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June 30, 2014

Adobe EchoSign Celebrates National ESIGN Day!

ES-blog_ESIGN_day1 Today is the 14th annual National ESIGN Day, and we’re celebrating all the ways business has advanced since the Electronic Signatures in Global and National CommerceAct  (ESIGN Act) was signed on June 30th, 2000 by President Bill Clinton.  The ESIGN Act ensured the validity and legal effect of  contracts entered into electronically. The paperless movement was launched.

At Adobe EchoSign, it’s our business to know about the importance of signing your name on big deals, sales and hiring contracts, insurance forms, real estate ventures, and vendor process documents. How about your John Hancock on receipts, credit card charges, and that annual birthday card to your lovely Aunt Trish? In fact, throughout your lifetime, chances are you will sign on the dotted line 500,000 times.

With the inception and adoption of electronic signatures –  and intuitive, trusted e-signing solutions from Adobe EchoSign – the process of signing, sending and tracking digital documents made things a whole lot more convenient, safe and secure. But it wasn’t always this easy breezy.

Today, join us as we celebrate all the ways that modern business has moved forward since the ESIGN Act in 2000, while paying homage to some of the biggest deals and “signature moments” in history.

Check out our new video on Historical Signature Moments (we think you’ll like it!):

video image 2

Stay tuned all week to @EchoSign on Twitter, hashtag #esignday, and to the Adobe EchoSign Facebook Page for interesting (and sometimes shocking!) facts about the most famous, and infamous signatures and deals that have been forged throughout history.  We’ll be asking trivia questions in social media all week! We hope you’ll play along and test your knowledge.

Want something to celebrate on ESIGN Day next year? Give EchoSign a whirl by signing up for a FREE trial here.

Happy ESIGN Day!

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June 18, 2014

Apttus Accelerate Insider POV: How to Quote and Close Deals Faster with E-Signatures in the Cloud


By Mark Grilli, VP, Acrobat Solutions

The engaging and thought-provoking sessions at Apttus Accelerate continued today with our Adobe EchoSign customer panel, featuring some top Adobe EchoSign customers from Cadence, Motorola and Nike. These business leaders explained how the Quote-to-Cash process has helped them to close deals faster and with greater accuracy, and how tools like Apttus, Salesforce and Adobe EchoSign have helped these customers dramatically reduce the time it takes to get contracts completed (from weeks to merely hours, in many cases). Along with increasing efficiency for their businesses, implementing the Quote-to-Cash system has helped them to secure customer relationships, ensure pricing accuracy and accelerate sales cycles.



Joining me on today’s panel was Vianne Sha, IT Principal Architect at Cadence; Sandra Ficke-Bradford, Director of Contract Management and Policy at Motorola Solutions; and Genaro Lopez (@gelopez42), Manager for Enterprise Contract Management at Nike. In each of their roles at their respective companies, these professionals deal with extensive contract and workflow management. Finding the best solutions to speed up the process, decrease wasted resources and solidify customer relationships is at the top of their lists. Each came across EchoSign while looking for a contract solution to solve these problems, and one that would integrate with existing sales tools to streamline the process.

The integration between Adobe EchoSign, Salesforce and Apttus was a huge selling point for each of these important Adobe customers. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with the other sales and workflow management tools their companies regularly use. The Quote-to-Cash process allowed them to adopt our e-signature tool, Adobe EchoSign, with zero disruption of any business process. Sha spoke of leveraging the CRM solution at Cadence, and wanting to achieve sales efficiency as they deployed Apttus and e-signature with Adobe Echosign.

Right out of the gate, Lopez commented that Nike’s famed “Just Do It” slogan isn’t just a marketing campaign – it’s a mindset that drives the adoption of best business practices, too.  Lopez had to occasionally play the role of gatekeeper as Adobe EchoSign went a little viral inside Nike, with several teammates wanting to use Adobe e-signatures even in areas that hadn’t yet been officially approved. Lopez likened EchoSign’s ease-of-use to gamification, saying that EchoSign became so popular and convenient that his team needed to tweak their training regimens – a good “problem” to have, everyone seemed to agree.

The benefits to their company workflows were readily apparent. Ficke-Bradford spoke of a linear process at Motorola, knowing that it would take time to bring order to the chaos – but likewise, knowing that e-signature would be brought into the process eventually.  (During a humorous aside, Ficke-Bradford noted that her son’s wrestling club used Adobe EchoSign for obtaining permissions for his participation, and joked that, if a wrestling club could easily adopt EchoSign, Motorola certainly could, too.)

Lopez talked about the use of EchoSign with Nike’s sports marketing department, saying the EchoSign distinction between “approvers” and “signers” has been instrumental in quickly and efficiently inking athlete contracts via those athletes’ old-school agents.

