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How-to: Send Documents Directly from Microsoft Word Using EchoSign

The Adobe EchoSign plugin for Office 365 will optimize your e-signature and document processes. Learn how to send documents directly from Microsoft Word with this step-by-step tutorial.

Jobsite Chases Talent, Not Paper

When you work to take the hassle out of job hunting, you can’t afford the hassle of paperwork. Recruitment company, Jobsite, closes their clients faster with Adobe EchoSign.

Rackspace Racks Up Major Points with Increased Responsiveness and Productivity

How did Rackspace make managed cloud services even faster than they already are?

E-signatures: Removing the last bottleneck to productive digital transactions

In the modern business world, digital transactions are transforming every activity with the mass adoption of mobile devices, wireless capabilities…

May 20, 2014 /Procurement /

Adobe on Adobe: How EchoSign reduced our procurement contract completion cycle by 73%

As companies continue to evolve and look for ways to conduct business more efficiently, many procurement heads, business managers and finance…

Adobe Saves Thousands Across the Company Using Adobe EchoSign

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