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BT: “1,000,000 Contracts E-Signed on EchoSign — And Counting”

At our recent Web Contracts 2012 user confab and celebration, we were pleased to have Global and FTSE 100 leader BT present on how they’d e-signed over 1,000,000 business contracts on EchoSign (actually getting closer to 1.5 million now) worldwide.

The presentation and learnings are below.  A summary over 5 years and one million contracts with EchoSign:

  • Average contract signing time declined from 10 days to an outstanding 40 minutes company-wide.
  • The average sales process rep made productivity gains of 5 hours a week
  • 15-50% increase in closure rate.

Stunning for any business, let alone a £15 billion global leader founded in 1846.

[Also of keen interest are some general leanings about start-ups (we were a startup when BT started using us in late 2006 and early 2007).  Of the 17,000 — seventeen thousand — start-ups, potential web apps and other technologies BT looked at to bring in and use in 2006, it chose only 4.  And EchoSign was BT’s very first SaaS app (of which it has gone on to adopt scores, from Salesforce on).  The learning: it’s truly tough odds when you are doing something innovative.]


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