Sha cited the full transparency afforded by EchoSign – the fact that all of the pertinent parties have full view of where each and every contract stands. She mentioned, too, how the EchoSign “reminder” function serves as virtual prompt to ensure contracts move along in a timely fashion. It’s so easy to just go ahead and sign right then and there, isn’t it?

Through 2014, Sha’s team has already processed 80 percent of the legal agreements that it processed in all of 2013. Nike didn’t have an ROI mandate as it rolled out Adobe EchoSign, but saw two distinct use-cases:  one in Nike’s famed sports marketing department, and another at the board level.

As large companies like Cadence, Motorola and Nike continue to implement Quote-to-Cash business solutions, the business benefits of using tools like Apttus, Salesforce and Adobe EchoSign become increasingly evident. By adopting these integrated business tools, professionals can bring their companies immeasurable benefits from accelerating processes, to increasing accuracy and reducing costs and resources.

If you are not using Adobe EchoSign already and would like to give it a try, we invite you to click here for a free trial. To learn more about how Adobe EchoSign and Apptus work together seamlessly, click here.





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June 17, 2014

Apttus Accelerate 2014 – An Insider POV and A Look Ahead

Kevin Lynch2

By Kevin M. Lynch, GM/SVP, Adobe, Document Services

Today, I was thrilled to host a keynote session at the Apttus Accelerate Quote–to-Cash event in San Francisco because – simply put — this event is a “must-attend” for anyone in the financial services, technology, and manufacturing industries.

For six years, Adobe – a Diamond Sponsor at this year’s event – has been a partner of Apttus, and in that time we’ve worked together to deliver the very best “quote-to-cash” solutions to customers across these sectors. At the same time, Apttus itself has been a customer of Adobe EchoSign, as I mentioned in my post yesterday and Adobe’s been a customer of Apttus, as well.

Everyone who attends Apttus Accelerate shares common goals — productivity, cost savings and deeper customer relationships – and we’re gathering this week because we’re all working to improve the “Quote-to-Cash” cycle with these goals firmly in mind. Apttus Accelerate affords us the opportunity to continue and start conversations about these goals, these needs, and our customers.

During my keynote, I worked to start one of those conversations – this time, about the future and the “must-haves” that will take us there. In Adobe’s view, the key “must-have” is digital. Your customers are evolving and they are demanding simpler, faster, connected experiences. The path to these experiences is a digital path.

Adobe is, and has always been, about changing the world through digital experiences. We’ve been at the forefront of transforming numerous industries, from electronic document workflows to interactive web experiences and games. Today, we’re changing the world with Adobe EchoSign, the e-signature solution that integrates with existing processes to help close deals faster and more securely.

Adobe’s six year partnership with Apttus continues to be critical to our digital path. In innovating and integrating services like Adobe EchoSign, we are helping customers leverage their existing processes, systems and information to transform bigger business workflows. Adobe is redefining business workflows in the same way we redefined documents with PDF.

At Adobe and with our partners, we want to create a world where documents work for people, not the other way around. And here are some ways Adobe is making that happen:

Trust and Security – Business is 24/7 and, with its SaaS-based environment, Adobe is making contracts available 24/7. The process should be transparent for both sender and signer, so that you know where things stand each step of the way, and it should be secure and compliant across your systems and the regions in which you operate.

Global Reach – Adobe helps you maintain control over your data and privacy of your documents through an Adobe EchoSign platform that’s available in 20 languages, with support from legal experts in 30 countries. Adobe’s helped drive the policy discussion worldwide, because we help drive business worldwide.

Flexibility – Adobe is about creating seamless integration across multiple systems, technology partners and your own internal systems – so you never leave money on the table. We also want to optimize existing content so you never leave information on the table either.

User Experience – Tablets are changing the way business operates, and Adobe’s vision is far-reaching and includes the possibility of bringing things like geo-location, video, biometrics, and voice to the e-signature experience. Imagine the impact for your business and the customer experience!

Improving customer experience is in Adobe’s DNA and that’s what we’re doing today. Digital documents and e-signatures help get us there because, in short, they are radically transforming the customer and sales experience. My Adobe colleague Mark Grilli will be talking about customer and process transformations in his Wednesday panel and we urge you to learn more by attending.

In short, however, the opportunity is there. A 2013 Adobe Research survey found that 98% of US companies still use paper in their contracting process. Yet two‐thirds of respondents agreed that paper is less secure and 70% of those surveyed agreed that contracts are more efficient when sent and signed digitally.

The opportunity is there: the opportunity to drive, delight and deliver to customers. Those are the things customers seek, and that’s why they’re demanding simpler, faster, connected experiences. It is incumbent upon you to digitize your processes with a trusted partner – a partner like Adobe, with a 30 year legacy, to figure out how you can make all your processes digital so you can lead business, not lose it.

