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July 25, 2014

Jaguar Land Rover streamlines product development and engineering

jaguar land rover

Engineering and product development are at the heart of the business at Jaguar Land Rover, the United Kingdom’s largest automotive manufacturer of premium all-wheel drive vehicles  - and one of the world’s premier luxury sports car marquees. Precision and the high level of attention to detail made standard by the brand are reflected in the systems they use to maintain those standards.

Global growth required streamlined processes

As the global presence of these two iconic British car brands continued to grow, streamlining processes to create a more hassle-free and less time-consuming workflow became crucial. For example, to build exemplary automobiles and all-wheel drive vehicles at the highest level, there were more than 40 processes in place for the product development team alone to follow, including paper forms and multiple agreements that required several rounds of sign-off with supplies and dealers all over the world. This was a complex and time-consuming process.

Enter EchoSign

To test the possibility of going paperless while still ensuring auditable, traceable, and legal compliance, the company started with a pilot program to see how e-signature solutions and digital documents could streamline processes in the product development and engineering area. By working directly with Jaguar Land Rover, the Adobe EchoSign Client Success and Services team was able to make enhancements and tailor e-signature solutions to meet the automotive brand’s specific and unique needs.

After an extensive evaluation process, Jaguar Land Rover selected Adobe EchoSign to automate these manual, paper-based processes moving forward. From a security standpoint, EchoSign and its encryption policies allowed Jaguar Land Rover the flexibility to help ensure that only those authorized could sign off on select documents. In one instance, a document requiring 16 different signatures was completed in two days. Plus, the strength of the Adobe brand, and Jaguar Land Rover’s familiarity with products like Adobe Acrobat, made EchoSign the right choice for the company’s document workflow strategy.

Companywide adoption

After the rollout in engineering and product development, other departments were eager to implement the technology. Adobe EchoSign is now established within 25 Jaguar Land Rover groups, with more than 3,000 users automating 80 separate processes. With the sheer volume of documents the business relies on, EchoSign has made a positive impact on business agility and the ability to respond quickly. And for an automobile company, being agile and quick are definite perks on the drawing board, the road, and on the balance sheet.

To view the full case study, please click here.

Learn more about EchoSign and sign up for a free trial here.

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July 17, 2014

Six NEW Ways EchoSign Moves Your Business Forward



We know the importance of being able to get work done on the go. Business never really stops and neither should your ability to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. We are excited to unveil new mobile capabilities and product enhancements with the July release of Adobe EchoSign, including phone verification, increased workflow flexibility, and an all-new experience for iPhone users.

 Now the ABC’s of business (always be closing) are literally and figuratively possible. Here’s why:

After the May 2014 release, which made EchoSign available to more than 1 billion current Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 users, our team was hard at work already creating the next phase of EchoSign product evolution. Our goal?  To allow you even more flexibility to move your business forward, from anywhere – and today’s release is the result.

With the unveiling of these new features, you will have an even easier time using EchoSign from your iPhone or tablet. With an enhanced user interface (look/feel), the tools for verifying signers, gathering multiple signatures at different stages, and applying additional security measures are streamlined. You can get work done and get your deals closed on the go – with a company and service you trust!

Here are our top six favorite features. These highlights of the July release enable you to:

  • Verify signers with your phone. Achieve a higher level of identity assurance through two-factor authentication using phone-based verification. Your signers can verify themselves by typing in a one-time code delivered to their phone via voice or SMS text message.
  • Collect multiple signatures. Create multi-step workflows to collect countersignatures and finalize your contracts after someone has signed a document or form embedded in your website.
  • Give your customers a great signing experience. Users signing a document on a mobile device now get an even better and simpler experience. The electronic signing interface is responsive – it re-sizes itself automatically to fit browser windows. Great for working with mobile devices or signable documents embedded in your website.
  • Do more with EchoSign on your iPhone. Send, sign, and manage documents better with powerful new capabilities such as offline and in-person signing, single-click approvals, and geolocation capture.
  • Change verification methods on the fly. Easily update identity verification settings for signers having trouble with the selected method – for example, when a password is forgotten or a phone number changes.
  • Work with Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) customers have the ability to create and embed enterprise-level forms into their websites and mobile experiences. You can collect information electronically and gather signatures at the same time within an online portal. With these enhancements, you can complete the entire process of sending, signing, tracking and filing as a natural extension of the platform you’re already using.

