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June 27, 2012 /Release News /

Drumroll please….EchoSign Summer Release is here!

EchoSign Summer Release is live! We’re pretty excited about this release because it includes a bunch of new features that customers have told us they want. These aren’t insignificant updates—they’ll make your web contracting processes much easier and even faster.

Adobe Digital Certification for all EchoSign documents
Now, all PDF files sent or downloaded from EchoSign will be certified with an Adobe EchoSign Digital Certificate.  When you see the blue “certified” bar, you have that extra bit of assurance that a file is the real deal and that nobody tampered with it.


See the video

 Collect Supporting Documents
We’ve added the ability to collect supporting documents from signers and attach them to a contract, creating a complete package of the deal. (But you can also download attached documents independently.) Think of a mortgage application, for example. It usually includes dozens of documents from the signer, and now you can combine all of those files and move them through the process as a package.  Or if you’re in HR and you need someone to attach a driver’s license as verification — now it’s as easy for your signer to upload verification files as it is to esign. You can also access/download documents via the EchoSign API.

See the video

Even before you send a document for an electronic signature, you probably have to get approval from various people. Now, you can integrate that step into EchoSign, too. That’s good for legal reviewers, executives, and anybody else who isn’t an official signer but still needs a chance to approve a document. (And if you want them to initial,sign, or enter information you can require that, too.)

echosign_get_doc_signedSee the video

Conditional Data Fields
This feature is cool because it lets you either show or hide fields based on the data entered during signing. So imagine that you have geographic conditions: all people in the U.S. need to provide certain info, and all people outside the U.S. need to provide different info. You can build that logic right into the document, so it will know which fields to present to the signer. You don’t need multiple versions of the contract floating around.

See the video

API enhancements
We’ve also added a bunch of API improvements:

  • Account-level callback mechanism to let you push all signed agreements to external systems
  • Updated document retrieval API to retrieve documents for a specific user, or retrieve them separately or combined into a single PDF
  • New APIs that let you specify approvers and download supporting documents

New versions of EchoSign integrations are on the way for NetSuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint. In the meantime, enjoy this new functionality and let us know what you think.

P.S. If you haven’t heard, we also recently released a new version of our iOS app!
Some cool new features:   

  •  Access documents in cloud-based systems such as Box or Dropbox.  You can also send documents directly to EchoSign from the Box OneCloud mobile application
  • Save documents locally and send these documents for signature

… and much more.  Download the app today.

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