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Jaguar Land Rover Streamlines Product Development and Engineering

Engineering and product development are at the heart of the business at Jaguar Land Rover, the United Kingdom’s largest automotive manufacturer of premium all-wheel drive vehicles  – and one of the world’s premier luxury sports car marquees. Precision and the high level of attention to detail made standard by the brand are reflected in the systems they use to maintain those standards.

Global growth required streamlined processes

As the global presence of these two iconic British car brands continued to grow, streamlining processes to create a more hassle-free and less time-consuming workflow became crucial. For example, to build exemplary automobiles and all-wheel drive vehicles at the highest level, there were more than 40 processes in place for the product development team alone to follow, including paper forms and multiple agreements that required several rounds of sign-off with supplies and dealers all over the world. This was a complex and time-consuming process.

Enter EchoSign

To test the possibility of going paperless while still ensuring auditable, traceable, and legal compliance, the company started with a pilot program to see how e-signature solutions and digital documents could streamline processes in the product development and engineering area. By working directly with Jaguar Land Rover, the Adobe EchoSign Client Success and Services team was able to make enhancements and tailor e-signature solutions to meet the automotive brand’s specific and unique needs.

After an extensive evaluation process, Jaguar Land Rover selected Adobe EchoSign to automate these manual, paper-based processes moving forward. From a security standpoint, EchoSign and its encryption policies allowed Jaguar Land Rover the flexibility to help ensure that only those authorized could sign off on select documents. In one instance, a document requiring 16 different signatures was completed in two days. Plus, the strength of the Adobe brand, and Jaguar Land Rover’s familiarity with products like Adobe Acrobat, made EchoSign the right choice for the company’s document workflow strategy.

Companywide adoption

After the rollout in engineering and product development, other departments were eager to implement the technology. Adobe EchoSign is now established within 25 Jaguar Land Rover groups, with more than 3,000 users automating 80 separate processes. With the sheer volume of documents the business relies on, EchoSign has made a positive impact on business agility and the ability to respond quickly. And for an automobile company, being agile and quick are definite perks on the drawing board, the road, and on the balance sheet.

To view the full case study, please click here.

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