If you’d like to give Adobe EchoSign a try, click here for a free trial. Learn how Adobe EchoSign and Apptus work together seamlessly, click here.

accelerate picbadge pic









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June 16, 2014

Six Years of Adobe and Apttus: What’s Coming at Apttus Accelerate 2014

apttus web banner

By Kevin M. Lynch, SVP and GM, Acrobat and Document Services, Adobe

Adobe is proud to announce its presence at the Apttus’ Accelerate Quote-to-Cash event in San Francisco this week, as a Diamond Sponsor, a feature keynote on Tuesday, and a solutions-centric customer panel on Wednesday. Accelerate has become a “must-attend” event for anyone who is looking to accelerate and automate business contracting, and Adobe’s thrilled to play such a central role in this event.

But beyond the event this week, we’re proud that the relationship goes even deeper than sponsorships and keynotes. Adobe has shared a six year relationship with Apttus – one in which Adobe has been Apttus’ partner in delivering “quote-to-cash” solutions, and one in which Apttus has been an Adobe customer.

So what does Apttus, the world’s top “quote-to-cash” provider, purchase from Adobe? Adobe EchoSign, the e-signature solution that integrates with existing processes to help close deals faster and more securely.

It’s always a good thing to have a customer choose Adobe EchoSign for its contracts and sales needs. It’s even better when that customer specializes in contracts and sales itself. Talk about validation!

Adobe is, and has always been, about changing the world through digital experiences. We’ve been at the forefront of transforming numerous industries, from electronic document workflows to interactive web experiences and games. Today, we’re changing the world with Adobe EchoSign, the e-signature solution that integrates with existing processes to help sell more quickly and more securely. In innovating and integrating services like Adobe EchoSign, we are helping customers (and HR, Procurement, and many more) leverage their existing processes, systems and information to transform bigger business workflows.

In short, today Adobe is redefining business workflows in the way we redefined documents with PDF.

I’m excited to share more about the six year Adobe/Apttus partnership and Adobe’s future vision during my keynote address on Tuesday. Moreover, I know my colleague Mark Grilli has big plans to talk about other big Adobe EchoSign & Apttus customer successes during his Wednesday panel.

I genuinely look forward to speaking with you on Tuesday at Apttus Accelerate.

And Apttus? Thank you for a terrific six years. Here’s to many more.

Kevin M. Lynch, SVP & GM,  Acrobat and Document Services, Adobe

Kevin M. Lynch, SVP & GM, Acrobat and Document Services, Adobe

 Follow the event onsite and online with the hashtag #AccelerateQTC. Follow along with us on Twitter at @EchoSign.





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June 12, 2014

Progressive and Other Financial Services Companies Innovate with E-signatures

ES blog_progressive2

Insurance and financial services companies face a number of challenges in today’s fast-paced digital workplace – from rising operational costs, to customers demanding faster turnaround times – these businesses are working hard to identify solutions, as well as opportunities for growth, in a period of transformation.

By taking advantage of digital technology, especially electronic signature solutions, across entire processes, insurance and financial services companies can tackle some of the most predominant challenges that they are facing today.

  • Improving customer experience – Customers expect seamless digital experiences that enable them to rapidly complete transactions without interruptions.
  • Securing interactions – In this digital age, companies need to meet increased demands around security, privacy protection and compliance requirements across more diverse geographies and businesses than ever before.
  • Increasing operating efficiencies – Financial services companies need to cut down on the significant amounts of paper required to accomplish signature-intensive processes across lending, insurance, treasury, account and trade operations.

As a testament to this changing landscape, Progressive is partnering with Adobe to make electronic signature solutions available to its agencies. Adobe will now offer Adobe EchoSign + PDF Pack to Progressive’s more than 35,000 agencies in the US to help them tackle their biggest business challenges, while combining the reliability of Adobe PDF with e-signatures, so agents can close business faster, more easily and securely. It will initially be made available to agencies in Missouri and Illinois and roll out nationwide later this year.

“We’re pleased to be able to work with Adobe as a preferred provider of electronic signature solutions and offer Adobe EchoSign + PDF Pack to our independent agents across the country,” said Dwight Hager, director of distribution for Progressive’s Central Region. “Adobe’s solutions will help provide a powerful platform to reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and save time for our business, agents and customers.”

With Adobe EchoSign, the entire process of getting to a signed agreement is easy. Single or multiple documents can be packaged and sent for signature, removing the hassle of using paper and multiple email attachments.  Once the agreement is signed, it’s simple to track, manage and store them securely in Adobe EchoSign and send copies back to all parties.

