Adobe EchoSign and Salesforce automatically captures and updates records and data, enabling the sales team to focus on closing business.

See how Mighty Deals tripled their weekly offers here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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June 3, 2013

Coffey International Development Simplifies Contracting Across the Globe

Coffey_logo (2)Promoting economic growth and creating conditions for sustainable development in remote parts of the world take a lot of planning and coordination. They also demand a lot of accountability when you’re doing it on behalf of government and donor agencies.

Coffey International Development provides technology, resources, and people for clients such as the United Nations, World Bank, United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, and United States Agency for International Development. Professionals from Coffey work with local consultants in more than 80 countries, where it manages roughly 190 projects. But an inefficient, paper-based process for contracting and signing documents could take weeks to complete.

“Without a signed contract, we can’t make logistical preparations like travel arrangements or enable consultants to begin projects. Delayed contracts delay the start of an entire project,” says Hannah Al-Katib, assistant manager of Coffey’s operations team. “Using Adobe EchoSign, we send contracts as easily as sending an email and have it returned in minutes.”

Funding organizations, like the UN and USAID, and local organizations in countries including Ghana, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Sierra Leone, can have strict quality and security requirements. Automated contract management with Adobe EchoSign securely provides status updates and audit trails for all signed documents while it frees remote personnel to do their jobs.

“Adobe EchoSign is more than e-signatures—it’s changed the way that we work,” says Al-Katib. “We’re building stronger processes and creating efficiencies that improve results for our clients.”

Read more about how Coffey’s global work here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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