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Electronic Signatures

How-to: Send Documents Directly from Microsoft Word Using EchoSign

The Adobe EchoSign plugin for Office 365 will optimize your e-signature and document processes. Learn how to send documents directly from Microsoft Word with this step-by-step tutorial.

Learn the Basics of EchoSign, Part 1

We’re kicking off our new tutorial series, Learn the Basics of EchoSign. We’ve created a few videos that will serve as step-by-step guides to using e-signatures in your document workflows. Ready to become and EchoSign pro? Follow along…

Putting Down the Quill

Adobe‚Äôs SVP and General Counsel Mike Dillon POV on the need for mass adoption of electronic signatures. Let’s stop the archaic inefficiencies of manual signatures and manila folders, once and for all.

Electronic signatures now available within Adobe Connect

Click here to read this article.

EchoSign Among Top Tablet Apps for Enterprises, SMBs

Adobe EchoSign was named today as one of the best tablet apps for enterprises and SMBs. Thank you Tabby Awards!

Ink Signatures Bleed Your Business

Today we launched a bold, new campaign focused on raising awareness that e-signatures are a legal, secure and faster way to sign, track and store contracts.