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March 5, 2012 /Events/Procurement /

Eating Your Own Dogfood: How Adobe Cut 2 Weeks from its Contracting Processes Using EchoSign

We recently hosted hundreds of our customers to our first annual Web Contracts and eSignatures event, where we discussed the past (just a little), the present, and the future of contracting and signatures on the web.

adobe_global_procurementWe’ll discuss many of our learnings in a series here on EchoBlog, but we though we’d start with one Fortune 500 company we are reasonably close to now — Adobe Systems Inc.

Contract return times have dropped from 2 weeks to 1-2 days.  79% of all buy side contracts are now complete within 7 days.After acquiring EchoSign, Adobe deployed EchoSign across numerous functional areas, including Procurement, HR, and more.  The Adobe procurement team’s results have been outstanding:

  • Adobe suppliers love EchoSign = material benefit for the Adobe brand.
  • 80% reduction in paper and printing by Adobe Procurement.
  • Adopted across 22 countries.
  • Only 1 FTE now required to manage all of a $4,000,000,000 revenue company’s buy-side contract administration.

See the case study and key metrics below.  Eating your own dogfood is one important step for any organization.  We all look for it — it’s part of a commitment to excellence.   Then achieving huge enterprise-wide success for Adobe?  That’s good for all of our 100,000+ customers and 5,000,000+ users.

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