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July 29, 2013

Kforce Reduces Time to Signature with Adobe EchoSign

kforce logo (2)Professional staffing frequently requires extensive documentation to verify and certify qualifications and licensures. In the fields of technology, health care, finance, and accounting, Kforce is a recognized leader in providing high-quality consultants and direct hire personnel.

However, complying with client and regulatory requirements is often extensive and time-consuming. Kforce vendor services supervisor Ryan Coyle says highly skilled positions can require more than 20 separate documents, including profile forms and standard contracts.

“Vendor documents are typically signed by two or three stakeholders,” he says. “In the past, documents would be filled out by hand and scanned or faxed multiple times—a process that took several days and often resulted in an illegible copy.”

Kforce created simple workflows using Adobe EchoSign, for emailing documents among stakeholders. They can access forms and add e-signatures online from any browser on any device. When completed, a clear, archive-ready electronic copy is automatically sent to stakeholders, which reduces errors and creates a more reliable archive of records.

It also saves time. Coyle says his team has dramatically reduced turnaround time for document signing and processing—from two business days to less than two hours.

To learn more about Kforce’s use of electronic signatures, please click here.

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July 22, 2013

Prince William & Kate Middleton Official Congratulatory E-Card : Sign Now

To welcome Prince William & Kate Middleton’s new royal baby boy to the world, Adobe EchoSign is preparing to send along a congratulatory E-card. However, we are Adobe so you know this is not going to be your everyday, run-of-the-mill greeting card. Since Adobe EchoSign features the easiest signing experience in the industry and the ability to instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, we aim to present the royal baby with the world’s largest E-card ever made!  We are shooting to hit 50,000 e-signatures and break the Guinness World Record. Help us get there by clicking on the microsite below to add your name to the card and bring us one step closer to being a Guinness World Record holder.

Just click on the image below or visit to be a part of history.

e-card image

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July 16, 2013

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation Maintains Legal and Regulatory Compliance with the Help of Adobe EchoSign

sunflower logo (2)As a regulated utility, Sunflower Electric Power Corporation is routinely required to submit signed documents within strict deadlines. To meet these deadlines, the group administrator used to have to track down signatures, which was both difficult and time consuming, especially considering that Sunflower’s territory covers the western third of the state of Kansas.

By implementing Adobe EchoSign, Sunflower has helped create a seamless, automated workflow. Remote workers can sign documents online, electronically. And with the Mega Sign feature, a single document can be sent easily to thousands of recipients, and EchoSign automatically records each transaction and signed document.

“Mega Sign shows the power of Adobe EchoSign,” says Maree Percival, corporate services specialist for Sunflower electric Power Corporation. “We had an immediate need for all 400 employees to sign a policy update agreement in less than 20 days. People were on vacation, remote, busy with other things, and we still collected all e-signatures—with zero errors—on time.”

Get more info on how Sunflower Electric uses Adobe here.

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July 10, 2013

Adobe EchoSign Inspires More Confidence than Ink at Kia Motors America

120105_KIA_Basic_Final(CS2)Maintaining the quality and security of documents in a process that involves a high number of signatures is easy at Kia Motors America. That’s because KMA uses Adobe EchoSign to collect e-signatures and automate the contracts it manages at nearly 800 dealerships.

“With a complete audit trail, IP address tracking, and VeriSign certification, Adobe EchoSign inspires more confidence than ink,” says Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at KMA.

Real-time monitoring of document signing has increased process transparency. Plus, Adobe EchoSign is accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, which has helped cut the contract execution time in half.

Learn more about how Kia uses Adobe EchoSign here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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July 1, 2013

QA Automates the Training Process with Adobe EchoSign

qa logo (2)The leading professional business and technical training company in the United Kingdom wanted to simultaneously make it easier for customers to book courses and easier for its salespeople to generate contracts and collect electronic signatures. QA chose Adobe EchoSign to make it happen.

QA provides more than 1,500 business and technical courses to more than 500,000 attendees each year. To create a completely automated booking process, it implemented BAPS (Booking, Administration, and Prospecting System) from Fulcrum Software. By integrating BAPS and Adobe EchoSign, QA has created a seamless, easy-to-use experience. Sales staff can generate contracts, send forms, track document status, and view final copes of signed documents. By using e-documents and online signature technology, QA saves on postage and paper costs, and contract turnaround takes just minutes, not days.

“We’ve probably paid for Adobe EchoSign just in saved time and consumables,” says Hugh Cave-Jones business systems specialist at QA. “The Adobe EchoSign implementation has been incredibly successful, reducing work for sales staff while delivering a professional experience for customers.”

Learn more about how Adobe EchoSign helps QA here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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