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October 21, 2011 /Customer Showcase /

Best. Review. Ever. EchoSign + Living Social.

Sometimes, you just have to share. We get a lot of things wrong at EchoSign. But we give it our all 24x7x365, for our 62,000+ customers and 4,000,000 users.

Thank you Michelle:

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EchoSign, I Think I Love You!


Written by: Michelle Colopy on 10/21/2011

My Dearest EchoSign,

I remember the first time I met you when I got to LivingSocial in May of 2011.

There was an immediate attraction because you were exactly what I had been missing in my sales career. You understand not only my wants, but my needs.

Sure, I can always go put pen to paper and get an agreement but that could be a lengthy process and I’ve got deadlines and quotas to meet. Sure, I can go get a merchant signed up by having them sign directly on my iPad but that doesn’t work if I’m speaking to someone over the phone that wants to get started right away. I wanted an easier way to close more deals and you graciously gave it to me.

Unfortunately, in sales, there are some follow ups that must take place for those that don’t say yes immediately; the way you allow me to decide when I would like reminders to be sent is so thoughtful. Your honesty is appreciated — being able to see when my merchants open the agreements you send is so helpful. EchoSign, you have changed the way I do business and have made it easier for me to be successful. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life! My days are easier and more enjoyable with you. You never give me, or anyone else mixed signals so understanding you is so simple.

Thank you EchoSign for allowing me to be a better version of myself – the deals just keep coming in!

Lovingly Yours,


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