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August 22, 2013 /

Adobe EchoSign Twitter Integration: How to Opt-In or Opt-Out

At Adobe EchoSign we know that getting the signatures you need can require strong relationships and constant contact.  That’s why we have integrated with Twitter to allow you to brag a little bit about how well you’re doing to all your followers. We’re very proud of how successful our customers have been with EchoSign, and we want to hear about it.

If you are an Adobe EchoSign customer and want to set up the Twitter integration to increase your free e-signature count to 10 per month per company, then follow this quick step-by-step guide.  If you’re more of the humble type and don’t want your success socialized, then this guide can tell you how to remove the automatic tweets that come from EchoSign on your Twitter account as well.

Step 1. Sign into your Adobe EchoSign account at

Step 2. Hover over your name and click “profile” to enter the settings area of your account.


Step 3. Click on “Twitter Integration” under “Personal Preferences” on the left side of the screen.


Step 4. If you are looking to enable the Twitter integration to gain 10 more free e-signatures per month per company, then click the green “enable” button.


If you are trying to opt-out of the Twitter integration, then just click the green disable button.  From now on you shouldn’t see any more automatic tweets about EchoSign come from your account.


Step 5. If you are enabling the integration, you’ll then be brought to Twitter to authorize our app. Make sure you are signed into the correct Twitter account, and click “Authorize app.”

Twitter Authorization

Now you’re all set.  If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments, or visit our support page at

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