With Adobe PDF Pack, paper or electronic agreements can be easily converted to secure, reliable Adobe PDF files that can be easily sent for signature via Adobe EchoSign.  It can also be used to create PDF documents to share with clients such as letters, brochures, and policy change notifications, to ensure they see exactly what they should see.

Progressive joins other similar services institutions in taking advantage of the benefits of Adobe EchoSign. Take NEC Financial Services and Card Assets as two such examples. Both financial services companies needed to improve efficiencies and cut costs in order to better serve their customers, and decided that the best way to do so was to transition their multi-step, manual application workflow to a more streamlined, automated one by implementing Adobe EchoSign e-signatures.

With EchoSign, NEC Financial Services and Card Assets achieved the following results:

  • Reduced turnaround time for signed agreements from days to as little as minutes.
  • Increased business by completing more transactions per month.
  • Eliminated virtually all printing and postage costs, reducing operational costs.
  • Enabled customers to sign quickly and easily on mobile devices.

If you haven’t used Adobe EchoSign yet, sign up for a trial here.


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June 11, 2014

E-signatures: Removing the last bottleneck to productive digital transactions


ES blog_GeoffreyMoore[1]

In the modern business world, digital transactions are transforming every activity with the mass adoption of mobile devices, wireless capabilities and cloud computing. Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are no different. has 34 million customers electronic business processes, increasing productivity and efficiency of the modern workforce.

Geoffrey Moore, renowned author (Crossing the Chasm), speaker, and business advisor, has released a new whitepaper focused on e-signatures and their adoption into the business process. The whitepaper explores how as a new, technology-savvy generation enters the workforce, companies must make the transition from traditional systems of records to a modernized type of IT – one that’s focused on systems of engagement.

Traditionally, IT has been focused around databases, where interests of the employee are subordinate to the dictates of the database. This type of system creates bottlenecks, which systems of engagement are designed to remove with a user-centric orientation.

E-signatures represent an aspect of the new era of IT, created to accelerate workflow and speed up the mission-critical process of obtaining signatures. The act of signing has been changed by our increasingly digital world, just as the processes of printing, scanning, faxing and mailing are no longer user-friendly, eco-friendly or bottom line business-friendly. Manual signatures delay business processes, increase administrative costs and add no value to the workflow. So why do companies still use them?

Making the transition to digital signatures and increasing your company’s system of engagement should be simple and easy for your organization. Click here for the whitepaper and learn how to incorporate an overall system of engagement at your company. Click here to sign up for a free trial of EchoSign.

Our VP of EchoSign, Jon Perera, interviewed Moore to ask him about the technology adoption life cycle and how businesses can successfully usher in the new era of IT. Watch the video here.


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June 2, 2014

Adobe EchoSign at Salesforce 1 Tour: Washington, D.C. Recap

openning post

After making a big splash across the pond at the London Salesforce1 Tour event, the EchoSign team kept up the momentum with last week’s event in Washington, D.C. With an enthusiastic crew on the showroom floor, and in speaking sessions, we were able to educate event attendees on the business benefits of e-signatures and EchoSign’s seamless integration with the Salesforce1 mobile platform.


With EchoSign being the first e-signature partner live on the Salesforce1 platform, customers have quickly learned the ease of sending, signing, tracking and filing documents quickly, securely and entirely from your Salesforce account. The increase in team productivity and acceleration of the contract process when using EchoSign and Salesforce are among the most noted benefits by customers, and the mobile integration makes this process even easier than before.

booth setup2

Adobe EchoSign: Changing the Game for your Organization, Customers and Partners

Mark Middleton, Adobe Sr. Solutions Manager, held EchoSign’s first speaking session in the Partner Theater Thursday afternoon. Throughout the instructive session Mark demoed the EchoSign and Salesforce1 mobile integration by walking through the process live from his iPad. He demonstrated various features from in-person signing to tracking and analytics capabilities within the Salesforce1 platform.

Mark session2

Adobe EchoSign: Send, Sign, Track and File Contracts Quickly and Securely

The second EchoSign session featured Adobe Document Solutions Product Marketing Manager, Lisa Croft, a.k.a. @Acrogal! Lisa discussed how EchoSign removes the “signature road block” and creates a friction free process for your customers and an improved workflow for your business. This, coupled with the added benefit of the Salesforce1 mobile integration, makes EchoSign the ideal e-signature solution for business professionals looking to speed up their contracting process, eliminate timely and costly paperwork and streamline their overall workflow.

Overall the Salesforce 1 Tour D.C. event was another successful experience for the EchoSign team. Partnering with Salesforce to connect sales, service and marketing in one mobile-ready platform has allowed us to further help our customers close deals and get business done from anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device!

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