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April 8, 2013 /Customer Showcase /

Adobe EchoSign Customer Snapshot: Bryan Allen Events

“Adobe EchoSign is a life saver,” says Carver Wright, the company’s managing director. “With only 3 months to produce an entire event, every day matters. We are completing contracts within 72 hours because the process is easier for clients to sign, and we have a better view into the contract phases and outstanding issues.”

Managing special events is already hard enough which is why Bryan Allen Events, LLC sought to simplify some work by eliminating manual, paper-based workflows with a streamlined web contracting solution from Adobe EchoSign.

Bryan Allen Events used to rely on scanning, faxing, emailing, and printing to complete the hundreds of contracts, for speakers, vendors, sponsors, and staff members involved in an event. Completing the contracts alone could take up to one month. By automating business contracts via e-signing with Adobe EchoSign, the company has improved every aspect of its business.

Contract tracking and management tools mean documents automatically get to the right people faster to move the process along. It makes Bryan Allen Events more responsive and better able to deliver superior service.

Find out how else Adobe EchoSign is transforming Bryan Allen Events by clicking here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

Categories: Customer Showcase

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