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June 18, 2013 /Customer Showcase /

Lumension Security Automates Document Workflows with Adobe EchoSign

Lumension_Logo (2)Lumension Security, Inc. originally acquired Adobe EchoSign to capture e-signatures from its ecommerce website. But the company quickly learned it could transform document workflows throughout the organization.

Lumension specializes in endpoint security, which is increasingly important as companies allow their employees to use personal mobile devices on corporate networks. An international sales force supports clients worldwide. Sales representatives are responsible for signing several commission plans annually, all of which must be countersigned by managers. The old method of scanning, copying, and faxing documents among signees often generated illegible copies. With electronic document signing powered by Adobe EchoSign, copies route automatically.

“Before Adobe EchoSign, it could take days to obtain all of the signatures, but now plans can be returned in hours,” says Steve Poessnecker, director of business operations at Lumension.

Adobe EchoSign also streamlines workflows and boosts employee productivity by increasing visibility and tracking. Rather than chasing paper trails, team members can log into Adobe EchoSign and immediately view the status of any document, allowing them to identify and eliminate process bottlenecks.

Learn more about Lumension’s document workflows and processes here.

Author: Eitan Saban, Head of Client Success

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  • By Sandee - 5:39 AM on June 21, 2013   Reply

    Why can’t I just send the document. It is the middle of the night and your service really sucks. I don’t want a relationship with you, nor do I want an account… I just want to send ONE SIMPLE DOCUMENT and you don’t seem to be able to do that without an endless round of clicking and entering and clicking and entering the same information. It took me quite a while to create the document and you are NOT SENDING THE THING UNLESS I MARRY YOUR COMPANY.


    • By joiemikitson - 4:10 PM on June 21, 2013   Reply

      Sorry for all of the trouble Sandee. Are you still having issues? We want to make sure you get the document sent as quickly as possible, so let us know what problems you’re having with the program and we’ll help you get them worked out

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