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December 21, 2011 /Release News /

EchoSign iPhone / iPad App up on the Apple Appstore

In what is just phase 1 of a much larger initiative, last night our first iOS-native app went live on the AppStore.   Try  electronic signatures for free — it works with any type of EchoSign account, though certain accounts’ administrators may limit access.



Historically we’ve been very browser or ‘HTML5′ focused but now we’re ready to do things in mobile that enable functionality beyond the browser.

In the first version of the app, you’re able to:

  • Send documents from signature from your document library or other iOS sources
  • Do ‘in person’ signing from the app to present a document for face-to-face signing
  • Check the status and audit trail of any document
  • Countersign and more without ever having to go to
  • Push signed contracts into Salesforce (contact your client success manager to enable)
  • And more

But this is just a start.  Look for a lot more in the coming months, as well as full integration with Adobe’s separate Mobile PDF Reader app in early 2012, which will enable unique and extremely powerful ways to fill, sign and manage your documents automatically from any PDF or other doc you open on an iOS or Android device.  Over time, we expect the EchoSign app to be for our power users (you), and EchoSign inside of Reader (given that 1,000,000,000 people use Reader and Mobile Reader – rather more than EchoSign standalone) to be more focused on consumers and lower volume users.  But we shall see.


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  • By Geert - 1:11 AM on December 17, 2014   Reply

    Kan je sign with the app using your identity card ? Belgian eID ?

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