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Dell Strategic Partnership Brings EchoSign to Dell Cloud Business Applications

echosign_dellWe’re very pleased to announce that Dell, already a long-time EchoSign customer, and Adobe have created a Dell-customized version of EchoSign for Dell to resell to its millions of SMB customers as part of the Dell Cloud Business Applications.

EchoSign-for-Dell Cloud includes optional, automated integration with as well as AppExtreme’s Conga Composer, all in a single package (and Dell invoice).

Now, EchoSign can be purchased and provisioned directly from Dell customer and sales representatives (together with Salesforce if desired), with Dell backing and branding and full integration with Dell support and client services.

We’re very excited about this huge partnership and pleased to be extending our deep relationship with Dell.

More in the press release here, or jump over to Dell Integrated CRM Editions with EchoSign here.


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