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October 19, 2012 /Electronic Signatures /

EchoSign Named Must-Have Tool for Small Businesses on

We’re keeping some pretty good company on this list of 20 must-have tools for small businesses on, where EchoSign comes in at no. 2. The writer focuses on the way EchoSign can save dough for small businesses that don’t want to invest in all of the “stuff” required in the traditional signing process:

“Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars on paper, printer ink, and a scanner, electronic signatures saves you time, money, and work, all while creating an effort to improve our ecosystem.”

Those are big pluses indeed, especially for small organizations that run lean. We’d also like to point out that some of the biggest gains are actually in productivity, which creates value for the business. (And makes workers a lot happier, we might add. Who wants to be a paper pusher?)

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