We told you we made it easier.

“Because people can sign documents anywhere with Adobe EchoSign, we can meet deadlines that would have been impossible with paper versions.” - Connie Brenton, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff in the Legal Department, NetApp.

Not an Adobe EchoSign user yet? Don’t wait any longer! Sign up for a free trial here and learn about the benefits of e-signatures.

And if you are already an EchoSign customer, please watch our recent customer webinar to learn more about these new features.


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July 3, 2014

How Going Green Cuts Your Costs


During this weeklong celebration of National ESIGN day, we hope you’ve gained some insights into just how much impact e-signatures have had on modern business – from streamlining workflow to accelerating contract signing times and helping companies cut back on paperwork.

But, there’s another important benefit that digital document workflows bring to the table — the ability to cut down on paper and save the resources and energy needed to produce it. Yes, you can go green AND cut costs by integrating EchoSign and adopting e-signatures. Your company (and our natural resources) will thank you!

We know the environment is important to you and your future hires! In 2013, we conducted a research study of over 1,000 US business managers asking key questions about document workflow at their respective companies. Findings in the study titled Paper: An Endangered Species, showcased the increasing difficulty of paper processes, and its negative impact on security and trust. The study also revealed that a more digital workflow is key to going green and attracting new talent. The increased efficiency that digital documents and e-signatures provide to professionals was noted as a top benefit by 51% of survey respondents. Participants also noted the lack of security in paper documents, with 67% agreeing that contracts are prone to potential defacing when sent using paper. With a trusted name like Adobe, professionals can be sure that their documents are safe and secure when sent via EchoSign.

In case there was any question — digital trumps paper in the workplace in many ways. Over 50% of survey participants agreed that digital contracts are easier to send, less expensive and more environmentally conscious. The study also found that professionals want to work for a more green company, with 72% agreeing that helping the environment is a huge benefit to using digital contracts and 48% noting environmental concerns as a reason to switch from paper to digital workflows.

Has your company recently switched to a more digital workflow? Not only are you saving time and money, but also many natural resources including lumber, waste and water. Measure the impact your company’s digital efforts alone are having on the environment using the EchoSign Green Meter. This meter allows you to put in the amount of paper you’re saving by utilizing digital processes, and convert that to the amount of lumber, waste and water being saved. Check out the Green Meter here and calculate the impact your efforts are having on the environment.

Share with us just how much you are saving  - on Twitter at @EchoSign  and on our Adobe EchoSign Facebook Page.  And if you aren’t onboard with e-signatures yet, let us help you get started. Check out our free trial and Go Paperless.

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July 2, 2014

Customer Showcase: Who Doesn’t Want to Save Time and Money?


E-signatures Accelerate Workflows Across Many Industries

E-signatures are paving the way for many organizations to begin the transition to digital document management. We hear first-hand from our customers and partners how e-signatures speed up the approval cycle and streamline the process of tracking and managing deals, contracts and workflows. Our customers (and theirs) are getting to revenue faster.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, Adobe EchoSign is the electronic signature solution businesses can trust. To continue celebrating National ESIGN Day this week, we wanted to showcase how our customers, across a multitude of industries, have streamlined their processes and reaped the benefits of moving business forward by adopting e-signatures:

Health Care – EchoSign has helped many hospitals and physician groups  transition from paper contracts to digital contract management. Two examples:  St. Charles Health System and University Physicians Network. Administrators are now able to eliminate hefty printing and postage costs, while also speeding up the flow of vital documents within finance, payroll, insurance carrier documents and payroll – reducing turnaround times from months  to days.

