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June 17, 2014 /Events/Partnerships /

Apttus Accelerate 2014 – An Insider POV and A Look Ahead

By Kevin M. Lynch, GM/SVP, Adobe, Document Services

Today, I was thrilled to host a keynote session at the Apttus Accelerate Quote–to-Cash event in San Francisco because – simply put — this event is a “must-attend” for anyone in the financial services, technology, and manufacturing industries.

For six years, Adobe – a Diamond Sponsor at this year’s event – has been a partner of Apttus, and in that time we’ve worked together to deliver the very best “quote-to-cash” solutions to customers across these sectors. At the same time, Apttus itself has been a customer of Adobe EchoSign, as I mentioned in my post yesterday and Adobe’s been a customer of Apttus, as well.

Everyone who attends Apttus Accelerate shares common goals — productivity, cost savings and deeper customer relationships – and we’re gathering this week because we’re all working to improve the “Quote-to-Cash” cycle with these goals firmly in mind. Apttus Accelerate affords us the opportunity to continue and start conversations about these goals, these needs, and our customers.

During my keynote, I worked to start one of those conversations – this time, about the future and the “must-haves” that will take us there. In Adobe’s view, the key “must-have” is digital. Your customers are evolving and they are demanding simpler, faster, connected experiences. The path to these experiences is a digital path.

Adobe is, and has always been, about changing the world through digital experiences. We’ve been at the forefront of transforming numerous industries, from electronic document workflows to interactive web experiences and games. Today, we’re changing the world with Adobe EchoSign, the e-signature solution that integrates with existing processes to help close deals faster and more securely.

Adobe’s six year partnership with Apttus continues to be critical to our digital path. In innovating and integrating services like Adobe EchoSign, we are helping customers leverage their existing processes, systems and information to transform bigger business workflows. Adobe is redefining business workflows in the same way we redefined documents with PDF.

At Adobe and with our partners, we want to create a world where documents work for people, not the other way around. And here are some ways Adobe is making that happen:

Trust and Security – Business is 24/7 and, with its SaaS-based environment, Adobe is making contracts available 24/7. The process should be transparent for both sender and signer, so that you know where things stand each step of the way, and it should be secure and compliant across your systems and the regions in which you operate.

Global Reach – Adobe helps you maintain control over your data and privacy of your documents through an Adobe EchoSign platform that’s available in 20 languages, with support from legal experts in 30 countries. Adobe’s helped drive the policy discussion worldwide, because we help drive business worldwide.

Flexibility – Adobe is about creating seamless integration across multiple systems, technology partners and your own internal systems – so you never leave money on the table. We also want to optimize existing content so you never leave information on the table either.

User Experience – Tablets are changing the way business operates, and Adobe’s vision is far-reaching and includes the possibility of bringing things like geo-location, video, biometrics, and voice to the e-signature experience. Imagine the impact for your business and the customer experience!

Improving customer experience is in Adobe’s DNA and that’s what we’re doing today. Digital documents and e-signatures help get us there because, in short, they are radically transforming the customer and sales experience. My Adobe colleague Mark Grilli will be talking about customer and process transformations in his Wednesday panel and we urge you to learn more by attending.

In short, however, the opportunity is there. A 2013 Adobe Research survey found that 98% of US companies still use paper in their contracting process. Yet two‐thirds of respondents agreed that paper is less secure and 70% of those surveyed agreed that contracts are more efficient when sent and signed digitally.

The opportunity is there: the opportunity to drive, delight and deliver to customers. Those are the things customers seek, and that’s why they’re demanding simpler, faster, connected experiences. It is incumbent upon you to digitize your processes with a trusted partner – a partner like Adobe, with a 30 year legacy, to figure out how you can make all your processes digital so you can lead business, not lose it.

If you’d like to give Adobe EchoSign a try, click here for a free trial. Learn how Adobe EchoSign and Apptus work together seamlessly, click here.

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