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May 24, 2013 /Events /

Adobe EchoSign Summit Connects E-Signature Customers

While most organizations are making strides to eliminate paper from critical business processes, many still are reliant on paper-based agreements and contracts. At the Adobe EchoSign Summit, we brought e-signature thought leaders, customers, and legal experts together to discuss how organizations are leveraging web contracting to drive revenue, reduce costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Adobe EchoSign is committed to promoting web contracting and electronic signatures in a variety of industries.  The Summit took current and potential customers through exactly how e-signatures can reduce contract cycles, increase mobility of their workforce, and ultimately save cost.


Daniel Sieff said. “EchoSign turns an ordinary contract into a living, breathing document.” Sieff, Director of Information Technology at LivingSocial, explained how to champion a web contracting initiative in your own company.  The benefits can speak for themselves, but we all know that there are always those resistant to change.  Sieff brought us some best practices and demonstrations that demystified the process of eliminating paper contracts from your workflow.

This event wasn’t just for people brand new to the concept, though. Paul Hirner, Partner at ThinkSmart, showed the audience how to truly integrate the e-signing process into their current business processes.  He explained that ThinkSmart, an EchoSign services partner, can allow you to expand your business model to be much more personalized and optimized to meet your business goals.

Audience members also got to hear from companies like Citrix, Google, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Viacom about how e-Signatures worked for them.  In this case study panel, customers across industries and job functions provided tips and tricks on best practices to implementing e-signatures in their respective organizations. This was a great opportunity for potential customers to ask the questions that matter most to them, and hear an honest response from peers.

“It was inspiring to watch current customers talk to future customers about their experiences with Adobe EchoSign.  My favorite quote: ‘no it wasn’t a hard sell to convince my sales team to adopt EchoSign – as a technology company it was just embarrassing that we were using paper contracts.”” Said Erin Curtis, Director of Marketing at Adobe EchoSign.

If you have any questions about Adobe EchoSign or e-signatures in general, please feel free to contact us on the Adobe EchoSign website or leave us a note in the comments section below.

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