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August 20, 2013 /Customer Showcase /

Accountants at Anton Collins Mitchell Stay on Track with E-Signatures

Anton-Collins-Mitchell_Logo (2)Client contracts must remain current, or it can interrupt the work of Anton Collins Mitchell LLP. To keep its business in motion, the Colorado accounting firm uses Adobe EchoSign to efficiently and securely obtain e-signatures and manage contracts.

ACM used to mail two hard copies to clients for signatures. But processing could be delayed for several reasons, such as misplaced documents or unavailable stakeholders. Adobe EchoSign eliminates these problems by automating the routing and tracking of documents and enabling online document signing from any device, in any location. Unlike the old manual method, the Adobe solution also provides clear audit trails showing when documents were delivered, opened, and signed.

“Once the papers left our hands, it became impossible to tell where contracts were or how soon they would be returned. Now, Adobe EchoSign gives us control over our workflow to help ensure up-to-date contracts,” says Jenni McLean, operations manager at ACM.

Click here to find out more about how ACM uses Adobe EchoSign to keep the company’s workflow in motion.

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