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June 17, 2014 /Events/Partnerships /

Apttus Accelerate Insider POV: Quote and Close Deals Faster in the Cloud with E-Signatures

Author: Mark Grilli, VP, Acrobat Solutions

The engaging and thought-provoking sessions at Apttus AccelerateQTC continued today with our Adobe EchoSign customer panel. I had the pleasure of leading this panel featuring some of our top EchoSign customers from Cadence, Motorola and Nike. These business leaders explained how the Quote-to-Cash process has helped them to close deals faster and with greater accuracy. Tools like Apttus, Salesforce and EchoSign have helped these customers dramatically reduce the contract finalization time frame, reducing it from weeks to merely hours in many cases. Along with increasing efficiency for their businesses, implementing the Quote-to-Cash system has helped them to secure customer relationships, ensure pricing accuracy and accelerate sales cycles.

Joining me on today’s panel was Vianne Sha, IT Principal Architect at Cadence; Sandra-Ficke Bradford, Director of Contract Management and Policy at Motorola; and Genaro Lopez, Manager for Enterprise Contract Management at Nike. In each of their roles at their respective companies, these professionals deal with extensive contract and workflow management. Finding the best solutions to speed up the process, decrease wasted resources and solidify customer relationships is at the top of their lists. Each came across EchoSign while looking for a contract solution to solve these problems, and one that would integrate with existing sales tools to streamline the process.

The integration between Adobe EchoSign, Salesforce and Apttus was a huge selling point for each of these important Adobe customers. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with the other sales and workflow management tools their companies regularly use. The Quote-to-Cash process allowed them to adopt our e-signature tool, EchoSign, without having to disrupt any busibess processes.

Each of these customers has noticed benefits to their company workflow since implementing EchoSign. “There were a lot of old questions on status of the contract. The new tool helps us see where the transaction is within the process,” Genaro Lopez commented. For Cadence, the benefits focused mostly on the efficiency of using the tool and the acceleration in their contracting process, “We’ve had 110% increase in contracts bring processed since the launch and a reduced contract turnaround time from 6 days to 3 hours.”

As large companies like Cadence, Motorola and Nike continue to implement Quote-to-Cash business solutions, the business benefits of using tools like Apttus, Salesforce and EchoSign become more and more evident. By reorganizing your workflow and adopting these integrated business tools, professionals can bring their companies immeasurable benefits from accelerating processes, to increasing accuracy and reducing costs and resources.

If you are not using Adobe Echosign already and would like to give it a try, we invite you to click here for a free trial. To learn more about how EchoSign and Apptus work seamlessly together, click here.

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