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August 9, 2011

How Facebook, Groupon, and Pandora use EchoSign

At Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2011 event we hosted what we believe to have been the most star-studded session: three of the web’s titans and true innovators — Facebook, Groupon and Pandora — speaking on how they use EchoSign from Adobe to automate their e-signature and contracting process in the Cloud.

Facebook, Groupon and Pandora have all grown multi-billion dollar businesses in just a few years.   They’ve compressed and accelerated their businesses processes at a scale that dwarfs the rest of us — and gleaned learnings faster than the average company rolls out a single new product releases.

All three web leaders rely on EchoSign to automate their sales teams and web contracting processes, and even more than that, to make contracting with their customers a truly social experience.  One that closes deals in a win-win way in minutes and even in real-time, that is 100% web-based, from collaboration to contract creation to signature and management and tracking.

The learnings are below:

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