Automotive – EchoSign works with big names in the auto industry such as KIA and Jaguar Land Rover.  For KIA, EchoSign supports high volume signature processes using the MegaSign feature. This feature cuts contract completion time in half and ensures all contracts are delivered securely. For Jaguar Landover, EchoSign was put in place to accelerate product development and help ensure compliance with legally mandated documentation.

Internet/Technology - EchoSign works with big names in the digital space including Foursquare and Groupon. For Foursquare, EchoSign is vital to the company’s drive to become a paperless environment, including their new hire onboarding process. At Groupon, EchoSign made it easier for merchant partners to review, sign and retain their contract paperwork electronically.

Has your company gone digital yet? Never worry about printing, faxing, or document whereabouts again. With EchoSign, you can go from send to signed in a matter of minutes-and keep track of the process every step of the way.

To learn more about companies using EchoSign in other industries  - like Education, Advertising/Media, and Real Estate  -  click here.

Go ahead, give us a try.  Sign up for a free trial here.

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July 1, 2014

Top 10 Bizarre Deals and Contracts


Over the course of history, and the not so distant past, there have been many bizarre requests, contracts signed and out-of-the-ordinary agreements made in business, politics, music, sports and even childhood promises to best friends. In honor of National ESIGN Day yesterday, and our weeklong celebration, we count them down for you here!

10.  Elvis Presley had a record deal with RCA Victor for $40,000, the largest amount paid for a single performer by a record company up to that time. The catch: Elvis never signed the contract! Presley was a minor at the time, and therefore his father had to sign on his behalf.

9. Baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, signed a 10-year contract with the Yankees in December 2007 that guaranteed him $275 million in cash.  However, this deal didn’t include seats to the game, but did give A-Rod the option of purchasing tickets!

8. The band Van Halen contractually required that a bowl of M&M’s have all brown M&M’s removed before each show. The reason behind the band’s specific request: if the promoter did not read the agreement well enough to catch this, then they would be  likely to forget important requirements about their equipment as well.  Van Halen members would raise quite a ruckus if the deal wasn’t met.

7. In 1986, the Astros re-signed pitching reliever Charlie Kerfeld, paying him $110,037.37 as part of his contract.  The demand for such a specific number came from his jersey, number 37.

6. Albert Einstein and his wife Mileva became estranged after he achieved success.  In order to continue living under the same roof, he proposed a contract for responsibilities. These responsibilities included: “You will make sure that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order, I will receive my three meals regularly in my room, and you’ll stop talking to me if I request it.”

5. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise both signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage in 2006. The details: for each year the couple stayed married, Holmes would collect $3 million dollars. Despite their divorce in 2012 and the estimated $18 million expected, Katie Holmes  only receives $400,000 dollars annually for child support.

4. MLB catcher Harry Chiti is the only player that has ever been traded for himself. You might be asking, how was this possible? Simple, he was traded to an expansion club team in exchange for a “player to be named later”. After playing poorly, the receiving team chose him as the player they would trade back.

3. When President Obama signed the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he used 22 pens.  Presidential signing pens have become famous and are now given to those who helped pass the bill as a memento.

2. In 2007, the Oakland Raiders negotiated a $68 million dollar contract over 6 years with their number one draft pick, Jamarcus Russell. One problem, he was cut before making the team but the Raiders still had to pay him millions.

1. In 10th Grade, MLB pitcher Justin Verlander made a deal with his best friend, Daniel Hicks, to give him .001% of his pro signing bonus (should he ever get one) in exchange for 50 cents to buy a chocolate milk. Daniel kept the signed note over the years and presented it to Verlander when he was ultimately drafted by the Tigers and received a $3.12 million dollar signing bonus. If Verlander made good on this childhood promise, that would be $31.20 (that’s enough to buy a few more chocolate milks.)

Check out some of these historical signature moments you won’t believe, watch the video here.

We told you they were bizarre! Do you know of any deals to add to this list or even top it? Share with us on the @EchoSign Twitter account and Adobe EchoSign Facebook Page.

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